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X-Men fic: Lies that bind us (NC-17)

Title: Lies that bind us
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sadness.
Rating: NC-17 and beyond!
Warnings: Slash, Bondage kink, Dubious consent, Sex with minors.
You’ve been warned. Do NOT Read if either of the above offends you.
Summary: History repeats itself at the X-mansion.
Characters: Scott, Logan, John, Bobby, Erik, Charles & others.
Author Notes: X-men movieverse. X3 never happened. Narrative goes back and forth in time.
I wrote it because I wanted to read it. And for [info]juxtaposefantsy who asked for new Xmen action, and is off vacationing on some sunny beach somewhere *sighs* ;) Hope you like it girl.


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Ah so I see you really do love Scott!angst!!! LOL!

This was so great, I love the way you have portrayed Scott as a much deeper character than the movies do. I always knew that layer was underneath (Don't I wish I knew??). And Erik, damn you did a dead on job of catching his personality, and honestly my favorite part was at the beginning when he looked up at pyro with that gleam in his eye, Oh that was so good!!

Great job, and now I have to go find more to read....:)

Hee, thanks so very much hon! :) Scott is my favorite X-Man and to hell to Fox if they dont do justice to his character, I dont care.. what's fanfiction for right? :)
I'm so happy you liked the story hon, Erik/John is also a great pairing to write in *hint hint* ;)
I hope you find more stuff you like on my LJ hon and thanks once again for the lovely feedback, you made my day!

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