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X-Men fic: Lies that bind us (NC-17)

Title: Lies that bind us
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sadness.
Rating: NC-17 and beyond!
Warnings: Slash, Bondage kink, Dubious consent, Sex with minors.
You’ve been warned. Do NOT Read if either of the above offends you.
Summary: History repeats itself at the X-mansion.
Characters: Scott, Logan, John, Bobby, Erik, Charles & others.
Author Notes: X-men movieverse. X3 never happened. Narrative goes back and forth in time.
I wrote it because I wanted to read it. And for [info]juxtaposefantsy who asked for new Xmen action, and is off vacationing on some sunny beach somewhere *sighs* ;) Hope you like it girl.


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Heyy hon! Thanks for the wonderful review. Yep I do wanna write a couple more parts in this verse but.. you know me *shrugs* :P I'll try though. Thanks again for reading hon.
And when's your new Logan/Scott piece comin out? *g*

I'm working on it... (and I'm counting on you :p)

Yipee!! And you can always count on me hon:) Hurry hon hurry!!! :P

Lol, Thanks! I'll try... While we're at it - would you mind going over a ficlet I worte?

sure! Would be my absolute pleasure hon. You have my email address right? Send send :)

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