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ok so SPN isnt exactly so popular for its plot. Without Jared and Jensen the fandom would never be so huge. But what totally BUGS me to death is how the majority of the body of work in this fandom is so... uhh.. unreadable.
Personally I like SPN for the touching family elements - dead mother. dad and sons out for revenge. Dad sacrificing himself for a son. Brothers watching out for each other and all the profound, unspoken emotional undercurrent.

So you see what REALLY bugs me is these.. fanfic authors who want to FIX this undercurrent (admittedly unsettling) with sex! What bugs me is they even THINK they can. What bugs me even more is when they PRETEND they want to FIX it but all they really want is to write gratutious NC-17 smut.
Damn it I'm all FOR Porn - i write some myself - all hardcore shit. But why.. WHY the HELL insert porn in places in the plot it couldnt possibly fit in? I mean.. why does smut have to be so goddamn... ASININE??

Latest case in point - Sam tries to FIX Dean after his heartwrenching confession of his fear his guilt in CSPWDT with what..? Rimming and Spanking and a buttplug. JEEEESUS! Any geniune fan can imagine how hard it must've been for Dean - knowing his dad was dead to save him. The question not even Kripke could answer "What can you say to make it right?" - you want to answer with crappy border-noncon sex? What kind of grieving man feeling guilty for a dead father tries to fix it with sex?? With his BROTHER???
Nope, not against incest either, dont give me that. Told ya I'm a pervert. But I have my limits and its fucking crossed when you write SHITTY fanfiction. Why ruin the sanctity of a brilliant canon damn it.

If you want to write PWP sex just do it outside the plot and if well written, hell I'd be the first to read it. If it aligns even moderately believably with plot, yahtzee, go for it! But why oh WHY insert smut where it has absolutely no right to be? NOOOO... not even in the free world of fan fiction it doesnt. Gawd.. ok MAYBE. Freedom of speech and all that... but not in QUALITY fan fiction it DOESNT.

Was there ever a time I liked to read mindless porn? Sure.. even now some well-written stuff appeals to me. Then there are some great authors who dont write plot but capture the emotions in their fics brilliantly and realistically. And all the LOVE.. yeahh. thats what I need, not.. not this. I cant handle fics decimating the entire basis for why I like a show anymore. To me its abt a man with a tortured past trying to keep his family together, and safe. Not his father and younger brother turning around and physically/mentally/sexually abusing him for their own selfish gratifications.

Only fandom that interests me these days in SPN but I can hardly find anything worth reading. On top of that I got no time or sadly, inclination to write anything myself. As a result.. its causing my gradual withdrawal from.. from Cyndra. From slash and from fanfiction per se.
Damn it.
I think I got too old for this shit. I'm 25.. probably older than most in this fandom. Maybe this is like my mid-life-of-slash crisis.
*rubbing eyes* Bugger.
Tags: rant

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