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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Bloody unfair *pouts*

So this isn't the first time its happening.. 

Back when I used to writing Mutant X, I started a fic where Jesse phases to evade a bullet. But this is a different sort of bullet that IMMEDIATELY neutralizes his powers the moment it comes in contact with his skin. So basically the bullet gets lodged inside him because he's back to solid before it passes through him and much angst ensues... sound familiar? 
That's right... the bloody show writers read my mind and made a kickass episode out of it and... ugh and I abandoned the fic. *sigh* Now its happening again.. in SPN. 

Was working on a gen plot where Dean gets hit by a mojo and wakes up in an alternate universe where everything is just hunky dory and mom and dad're alive and Sam's in college and ... ah hell. If you're reading this rant, pls tell me if you'd still be interested in this fic? Altho I suspect if I was a reader... i probably wont. :(


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I was gonna say that sounds like "In Between." You should have wrote the fic. I still would read it.

You can go ahead and write that, because it's been written before a couple of time in different ways. I'm sure yours would be nice to read. I'm still interested.

"In Between"? What is this? Some fic? I'm curious!

"In Between" was the name of the episode in MutantX hon. Turned out almost exactly the way I was gonna write it heh. Did you ever watch that show?

I watched the first season, and some episodes later. Isn't your icon one of the characters, Jesse I think?

It's an episode from the third season that's kick ass. I've watched it so many times.

Oh it has? Hmm, I still feel need to add somethin new to this.. but thanks for your interest hon :)

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