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OH my God. They used Knockin on heaven's door at the end! And at such a crucial, beautiful moment. To say that this song's my all time favorite would be a gross understatement, its my anthem. From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley and Axel Rose to Avril Lavigne.. I like 'em all because no one's ever dared touch the words and there's no wonder why. For every battle I lost, heck for every battle I won... everytime I gave up and everytime I didn't lose hope... for every person I've mourned and for every friend I've had walk away... these words have always been there, like tape loop in my head. 
Morbid really. Thank you Kripke.

ps: nothin about all the faith stuff.. I don't relate enough to comment. I was with Dean all the way, that is until that last moment.
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