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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Saturday SPN ranting

Right so finally saw the new SPN ep.. pretty good eh. Think I must have rewinded the last 3 minutes of the episode more than 200 times. That scene is just so powerful! So Kripke gives us a hug at last... and how. 

But sorry to rain on our paradise here.. if we're honest, and I mean truly honest and look beyond the hotness of the two brothers... we will all agree that the show really is no match to all the great ones out there. Like Heroes, and Criminal Minds, CSI and what not. Anyone who watches Heroes will know how awesome that show is for its plot complexity and the pace at which it moves. Similarly - there are other shows that do not treat their audience like their only demographic was teenage girls from 12 to 16. They actually do character development AND their actors have great acting prowess even if they're not dropdead gorgeous. 

In comparison, SPN is really really weak on the plot this season. It's utterly hilarious that they call themselves a horror show 'cause.... well :)

So why am I in such a bright and shiny mood today? C'mon... this is my journal, what have I got to lose in exchange of a little honesty right? And the truth is... every minute of this new ep was very VERY predictable. Except the last four minutes (and that's only because I hadn't seen the previews. I gathered from the comms today that everyone already knew Sam was going to get stabbed.)

What's my point? Huh..... only that people are getting worked up for nothing. We love this show, we always bloody will no matter what anybody says, and no matter how much better Heroes is and how many awards Heroes takes home but.... guys come on.... we're NOT about to win any Emmys :D That's just LOL.. that's hilarious :D I'd be really really happy to eat my words if we do but... *shrugs*


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Hm, to be honest, I watch/watched all the shows you mentioned and I would take SPN any day, plot and the bros and all.

Heroes? Too many characters to focus on so only the surface gets scrapped. Half of them I can't stand (that fat cop for examply is such a whiner). The only interesting thing is the Petrelli family. But if I never have to hear the name Linderman again, I would die happy, really :(

Criminal Minds? Went downhill since this new woman popped up (not wanting to be disrespectful, I just can't remember her name, that's how much she interests me). The only interesting thing (for me) is the friendship between Reid and Gideon, and Reid and Morgan. Otherwise, bleh :(

CSI? Come on! The only thing they didn't try yet are aliens. This show jumped the shark years ago. And I've always, always hated the female characters. They are so full of themselves it makes me puke.

When I go into a TV show, there is one thing I just have to like: the characters. I have never encountered more likable characters than Sam and Dean (well, maybe the bros from The Hat Squad, they very pretty cool too) - and it's not just about JA and JP. I love the family dynamics and how it's woven into the stories.

Sure, I admit, there were some weak eps this season: Tall Tales was horrendeous, but I like it how emotionally charged it is this season. JA shines when he gets to do the whole emo thing.

I tried to compare the death scene in SPN to the one in Heroes and let me tell you, I so didn't believe Adrian Pasdar when he cried over his brother. He is good but he is not that good.

So yeah, I would take SPN any time, over any show. And I watch a lot of them... NCIS, Veronica Mars, House, Bones, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Blood Ties, Gilmore Girls... and that's just the shows that are currently on.

Sure. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, will never contest that :) Please dont think I'm knockin the show, how can I? I love it too damn much!!! Believe me I will prefer SPN to all these other shows myself any damn day. But I also want to be realistic about WHY I like this show.. and PLOT is not it. Characters yeah, actors yeah. Family angle HELL yeah. PLOT? Er, no. That's all I'm sayin.

Hey I forgot House! That's another great show with great plot complexities, twists and turns. And when you label yourself a "Horror show" you need more scary stuff to happen but apparently NBC is more liberal on showing scary gory stuff than the CW. And maybe that's because CW assumes their target audience is younger than it actually is? Dunno.

I don't get time to watch TV all that much. I download mostly and catch up on weekends so believe me, I'm pretty selective about the stuff I wanna spend time on. SPN is TOP of my list any day :) But I dont think it's award winning material, and that's strictly just an opinion hon.

House/Wilson shipper here :D

LOL you too! :) I've recently taken to House/Chase as well.. and there are some really dirty kinky bdsm House/Wilson/Chase fics out there that are just so yum!! :D What think?

Hee, not really into threesome. I'm a one man's man :)

With H/W, I'm not really into the sex but more on the relationships, because, you know, House is that kind of man to me, all prickly and full of smart-assed remarks. I don't read much House fics nowadays, except for those written by deelaundry, her 'My Father's Son' is to die for.

Have you written any House fics?

To be honest, when I first saw SPN, I wasn't really into it. Thought it was a rather poor rip-off of X-Files and if not for the two pretties I would have stopped watching it altogether. Then I came across this fic by Bloodkisses, 'For the End of my Broken Heart', ( have you read it? ) and just like that, I was head-over-heels in love, nay, obsessed with Sam and Dean, and the rest, as they say, is history *g*

Ahh, the power of fanfics. Kripke should go down on his knees for some of the amazing writers in this fandom, and that includes you, love ♥

Btw, for what's it's worth, I think the acting and the series have improved a lot :)

Oh my God, Fanfic is how I started too! :D SPN came late to the UK right, so obviously I hadnt seen a single episode. What I did notice was a brand new fandom taking over LJ and all other major slash archives by storm and like.. at the speed of light! :) So obviously I got curious and the fanfic was just.. guh! :D

Don't know if I've read the ones you mentioned.. do you have the links hon? :)

Here it is For the end of my Broken Heart. It's set post Devil's Trap and it has all my kinks in it, hurt!Dean, protective!Sam, John-finds-out and oh, the love and the ANGST!! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do :)

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