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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-Men fic: Hiding Behind the Truth (Scott/Logan ficathon challenge)

Title: Hiding Behind the Truth
Verse: X-Men movieverse, post-X2. X3 never happened.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one from the X-men movies. Just the convoluted plot is mine.
Summary: Scott has been living in a self-imposed exile.
Warnings: Dubious consent. Slash.
Rating: Hard R, also see warning.
Author Notes: For xenasoul’s Scott/Logan ficathon challenge (sorry I'm late hon!). Prompt: Denial.
Once again displaying my utter inability to write porn without getting it mushy and sentimental *sighs* Oh well, I wrote it because I wanted to read it. Title inspired by Ozzy’s song “Denial”.
Word Count: 5350


*fans self*

And what is wrong with porn that is mushy and sentimental, I ask you? 'Cause I'm not seeing any *g* Lovely work, hon!

:D Thank you so much sweetheart! This is the most rushed fic I've ever written.. guess who absolutely hates missing deadlines? *rolls eyes & points at self*
I'm just glad it worked for you hon, cheers :)

Wow! You never cease to amaze! Love scenes were hot and the feeling conveyed between the two were moving. Another terrific story.

Thank you so much hon! *hugs* :)
Between RL and trying to get this out on time, I didnt get a chance to read the other posts for the ficathon yet. But you have posted yours haven't you? Expect a review soon! :D cheers again hon.

This drew me in and had me captivated right through to the end.
Good one!

Thank you so much!! I'm really pleased you liked it hon :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: You left me with...

Thanks so very much for reviewing sweetheart!! :) And LOL I can't explain your craving for cigarette, except maybe tell you that I smoked away maybe half a pack to get this thing done in time for the ficathon deadline? :D And missed it still *rolls eyes*
Yeah.. it's a bad habit, don't start. cheers again hon.

(Deleted comment)
Despite of the hotness swimming through this fic, I have to constantly reel myself back from drifting a little towards the implication of Scott and Warren's past.
That's what happened when you so cruelly put two of my fav slash pairings in one story.:D

LOL I knew you would definitely catch all the references to Warren/Scott! :) Just hope it worked well for you hon, because this pairing is fast becoming a favorite of mine as well. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :)

mind reeling with the truths and the not-truths

Gawd, that was hot! And that line made me wonder what did happen with Warren...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing darling :)

That line is referring to how Logan was right about Scott's being in denial, and his pretending a whole lot of things. But he wasn't right when he said Scott wanted to pretend that Logan was Warren. I didnt want to get into Scott and Warren's history too much because it was distracting from the main issue :) But suffice it to say, Scott got over him a long long time ago.

cheers again hon :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: What do I think?

Awww, thank you so much for your kind words! :) Guess I'm the happiest about the fact that you found this believable.. that really means a lot to me! cheers again hon *hugs* :)

Thing I love about your stuff is how real it all seems to me, how much I could ultimately picture it as part of the actual X Men universe....Really, I always love your stuff, and this is no different! Great job as always.

Thank you so much sweetheart! I'm really glad it turned out believable, was worried I'd overdone the sap once again.. which maybe I HAVE heh ;-) But if it works for you I'm happy enough! cheers again hon :)

This was really great! I loved how Logan had been coming in to watch Scott shower for a while and finally decided to stay. And it was just hott. Great writing!

Thank you so very much for your lovely feedback hon :) Yeah Logan's had a thing for Scott for like ever, but it was only after he realizes Scott is not strictly straight, that he decides to do something about it.
Glad you liked it hon! cheers :)

I've read this story probably more than ten times and every time i can find something new that I like. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you very much for the lovely review. More than ten times really? Wow.. I'm really glad you liked it hon. cheers :)

Good lord, cyn! You might be interested to know that when Scott steps out of the shower & turns around to see Logan there, watching him, I felt this hot blush slowly crawling down my face & neck. It's seldom I have such a visceral reaction, but ah...I can't help but see James Marsden & Hugh Jackmen in your fics, you know? *grins*

It was actually kind of funny to think of stoic Cyclops glaring at the Wolverine...whilst naked & hard. Logan's all "you just gonna ignore *that*?!* *laughs*

I'm trawling through your memories & finding some good recs I'd never seen before, so thanks for that, too.


:D Thank you for reading hon! This one I wasn't very happy with. Wrote it in a massive rush to try to meet a ficathon deadline. Yeah those things never do me any good, I've got to stop signing up. But hey, glad to know it got you worked up though haha :P I loved your reaction so much!! :)

I can't help but see James Marsden & Hugh Jackman in your fics, you know? *grins*
Really? Oh wow.. that's some compliment sweetie :) Considering my writing is always customized for and around James Marsden :D He's such a honey!

I'm trawling through your memories & finding some good recs I'd never seen before, so thanks for that, too.
Hope you find something cool to curl up with! :)

Wow you have got some NICE imagery and feelings hidden away in all that super hotness!

I really loved Logan's stubble...omg his super sexy stubble....Grawl! amd him constantly sniffing...yum!

You got them down, way to go, especially...ahh everything! lol nvm

I'm sooo glad I decided to make my way to your journal...thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much Alisha :) I'm really glad you enjoyed the story and Logan's... stubble? :D Oh okay .. stubble it is ;) Haha.. kidding. He's constantly sniffing I know! :) Guess its just his feral mutation thing.
I'm really glad you came over too sweetheart :) Thanks for the lovely feedback! :)

Yeah, you can write. Thanks for this piece of emotions as well.

Thank you so much love. All your reviews are making my day so much better! :)

This was HOT LIKE FIRE and so perfect it made me smile. Bravo!

:D Glad you enjoyed the hotness hon. Thank you!!

:D Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it hon.