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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

ranting again..

I cannot believe how insensitive people can be.. someone posted an RPS where Jensen meets with an accident and his face is almost blown off. I skimmed through the first chapter only to realise there was no way I was going any further. Fluffy, happy RPS is not what bothers me.. what bothers me is that people write about insanely horrible things happening not to a fictional character but to a real person. And on top of that they have the gall to say "This didnt happen but I wish it did." 
You WISH it DID?? You wish something so terrible for someone you profess to love?

Dear god. And it gets worse. There are others who write about Jensen getting kidnapped and raped and tortured and what not. I just keep thinking if I was related to Jensen - imagine how I'd feel. And I don't even want to think about what it must feel like to be in Jensen's shoes - wonder if he knows the extent of depravity in his viewers. (Won't call them fans. A fan by definition is a well-wisher)
And he isnt the only one, I'm sure there are other celebrities out there getting used and abused in fanfiction. My concern is.. what happens if one of these people decides to go against the whole fanfiction genre itself after reading something offensive? Will it not result in legal attempts to clamp down on this favorite pasttime of ours? We're flying under the radar luckily for now, what if a scandal like this exposes the whole community and people go up in arms against us? I'm just really worried about the long-term implications here. I believe there is a lot of merit to the rumor about why David Duchovny started hating... HATING his role on X-files and was struggling to leave after season 5 itself or something like that. 

*sigh* I dunno... self-preservation aside, its just... horrible that people would think its okay to wish disgusting things happened to someone just because of the way they look. I don't care how you rationalize it, its still gonna hurt the person you're so writing about if he/she ever reads it. I recently learned at my school reunion that a bunch of jerks would sit around rolling joints and drinking and talkin about what it'd be like to gangbang the girls in class, including me. Aarrgh, it sent shivers down my spine and I just had to get out of there. Why not just use the fictional characters people... I do it. Hell all the bloody time. Even with fiction, when an Anne Rice categorically states she does not like her characters to be used in fanfiction - heck I stay away. That's the line I draw - I have the utmost respect for creative people - artists, authors and actors - no way am I crossing it.  So, real people? *shudders* 

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I quite agree. It's one thing to explore the darker aspects with fictional characters-and even some of those stories can be really sick, with not even artistic merit to redeem them a little-but rps is dangerous.

We've been lucky on the whole that most authors haven't pursued the internet communities as strongly as they could have (and probably should have). It won't last forever. I cringe whenever I see some fanfic author proudly pointing out their interview in some magazine or newspaper, or a BNF doing same; don't they know how much unwelcome attention they bring to us?

And the actors must feel very strange...it may be the *character* we're fetishing over, but it's their *bodies*. Too many people get lost in the fantasies, forgetting that this is all...pretend.

don't they know how much unwelcome attention they bring to us
You know what, they probably arent thinking that far. All it takes is one celebrity author or actor to decide okay, this is offensive material on the web and I dont want my children exposed to this, and game over.
But then can we blame them? Not with some extremely immature writers putting the whole genre at risk :((
It felt so invasive and violating just thinking of those boys in my class fantasizing about jumping and raping me. Yuck. And I thought we were friends!

WTF today? You almost read that disturbing fic and i see those Hitler/Sam icons!What's the matter with the mind of some 'fans'??

I dont know! I dont know what's going on hon. Maybe the hysteria is just spreading beyond rational proportions.. I saw those icons after I read your post. You were absolutely right in pointing things like these out.. I mean who else will if we dont keep ourselves in check right?

Now, i get anonymous replies in that thread from her friends,guh!

haha. Awesome! :) *rolls eyes* Ignore hon.. some people can never admit they might be wrong. Dont allow anonymous posting on your LJ hon.. isnt there a setting for it??

I deleted some of her comments.

I write a lot of angst fic. Am I included in the "bad people" category? I don't write it because I want anything to befall Jared or even Sam. In fact, when I see Sam get hurt in the show, I get really upset.

Did you see that icon post from yesterday? I think that would be a little more offensive.

Hon I write a lot of angst fic myself! But have we subjected our favorite boys to the kind of physical and sexual abuse you would never ever wish on someone you loved so much? I'm just pissed some writers use real people to inflict the worse kind of violence and abuse on. I'm okay with fictional characters, hey its just my opinion. Hon I dont remember reading any RPS fic of yours that disturbed me so much... i find it hard to believe you're even capable :) Your fics are so full of concern and love for Sammmy - its why I adore them so much!

Well...I have written a post-rape fic, and then there's always "Turnabout," where I gave Sammy Leukemia. *shrugs* And, I'm fixing to write some death fics in a minute here for a challenge. Thanks for the compliment.

I don't write RPS. It's not something I would want to do, because of it being real folks, and I don't know how they act on a day to day when the camaras aren't there.

I dont know why I felt like venting tonight. But its something that's been bugging me for awhile now.
Its like realpestilence mentioned above - we have literary license to explore the dark side with fiction, not with real people. And I might have given in to incest (duh! not like I put up too much of a fight there) but I will never ever change my mind about this.

okay hon sorry for the slow processing but did you just say you're writing new fics? *squee* :) When you posting when you posting??

Lol. That's okay. It takes a minute to process. Um, I would have had the next chapter of "Price of Fear" up this morning, but there's a post on why not. But, I am working on that, and a few others. Here's the list:


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