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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Squeeing and an apology


I know I haven't updated "Of Hot showers" in a looong while and I just wanted to apologise to my flist for that. I thought I'd definitely manage to complete at least one chapter over the weekend but... *sighs* Why did my family suddenly decide to have a big Easter celebration? We never do that.. NEVER! Its like fate herself is conspiring against me and my writing. *sniff*

Right, that's the last of my dramatics for the week ;) But I'm definitely going to get something out before May. If you're still following it, thank you so much for sticking with me.

In other news.. better news,  both my favorite boys just landed fantastic new movie projects where for once they aren't just the first ones to get killed off, or dumped by their girls for inferior specimens (alright, except Superman. And Wolvie *grumbles*)  

James is doing a movie called 27 dresses opposite Katherine Heigl and Jared is going to be Thomas Kinkade haha. I can't get over how self-righteous this man is... producing not one but 3 movies on his own life. Obviously I don't like him but heck, maybe he's an acquired taste after all ;-) I'm sure Paddy will make him look good.. give him the PR facelift he so badly needs.

Can't hardly wait for Hairspray (where Jimmy sings!) and Ten Inch Hero now. Hope Jensen lands a fantastic role this summer as well - that would just totally make my day, and turn me into a screaming fangirl!! *eep* ;)


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Awww well I hope something clicks and you can do so~

I've never been obsessed with anything or anyone so this is mighty odd for me to accept lol.
LOL, no I can understand. For me obsessing over real people is odd because I hardly, if ever do it so I was kind of shocked when I started obsessing over Jared and Jensen. That's what happens when your fandoms until recently were pretty much anime/manga.

I guessed from photos of Sepehr on your LJ that you might be one of most anime/manga fans ;)
My love of Asian ball-jointed dolls has actually taken over my love of manga big time, doesn't help that those in the hobby that I know of in person are loooooooooovely ^^~

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