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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Question for my flist..

Hey guys,

I'm not very good with technology, and I suck at html. So hoping someone could tell me - why is it that the layout for my main journal gets lost when I open an entry in its own html page? Is it bcos I'm on the basic LJ account, or is it about S1/S2 style systems or.. what? *is lost*
Pls help!


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Take a deep breath...that's right...and here we go...
Some lj styles don't open with basic account.Tell me which style do you want from S2?

:D Thanks. breathin now.. and its called wizard-smoothsailing?? Or just smooth sailing I think.

Ok, smooth sailing is a little pain if you want to add an image as background.
Which style of it do you want?

Umm.. I really dont know. I mean, I added the background image and it shows up on this page right - http://cyndrarae.livejournal.com

So how come it wont show up here - http://cyndrarae.livejournal.com/30977.html

Or any of the other html pages I have on my LJ? :(

I can't see the image,maybe because i use Mozilla.It doesn't show up because of your account.

Oh. Anyway. Thanks for trying hon :)

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