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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Damn it.

Since when did writing become so hard for me... I've been staring at a blank word file for 23 minutes now. Why cant I bloody get a single sentence down????????????

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hey, thanks. Its just, I have this plot in mind but i cant seem to put it down in words. Guess I'll step out for a bit (again). Anyway.. thanks for responding hon :) I wasnt expecting anyone to. Its been a low week. cheers.

i know how frustrating that can be, it's like areas of the brain aren't connecting or something. it might help if you write out the bunny as you would explain it roughly to a friend. you can either post it or just keep it private but it might help put it in words. but it maybe that you have to do like i do... wait for the muse to get it's ass in gear.

*pets* if it's meant to be...it will be.

guess I'll wait then, yeah. *snuggles* thanks hon.

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