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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Ugh! or "To spoil or not to spoil"

I HATE not being able to go to my friends page on Fridays :( Because most everyone has seen the latest ep and is discussing it but poor li'l me is STILL downloading and hell I so don't wanna be spoiled !! *sulks* 

So does Sam get threatened by badass convicts twice his size? :D:D:D Yeah sure... on the CW.. not bloody likely. *sulks harder*

Don't anyone answer that! Like... alright answer sure but don't tell me what happened! :P


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To your question, yes. Not giving more than that, but yes, he does. You'll love it.

OH MY GAWD really?? I love you so much Tori!! :) Stupid freakin' torrent, download already!!! *kicks desk*

Would you love me more if I told you it was a fan fic come true in that Dean protected his baby brother.

OMG YES!!!! Okay you totally have to stop now!! :D But wow I can't believe it! You better not be teasing me sweetie! :D

I wouldn't tease about that. And trust me, I know how to hint without truly spoilering. I have a sister that goes nuts when you spoiler her.

I wouldn't tease about that.
Yeah I know you won't sweetie :) *hugs* Just can't wait to watch it with my own eyes!! :D

Are you also downloading the nuked version by Sorny or did you get your hands on the repack? So far, the repack is available on private trackers only :(

Yeah I'm downloading from a private tracker and it's really slow going :( Try this - go to www.dabug.org and register (its free). Think that will allow you to download the torrent which doesnt seem nuked far as I know!

(Deleted comment)
LOLZ. Patience child ;) We'll get there.

Did you watch?

Heee, prisonfic! I want prison!fic! :)

It's like Dean found his own personal playground!

Saw it at last!!! I can't believe how awesome this episode was :D It's official now - Sam is SUCH a girl haha :D And you're right.. Dean fit in and actually seemed to enjoy himself! :) Loved him so much in this ep.. I might just be turning into a Dean!girl after this one :)

Write prison!fic girl.. you can do it! :D

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