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Classic ... bitten off way WAY more than I can chew... 

- Slashfest prompt 1: the one for Tori (deadline somewhere in June)  DONE!
- Slashfest prompt 2: the tailkink thingie (deadline somewhere in June) DONE!
- Scott/logan ficathon: deadline is day after and I don't even have a plot bunny. Yikes.  DONE!
- Of hot showers next chapter: Was s'posed to be done in 10 parts, now think there are 5 more to go. Double yikes.
- Sequel to forgotten. The whole freakin xmen_100 comm thingie I was so excited about until last month and now don't even wanna look at it *sniffs* DONE!
- Sam_slut_a_thon: again, plot all laid out across all prompts but where is the freakin time?!?
- 50kinkyways: *headdesk* Just.. ahh... mannnnn *hides under desk*

More non-fic related stuff:

- Redo my layout. Opening a page that has a jet black angst-ridden background with Scott's impending death scene on top is far too conspicuous to open in office heh. NOW I realize it :-P   DONE!

And while I'm at it maybe should also make a list of work stuff that's gotta be complete by end of June as well.. 

- Comparative CBA for my two vendors (I suck at finance so yeah this is a big one for me. Finally, a challenge so might actually be fun) DONE!
- Second pitch & demo to CIO (because he was too dumb to get it the first time)  DONE!
- Everyday operational stuff (send wishes to my team in India - 2 birthdays and 1 wedding, I think.)  DONE!
- Get rid of that annoying little Mc**** consultant woman. (somebody tell her who the fuck ever benchmarks a sales funnel? It's like freakin benchmarking the process of SEX to see how often you achieve orgasm!! Bloody Consultants... )

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