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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-Men ficlet: Shoes

Title: Shoes
Character/Pairing: Scott Summers
’Verse: X-Men (Any)
Rating: PG
Theme: Alpha#10 Shoes
Word Count: 491
Summary: A snippet from Scott's early days in the X-mansion.


“Do you need help?”

The boy didn’t turn towards the kind, refined voice. Swallowed, shook his head tersely as he stood with his arms crossed, by the tall window.

“Alright. Dinner’s in twenty minutes.”

The whirring of wheels faded and the strange man was gone. Scott waited to hear the door slide shut before he exhaled. Slowly, sought his way to the bed where all the new stuff lay. The feel of cashmere under his tired fingers sent another cold shudder down his spine.

It’s okay, Scott. I only wish to help you. Please trust me.

That’s what the man said. Oh well, freebies never hurt nobody. And if push came to shove, he could always rip his duct tape off, flash his baby *not so* blues at the old sicko.

Sat down and started to unbutton his thin jacket. His tattered Velcros knocked against something on the floor that hadn’t been there before. Reached down to pick it up. 


Twenty minutes later, Scott entered the dining hall. The soft squeaking of his brand new footwear echoed, hinting at the majestic length and breadth of the room.

“Here, Scott.”

He followed the voice and reached the Professor’s side. The doctor with the gigantic dimensions took him by the arm and led him toward a chair, letting go once Scott was comfortably seated between the two adults.

“What happened to your laces?”

Scott jumped at the sudden inquisition. He could sense two pairs of eyes studying his feet… four neat lines of gaping holes and no laces.

“I… took them out.”


“They come undone, and trip me up and I don’t get to know until it’s too late and…”

“It’s alright Scott. My fault really, I should have thought of that.”

It wasn’t mentioned again. Until next week.

Scott finished his algebra lesson with Hank and knocked at the door to the library.

“Scott! Come in. Would you like some tea?”

The professor’s accent-less accent continued to entertain the boy from downtown Manhattan.

“Uh, no thanks. There was something I wanted to… tell you.”

“What is it, son?”

Scott hesitated, adjusted his quartz glasses on the bridge of his nose.

“Remember, last week when I told you about the… laces?”

“Shoelaces? Yes I remember.”

“And, yesterday when I said I’m just not used to wearing sneakers anymore?”


“I lied.”


“I… was never any good at it. My mom would get so flustered. And no one bothered at the foster homes and now, I can see but… I can’t remember…”

“Come here Scott.”

Scott gazed into Xavier’s face… clearly tinged with amusement, but no mockery. Instead, his dead serious tone made Scott chuckle. He walked up to his mentor and on his behest, pulled a shoe off his foot, then the laces from his pocket.

“Alright then. Let’s see… it’s been awhile myself you know. This goes here… then here, I think…”

Scott laughed again, and Charles joined in.


A/N: Let me know what you think? :)

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I don't know how you use these ordinary things to write a nice fic which fits Scott's image so well, but you do it wonderfully!
Thanks for this cute little fic for making my day.:)

*blushes* Thank you so much hon! I'm relieved the little scenario works. And cheers again for making my day as well :)

Yay, you're writing :) I don't know much about this fandom (though I did enjoy X1 & 2, haven't seen 3 yet), but this is good. The dialogue seems really natural, and now I just might have to go look up some of your other Xfics...

Or just sit right here and wait patiently for "Of Hot Showers" ;)

:) Thanks so much for reading even when this is not your fandom hon. Do let me know if you check out other xmen stuff. I adore James Marsden, have for years now.
And yeah, at least I'm writing again.. that's a good thing :D

thats adorable.....


*g* Thank you for reading :)


That was a really great snapshot of Scott as a kid, Cyn. It's always tough for me to remember the stuff he would have had to go through as a kid without his shades.

Hee thanks hon! :) That's the beauty of prompts. A word like "shoes" made me think how significant or insignificant it could possibly be to Scott and then it just went from there lol.
I'm excited to hear what you think of the ahem, other one I sent you :D:D

Aww! This is so great. I love the glimpse into his young life. Nice job.

:D Thank you so much hon. I know you don't follow Xmen as much as your other fandoms so its really sweet of you to comment.

Very sweet story. I always have liked the way you portray Scott and his relationship with Professor Xavier. :)

:D Thank you so much hon! Yeah I find father-son relationships extremely intriguing, and I know you agree too :)

This really goes to show just how much we take for granted. The little things in our lives we go through, like simply even walking and getting up... seeing... hearing, being able to touch. I really enjoyed this little ficlet. Young Scott is very much like a rose. So proud outwardly... but so fragile at the same time.

I adore the exploration of the Father-Son relationship they both share that the movie neglected to flesh out. Well, more obviously at least. It was more right-hand-man than father and son (even though Scott is). But it's the foundation of their relationship after all. I just wish they extended the Medical bay scene in X-1 or had something similar to it to really show how much they care for each other.

Thanks again sweetie. This came from the prompt mostly - Shoes - I started thinking how a blind boy would approach shoelaces.. and then you know when you add Scott's history of unstable homes and irresponsible foster folks, and my need for vulnerable Scott *g*.. it just sort of fell into place.

I adore the exploration of the Father-Son relationship they both share that the movie neglected to flesh out.

I know right? It sucks how they airbrushed over such an important part of the X-Men canon in all 3 movies. I couldn't believe how calmly Xavier took Scott's death in X3 - I HATED that movie :(

I know right? I really think Scott's life story must be more exciting and touching than the comics or movies ever bothered to show heh. Thanks for reading hon.

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