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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Classic ... bitten off way WAY more than I can chew... 

- Slashfest prompt 1: the one for Tori (deadline somewhere in June)  DONE!
- Slashfest prompt 2: the tailkink thingie (deadline somewhere in June) DONE!
- Scott/logan ficathon: deadline is day after and I don't even have a plot bunny. Yikes.  DONE!
- Of hot showers next chapter: Was s'posed to be done in 10 parts, now think there are 5 more to go. Double yikes.
- Sequel to forgotten. The whole freakin xmen_100 comm thingie I was so excited about until last month and now don't even wanna look at it *sniffs* DONE!
- Sam_slut_a_thon: again, plot all laid out across all prompts but where is the freakin time?!?
- 50kinkyways: *headdesk* Just.. ahh... mannnnn *hides under desk*

More non-fic related stuff:

- Redo my layout. Opening a page that has a jet black angst-ridden background with Scott's impending death scene on top is far too conspicuous to open in office heh. NOW I realize it :-P   DONE!

And while I'm at it maybe should also make a list of work stuff that's gotta be complete by end of June as well.. 

- Comparative CBA for my two vendors (I suck at finance so yeah this is a big one for me. Finally, a challenge so might actually be fun) DONE!
- Second pitch & demo to CIO (because he was too dumb to get it the first time)  DONE!
- Everyday operational stuff (send wishes to my team in India - 2 birthdays and 1 wedding, I think.)  DONE!
- Get rid of that annoying little Mc**** consultant woman. (somebody tell her who the fuck ever benchmarks a sales funnel? It's like freakin benchmarking the process of SEX to see how often you achieve orgasm!! Bloody Consultants... )


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Hey now don't forget, writing is supposed to be fun and for you. No one wants you to be unhappy or stressed out. We <3 you!

*whines* I knooooowwww!... uhh well ok, I guess I forgot :)

*sighs* You're right hon.. writing is supposed to be fun. But it's frustrating right now when I want to write and have committed to myself and others to write but there is absolutely no time to write. heh.

Anyhoo.. Thank you so much sweetheart. I Love You!! * hugs* :)

Okay, so yeah, that sounds like it's gonna suck for you, but I'm looking forward to reading the stuff that you write.

If it makes you feel any better, I have this list that I'm gonna try to get a little way done by the time I go back to school in a month, too.

Thanks hon :) One of the slashfest prompts is yours btw.. you know the one where Dean punishes Sam for running away in Hunted? I loved the theme and SO want to write it not just for you but for me as well! Just hope I can get my act together in time heh.

I was hoping someone would do that! You have no idea just how awesome you are!

It's an awesome prompt! :D But let me write it first hon and see if you like lols :)

Next time you sit down to write, don't log onto the internet -- stay unconnected. It might remind you to write for writing's sake, not because you have commitments on the internet.

I have the same problem sometimes, and this seems to help.

Good luck!

Hmm, that makes sense. And considering the source, I completely trust it ;) Thank you sweetie. All my disclaimers once used to say - "I wrote it because I wanted to read it". Guess I forgot myself heh.

Good luck and don't stress yourself out since that would ruin the fun of it and I wouldn't want that to happen to you ^^~

of hot showers next chapter: Was s'posed to be done in 10 parts, now think there are 5 more to go

Best news ever *squeeees*


LOL! Yeah yeah *sighs dramatically* 5 more to go ;)
Love your icon! :)

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