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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Snagged from monia84 

Reply to this comment, and I will:

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ [or blog].


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Commenting. I love your new layout. This looks really nice.

Thanks hon :) Here are my answers -

1. Your story "The first to touch him." I memmed it, came back to your LJ and discovered all your lovely SPN stories and was hooked!

2. Knockin on heaven's door. (Not sure why, thats the first thing that came to mind heh)

3. You're a massive Sammy girl! You like Peter Petrelli too but I dont think he comes too close to how much you adore Sam.

4. First author in SPN fandom I fell in love with :) I used to think you and ckll run the dean_sam comm together back then.

5. Dean/Sam of course

6. Sometimes I feel like you're online 24 hours a day :) Do you sleep at all girl?

7. Sexy by graphixbyebonio (nekkid Sammy!)

1. Thanks; I originally wrote that one for ckll's birthday.

2. Because I made a big deal about it being on "HotH," probably.

3. I don't know. I think they're about the same these days.

4. Thanks. Hmm, have you checked the user info page for that comm?

5. Well, of course.

6. Lol, yeah, but not "normal" hours. From about 9am to about 3pm.

7. That one is nice.

4. Yikes. *is embarrassed* You DO run the comm. *facepalm* So technically I was right! Ack.. I thought you didn't back when I joined, not sure why I assumed it was only ckll. *shrugs* sorry hon :)

Lol, no ckll runs it. I just help out when I'm needed. But, technically, you were right.

oh okay. Near 'faux pas' experiences.. I swear I must be the world expert on them :P

1. Because you're so great with the dean_sam comm! I've known other comm mods who act very.. umm.. pricey I guess. Like their comm was the only place where they felt important and could lord over other ppl *rolls eyes* Pathetic really. But you were so friendly and approachable that first time we talked, and I was blown away with how much hard work you'd put into the comm :)

2. First thing that comes to mind is "You could be happy" That's my favorite of all your vids, and its the ideal Dean/Sam song. Aaand you seem to have a very generous spirit, similar to Dean's.

3. You change layouts like once a week! LOL, I dont have that kind of patience or time so its pretty *shocking* to me.

4. One of your ficlets with two POVs - one Dean and one Sam, and how they always compliment each other. I remember reading it and thinking that the slightly off English actually made it flow and sound like poetry.

5. Dean/Sam of course

6. How is living in Greece? Its one country I havent had a chance to visit yet. Oh I have one more question :P You could answer both or take your pick - so I know you started off as a Sammy girl. But I get the feeling from your new fics and icons and such that you might be bending towards Dean now. Am I right or just being stupid? ;)

7. pic#7204forehead by mkitty_03

Wow!! You really 'saw' me and i must say again 'wow'! :D
Thank you for your wonderful things you said, you were and are always kind to me.
I will answer you both questions:
Greece is a wonderful country with sun, islands and history. Unfortunetly, the last ten years, Greeks lost many good things. They lost their smile, their hospitality, they became rude and violent and all they care is money, cars and cell phones.
Of course, they are not all like this but most of them. We forgot where we came from and that's sad.
I'm both boys girl and still lean a little to Sam but in fanart (pov's or vids sometimes and mostly lately), i write more on Dean's pov. I understand Sam more but...somehow i 'know' how Dean thinks although i'm 'away' from his character. Can't explain it really. Maybe blame it to my bf's who were 'Dean',lol

Of course, they are not all like this but most of them
Isnt that true for all countries hon. I have shuffled between three different nations on 3 different continents all my life. Believe me... no country is perfect. Greece to me holds a lot of historical charm and grandeur, my husband is a major history buff as well. Maybe we'll plan a vacation for this summer :)

Maybe blame it to my bf's who were 'Dean',lol
Aww, that's so sweet! So are they just as protective and possessive about you? ;)

YES they were and i didn't want that. I'm more 'intependent' you know. My father is like this :(
If you come here, we must meet. I will show you where to go and see etc.

Ohh. NOT sweet then. Independent is good. And I guess protective is good but only to a certain extent ;) Possessive is seriously bad.

If you come here, we must meet. I will show you where to go and see etc.
Cool!! Will definitely drop you a line when I do :) cheers hon.

Cheers hun!!
Oh, the best month to visit Athens is August when the 'barbarians' leave for holidays,lol

LOL! Will keep that in mind hon :)

*waves back* Welcome!

1. You were so sweet to find me on ckll's big friending meme *hugs* :)

2. Hmm, have you seen Goal? The awesomemm football movie? Dunno, you seem like a crazy footie fan :)

3. Your LJ's layout and content and so far everything you've posted makes me think that you're a veyr warm, open and really passionate person. And in that sense, you're truly Italian :)

4. First time we met was on the friending meme.

5. Dean/Sam of course

6. How did you get started in slash, and do you write as well?

7. I Missed You by rhymephile (havent seen Oz but I liked this guy in Law & Order SVU)

2. Yes, I saw it. Cool movie, and, yeah, I'm a crazy Milan's fan.

6. I guess, since I was a young girl. Watching movies, tv-shows. My firt obsession was Velvet Goldmine and that's when I started to wrote fictions. I always wrote horror or slash stories. And Christian Bale was my favourite subject. Right now, I'm in hiatus with my own creativity. Let's hope to find it again.

7. Take my advice: OZ is a masterpiece. If you have a chance, see it. It's amazing, full of storylines, characters. Then, man, Beecher/Keller ... Even if it's really extreme, it's addictive like few others tv-shows.

Ooh I love Velvet Goldmine!! AND I SO love Christian Bale too!!! :)

I'd love to read your stories if possible hon? And I'll surely hope you start writing again, considering we share so many fandoms.

Advice noted :) Will definitely check out OZ.

can't resist the draw... even tho i have teh fear of posting it back in my own lj. lol


Heh, try it :) What's to lose?

1. Because you've written some of the best bdsm works I've seen in cyberspace. And we have Xmen fandom in common. And because we both have the hots for James Marsden :)

2. Guess I'll go with NCIS since that's the latest thing you've been into, right? (Sorry het bdsm really isnt my thing so haven't been following Rescue Pup)

3. You created the Titanium Whip Awards right? Think that is an awesome idea, its what turned me on to Xander!fics. I never really liked him before.

4. Not sure if its the first.. but I remember you liked my default icon :) I think you said JM reminds you of someone you know in real life which I thought was really cool.

5. Gibbs/Tony

6. You could choose not to answer if you think its too personal? I was curious how you started writing bdsm and it all seems so realistic so.. umm, how do you know so much? *runs and hides*

7. sub!Xander is adorable!

1. wow, i'm incredibly flattered *blush* thankies.

2. YAY on ncis. i'm writing ncis/torchwood of late, but it has a heavy dose of het as well as slash. Incidently, RP is mostly about the three of them and Tony joining Gibbs/Abby... there's so far only been the one scene with het.

3. YAY i turned you on to Xander. and he is soo cute and perfect for bdsm :) i did indeed creat the titanium awards. judging has been a nightmare tho so far which is why we still have no results as yet *sighs*.

4.yes i do love that icon... mmmm james. JM reminds me a lot of TJ :D

5. gibbs/tony = teh drool :D

6. well i started writing bdsm in cybersex lol. and then when i discovered fanfiction it was only natural that writing that would involve some element of bdsm. i'm not much good with vanilla relationships to be honest. i'm a kinky boy in general and bdsm is an important part of my relationship... not sure how it would work *without* the power dynamic. that's how i know so much - i live it mostly... but also some of it is research because there are some things that i haven't done (like knife play).

7. yes..yes he is :D

1. *hugs* you're most welcome.

3. Oh wow. Do let me know if I can help? Would love to see results but even if not - heck that's a fantastic compilation of the best bdsm fanfics. I'm happy! :)

4. Lols. Your own personal JM, I am so jealous! ;)

6. Wow, explains why your writing seems pretty realistic when I compare to a lot of fanfic out there. I'm in a perfectly vanilla relationship but think the power dynamic between two men is really intriguing. Guess I don't like to confuse the issue with gender equality debates haha ;)
Knife play, or any kind of blood play is not my thing either. Except vampirism :D

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