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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-Men drabble: Ramble

A/N: Okay so this is my first post for the x_men100 BDT. Man, this writing only 100 words is hard! Never done a drabble before, hope this turned out okay. Really need feedback here guys *grins*
So.. I originally wrote this as a scene for "Before Night is Through" but it didnt make the cut. I still liked the concept tho - of Scott losing his mind when he starts hearing Jean in his head at the beginning of X3. Anyway... reworked it like entirely to make it work as a standalone and I should shut up because the A/N is getting to be bigger than the drabble itself! :)
The poem used is a favorite of mine, Circles of Doors by Carl Sandburg.

Title: Ramble
Scott Summers
’Verse: Movieverse
Rating: PG
Theme: Alpha#28 Ramble
Word Count: 378


"And she sent him word she loved him so much…"

Logan half dragged half shoved him up the stairs. Tempted to just scoop him up, make it easier on himself, not like he would notice.

"So much… and… and death was nothing… all was nothing if… if… what was it again?"

Didn’t reply. Kept walking down the corridor till they reached the last door.

"Was her favorite… reminded her of us… when we… kids…"

Laughed, a short empty desolate sound that made Logan wish he was deaf. Pushed the door open and led them inside. Switched on the light and the boy tried to run.

"Nooo! No, please… doors, no end of doors…"

Pursed his lips thin and ignored the pleas. Sat him down on the bed, held him when he started to topple. Pulled the rain-soaked jacket off roughly, then the boots and shirt.

"Sometimes her whisper, sometimes only… only… laughter…"

Lay him down before his collars got grabbed.

"I’m not crazy."

Logan stiffened, face inches away from face… close enough to see droplets of water shining in damp auburn hair, running down chiseled jaw and onto heaving sternum. Streaking from quartz encased eyes to quivering red lips. The boy gasped then, frozen and reeking of fear so terrible, it sent shivers up Logan’s spine.

"Shhh. Hear that?"

Logan swallowed, prying his collar loose and pressed him down thwarting another attempt to escape.

"Sleep, kid."

"How can I? She won’t let me. Not until…"

"Until what?"

Silence. So lost and broken, Logan couldn’t stop himself. Finger-combed unruly locks back from the forehead, hoping he didn’t wake with a fever to go with one hell of a hangover. Against all self-preservational instincts, undid the jeans and abruptly tugged both wet boxers and denim off. Covered him up to the chin and rose, not thinking how beautiful he was.

Not thinking anything at all.

"Doors on doors. Circles of doors. Five or ten or… do you see her? Do you see her Logan?"

Logan sighed, sat back down. Replaced his hand in the soft hair. Caressed.

"Yeah. I see her."

Scott settled. The outstretched hand slowly lowered, though still pointing meekly at something in the distance.

"… looking glasses, room to room hunt… ends… opening into new ends… always…"


A/N: Let me know what you think??

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Oh, this is very cool!

I want to see the rest of the story now.

I absolutely loved this.

I really love the itallic lines that separate each bit...they're just brilliant.

Thanks very much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you liked.

Woah. that hurt in the best way.

:) Glad you liked hon. The poem itself runs almost like a rambling.. its the first thing I thought of when I saw the prompt. Thanks for reviewing hon.

This is more than okay, it's really good!
I like how you broke the poem into separated sentences and matched it with Scott's reaction, it was heartbreakingly beautiful.
And I like this poem, gonna go find some more of this poet to read.

Thanks so very much hon! :) Yeah Carl Sandburg is brilliant, his language is contemporary American and makes a point so bluntly. No flowery stuff. I love him :)

Like everyone else I think the choice to italicize the speech was a brilliant idea. Very effective. Don't bother sticking to 100 words. Screw it and write more! haha!

Thanks so much hon :) And yeah, there's no way could I stick to 100! I know 'cause I tried and failed miserably :D Next drabble is already at 1000 words and growing heh.

Awesome to hear. Whoo-hoo!

I gave up attempting to write drabbles and just label everything a ficlet. Easier and allows more room to play :P

Clever girl ;-) I end up writing multi-chaptered stuff more often than not so yeah, this is a big challenge for me.

Huh, this makes me ask: was there ever a time in your writing career (most likely in the beginning) when it was easier to write one-shots than mutli-chaptered fics? And now it seems the reverse is more difficult?

That's how it is for me, and I wondered if it was a shared affliction.

Umm, no hon. Actually, its ALWAYS been hard for me to write one-shots. I can't seem to write anything without weaving in some complex plot or detailed introspections of characters and that means I keep ranting on for pages :))
Also, am a big fan of full circle stories.. so everything must end neatly, loose strings tied up and stuff. Huh.. I'm not a talkative person at all :D But when I write I just keep going on.

Well, I'm actually glad to hear that you must write longer fics because that's great news for me as a reader. Cool beans!

That was terrific. I love your writing style. You always provide such striking imagery. Can't wait for the next installment.

Wow, thanks for the lovely feedback hon *grinning stupidly* I'm really glad you like.

This is really intense, and really emotional. I'm gonna read the whole story sometime.

Thanks hon :) Hope you like the other one too.

I'm speechless! Seriously, you must continue this! Pleaseeeeeee?

Thanks! :) This is just a drabble tho hon. There is an expanded version I wrote long ago.. dunno if you've read that? If not - you can find it here..

When you posting Autumn hon? :)

Yeah, I know, but I was hoping you might.. (was worth a try :P )
And soon, hopefully...

(Deleted comment)
There IS more hon :) You can find it here..

cheers :)

I've read all of your xmen100 drabbles/ficlets/fics and I feel totally bad for not leaving my thoughts. I read this before I read the poem and was so awed and felt terribly sorry for Scott. Then I read the poem and re-read this, and I then discovered just *how* much of a difference it makes! This piece just gained even more points in sincerity and endearment (if that's even possible) and makes it so much more.... tragic. :(

I love vulnerable and fussing Scott. It's simply the most adorable but heart-shattering thing in the world, and I'm just glad he has Logan's arms to fall back on. It's so touch and my heartstrings are singing blues. It really sticks with you... in a really sad, (and positive) way.

*hugs this*

Heh, better late than never sweetie :) Thanks so much for your kind words. This is one of my favorite poems and its just so haunting.. I had to use it.

I love vulnerable and fussing Scott. It's simply the most adorable but heart-shattering thing in the world, and I'm just glad he has Logan's arms to fall back on.

See this is why you and I get along :) That's EXACTLY why I write what I write too. Reading/writing about Logan taking care of a vulnerable Scott is like therapy hehe.

cheers hon.

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