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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Follow up to my buggered post...

Okay so... since I'm not so PMSy anymore... guess I can admit that I, umm.. overreacted? Only slightly tho.. Or lets just say I had an epiphany.. why dont I just start a list! *grins* A list of all those SPN fics I do like, and there are quite a few out there mind you. Like I said... not all of it is unreadable. SO.. this is what I'm gonna do. And everytime I start feeling like there is nothing for me to read out there, I can just come back to my list and not feel so lost.

For now I got some started in my memories here (look in Recommendations) and I got a whole set of links on my laptop.. will post them on here later tonight.. Cool! I'm a genius :D:D:D

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i have only read maybe one good spn fic, i found a few good rps fic for the boys, tho couldn't tell you where as my memory is crap lol. unlike you, the issue i have is with the incest angle. i just read over the rant you had and i've gotta say that i agree... fear couldn't be fixed with butt plug and a spanking (but it did make me laugh that they'd try) i can just imagine dean, "Dude, wtf you doin'?"

For me, the way to go for fic in this fandom is crossover, it's the only way that it a) leaves a perfectly good canon story alone, as they're usually AU, b) leaves out the incest. lets face it, SPN has such a plot that it can tie in to so many other fandoms and not be far fetched. (shamelessly plugs my spn/csi:ny fic) There was a very good one by... i think daysleeper? that was angel/spn. So many possibilities.

With regards the writing. i totally hear you there. my muses buggered off and left me for almost 2months. what i found helped the least was staring at the page. mine have come back when i've started other projects. like, i fill my time with other stuff then my muses have gone "WTF, hey... what about us, hey dude?" (shit my muses sound just like dean...well that explains a lot doesn't it!) and started flooding my mind with all these ideas and bouncing around. so my advice on that one is to not try and force it, find something else to occupy yourself and you may well find they come back rabid for your attentions.


hon I'm so glad you agree. Your reaction was to laugh? Mine was to totally lose it and wish I'd never set foot in the SPN fandom at all. I just went - gawd you have to be kidding me - probably the worst premise for kink fic ever! WTF in Dean's voice alongwith his bestest scowl is right :D
Anyway.. thats in the past now. I like the idea of crossovers and yeah am heading off to read your fic next. Dude you are shameless :P ;) But hey, congratulations on finding your muses again. Hope I can jumpstart mine sometime soon.. write something I wanna read heh.

ps... i absolutely adore your icon and i think this everytime i see it (i'm sure i've told you before but i thought i should tell you again)...don't *ever* change it, pretty please!


Yes you did! :) Thanks hon.. I love it myself way too much. Vampires and Winchesters will come and go. But Jimmy Marsden will always be my one true love lol ;)

and a loud "Hell yes!" to that :D y'know... he's secretly my sex slave :P *grins* yeh yeh... i wish! or is it that i wish i was his? anyways... my Tj has enough of a look about him that i can pretend, if only he could do *that* smile.


ahh, I see! You've got a honey that looks like Marsden, and does a lot more than smile and look purty, you lucky sob! :P
My Geoff is blonde, has the cutest wrinkles by sides of his eyes and memory of a goldfish. First day of work after our honeymoon, he gets out and walks home like he's always done, only.. back to his old place instead of the new house we moved into not 2 days ago! Takes him ten minutes to look around and wonder why the lobby looked so empty before it hits him! *shakes head* Thank god I have a sense of humor ;-D
okay end of rant :)

Try reading Ridley C James over at ff.net. She's simply amazing. Her and DawnN and PHX.

hey.. thanks! Will check them out tonight. Keep writing hon.. far as SPN is concerned you're my alltime favorite author :) cheers.

Thank you so much. You have no idea how flattered I feel by that.

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