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1. So I was on my friends page yesterday going through all the comm and friend posts and wondering to myself... wow, that's a LOT of Bobby/John fic out there these days.. what is up with everybody? I just don't get it... I mean sure, Bobby as a father figure to the boys is likeable and all but... Bobby and John ?!?!? 
Took my brain twenty goddamn minutes to kick into action and remember that I'm on the  dry_ice community as well. So yeah... Bobby/John as in Iceman/Pyro from X-men and not... ugh !! *rolls eyes*

2. Check out my new Sammy mood theme!! All credit goes to the the very talented  toxxxicgurl:) All her stuff is extremely good and creative and just.. wow. I'd have very much liked to friend her and keep track of her beautiful stuff, but like many LJs out there these days, she's got conditions for friending that my journal does not fulfill so, anyway. 

3. So I'd set a target  for myself like three weeks ago - to post the next chapter for "Of Hot Showers" before the comments count on the last posted chapter (7) reaches 100, NO MATTER WHAT. I was pretty smug thinking I'd given myself a lot of time. It's at 99 now... Yikes !!  
*rushes away to write*

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