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Saturday SPN ranting

Right so finally saw the new SPN ep.. pretty good eh. Think I must have rewinded the last 3 minutes of the episode more than 200 times. That scene is just so powerful! So Kripke gives us a hug at last... and how. 

But sorry to rain on our paradise here.. if we're honest, and I mean truly honest and look beyond the hotness of the two brothers... we will all agree that the show really is no match to all the great ones out there. Like Heroes, and Criminal Minds, CSI and what not. Anyone who watches Heroes will know how awesome that show is for its plot complexity and the pace at which it moves. Similarly - there are other shows that do not treat their audience like their only demographic was teenage girls from 12 to 16. They actually do character development AND their actors have great acting prowess even if they're not dropdead gorgeous. 

In comparison, SPN is really really weak on the plot this season. It's utterly hilarious that they call themselves a horror show 'cause.... well :)

So why am I in such a bright and shiny mood today? C'mon... this is my journal, what have I got to lose in exchange of a little honesty right? And the truth is... every minute of this new ep was very VERY predictable. Except the last four minutes (and that's only because I hadn't seen the previews. I gathered from the comms today that everyone already knew Sam was going to get stabbed.)

What's my point? Huh..... only that people are getting worked up for nothing. We love this show, we always bloody will no matter what anybody says, and no matter how much better Heroes is and how many awards Heroes takes home but.... guys come on.... we're NOT about to win any Emmys :D That's just LOL.. that's hilarious :D I'd be really really happy to eat my words if we do but... *shrugs*

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