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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Kinky prompts

I don't know if I should be proud of my brave stupid self or whack me upside the head. Just signed up on 50kinkyways  but am still going home in two weeks. 50 prompts and 2 weeks!! *headdesk*
Oh well.. don't think there's any deadline to finish so.. should be cool. I think :)

Here's the table.. its so freakin' big not to mention deliciously kinky and truly challenging. I'm so excited to do this!!
My claim: Scott Summers (X-Men) of course :D
Thanks to flinchflower  for showing me the way to this awesome concept of a community :) All the best to you girl for completing your own BDT.

6.Restraints7.Non-Con8.Leather9.Ice10.Candle Wax
11.Medical play12.Fear Play13.Blood Play14.Breath Play15.Food Play
16.Vibrators17.Anal Plugs18.Whips/Paddles19.Handcuffs20.Standing in Corner
21.Spreader Bars22.Blindfold23.Phone / Voice Sex24.Dildos25.Orgy
31.Voyeur32.Branding33.Age Play34.Cock Rings35.Ball Gags
41.Locked up42.More-some43.Outdoor sex44.Piercing45.Role Play
46.Writer's Choice47.Writer's Choice48.Writer's Choice49.Writer's Choice50.Writer's Choice

Oh Lord, won't you buy me.. some freakin' free time to write this!!

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50 stories featuring Scott?!!!! Aaaaaaaah! Christmas has come early!


haha yeah, and all kink!! I'm so kicked about this if I can say so myself *giggles*
Wish me luck!! :)

PS: I bet you're a pro at html by now hon ;) umm any guesses why the borders on this table are not showing up? I tried putting in bordercolor and size but for some reason its not working?

Hmm, it's weird, because the borders show up in friends view, but not when it's on your page, yet the code looks identical. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what the problem is :(

Huh. *shrugs*
Ack, no worries hon :)

I can't wait to see some of the stories this one will produce.

haha, thanks hon. Didnt know you read Xmen too :)

A lot of the fandoms that you have, I either share or can follow. I'm not that big into "X-Men," but I own the first two movies, and have seen the third; I used to watch the cartoon a long time ago; and when Super Nintendo was out, they had a game that my sister and I would play all the time back in 1992/93. So, I'm familiar with it. And, the other ones, except for "24th Day," I'm in those fandoms, but not as active.

24th Day is an indie movie that is very critically acclaimed plus it had James Marsden in it so I love it :) If you ever get a chance to watch it you should!

I'm gonna have to now, because it has him in it. And, indie usually means emo, so that'll be even better. I've loved him since his "Second Noah" days.

You'll love it! :) Its about a couple of guys who slept together once years ago and now are facing the consequences.. totally cool :) Marsden has played a gay character in two films now - 24th day and Heights and both are brilliant movies.

You're right. That does sound interesting, and like something I would want to watch.

Good for you!! I actually just signed up for Smut69 here on LJ too, :), you can claim more than one so I claimed Logan and Scott, Anakin and Obi wan from SW and Remus Lupin in any way shape or form from HP....Lots of writing, yay!! I can't wait to read some of your Scott fics on those prompts....hehe

Thanks! Smut69 - where can I find this? Not for signing up tho haha, got way too many WIPs and challenges to finish right now. But would be cool to read! Logan/Scott yayy :) Get cracking hon :D

Usually I'm not into this kinky field, however, when it comes to Scott summers I just can't resist but accept anything in every way possible, and it certainly helps that it's you who is gonna handle Scott's "performance" in these stories.:D
Can't wait for them to come out.:)

Aww, thanks so much hon! :) Will be a little while as I'm still busy with an SPN fic. Guess I'd consider mission accomplished if I bring you over to the dark side hehe ;-P

Hee. You're welcome, and good luck to you - I've been watching the "Of hot showers" series, and near died in tonights...

And the prompts CAN be done, I just finished #36 tonight, only fourteen more to go!

hee, thanks hon :) Yep you're hammering them out at phenomenal speeds hon!! I couldnt do it haha, I'm a lazy bum. Anyway, you're liking the "of hot showers" series? Do let me know what you think hon :)

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