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X-Men: Before Night is Through (Scott/multiple) (7/7)

Title: Before night is through
Disclaimer: In Chapter 1.
Summary: My own take on what happens post X2. 
Pairings: Scott with several others.
Warnings: Slash and Het. More Het than Slash
Rating: mild R
Author Notes: See Chapter 1

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Warren returned to the team alongwith Henry soon after. And with Storm as interim field leader, the rest of the X-Men seemed to be recovering well.
Magneto hadn’t surfaced ever since, and Emma seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet as well.

She seems to have perfected the art of deceptive shielding all by herself.

And didn’t he know it. But it's not like he cared too much.
Scott refused to talk to the Professor about the four months that he was gone. He knew Xavier wouldn’t push but Logan’s complete lack of tact continued to amaze him to the point where he pretty much spilled it all to his former arch nemesis.
“Want me to skewer that skank for ya kid?”

Scott rolled his eyes.

Just don’t mention bathtubs to me ever again.
Scott fell back into his old habit of fending off sleep for as long as possible. So that at the end of the week when he did crash it would be like a dead man in his grave. The definition of ‘zombie’ was elevated to brand new heights during this time. And only the larger bulk and height of Logan succeeded in cajoling him into basic tasks like brushing his teeth or putting on clean clothes. He wasn’t interested in anything anymore… it was as if he was waiting an eternal wait… for the voices in his head to start talking again. But they never did.

Jean Grey had truly left a void in his soul this time.
Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months.

And it occurred to him Logan had left his side not once ever since. He was the one who carried Scott’s unconscious form to the Blackbird after the Phoenix destroyed herself. Nothing but ashes remained though not for long. A perfectly timed gust of wind had carried them far, far away.

I am immortal, I am indestructible.

Scott tried not to think about her anymore. He tried, really tried to get on with his life.

If she was here… she’d be very happy for you.

Even as it turned out to be the toughest thing he’d ever done. But somehow made easier, by the immensely irritating yet oddly comforting presence of Logan, always by his side.
Just leave me alone.

“I can't hear you.”

Yes you can.

“Chuck you gotta take away his telepathic privileges, the boy simply never uses his voice box anymore.”

He can't hear you.

“Yes he can. Now shut up and eat or I will sit on your chest and force-feed you. And don’t think I wouldn’t.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Oh for Gods sake…”

Okay! Okay…

Scott ate. Not because he was scared of the big louse, but because of late this new… gentle, caring side to the fearsome Wolverine had become way too amusing to ignore.
Charles worried how alarmingly fast his grieving son seemed to be losing weight… as well as his will to resume a normal life. He pleaded with him to sleep, promising him there would be no dreams or nightmares to worry about. But Scott had had enough mind control to last him three lifetimes.
Stay out of my head, Professor.

I’m only trying to help you my son.

Like you helped Jean? He didn’t say it nor project it… jeez he probably didn’t even mean it. But he was sure Charles heard it all the same.

And then came the nightmares Charles was not allowed to safeguard him from. 
Scott woke up screaming, only to find himself wrapped in the arms of his stalker once again.

“Shhh… it's okay… just a bad dream.”


Large warm hands held him steady as he trembled, fixing his shirt gone awry down his torso. Fighting the sleep-inducing rhythm of the back rub, Scott squinted his eyes open through his night glasses and confirmed it was his room this time. The new one he’d requested soon after returning to the mansion.
God he really can't stop meddling can he?

Scott supposed Charles had posted Logan in his room since Charles was himself kicked out of his head. Logan didn’t bother to tell he’d been watching over Scott every single time he’d surrendered to Morpheus, which hadn’t been so often in any case.

“Don’t be a dick. Chuck’s wanted nothing but to protect you and all his students. Jean too… even when it was from herself.

Scott knew he was right, but didn’t intend to give in so easy. He shrugged Logan off and glared through his glasses.

Get out of my room.

If Logan was hurt he didn’t let it show. Instead he cautiously raised a hand and cupped the younger man’s face, thumb gently stroking a quivering lower lip.

Ask me. Out loud. And nicely.”

Scott wanted to pull away from the large furry hand…really he did… but he didn’t.

Get out. Please.

Eyebrows were raised menacingly. Scott glared back as long as he could, then looked away.

I can't.

“Why not…”

The answer took its time.

I’m afraid if I opened my mouth… I’ll never stop bawling.



Trust me. I know a very good way to shut you up.
Liar. It didn't happen immediately. But eventually the day came when Scott broke down at last, and the bastard didn't do anything to shut him up for a long, long time. Only when Logan probably couldn't take it anymore himself that he closed his mouth over Scott's... swallowing the last of his tears away.


Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned to months. 

Man that sounds so clichéd. 

Ever since he was a kid, Scott had been a math freak… to him numbers were always logical, numbers you could always trust to make perfect and irrefutable sense. He wondered when or if he’d ever stop counting the days and nights since… since Jean died.

Again. But it didn’t matter anymore.
Two days later, Scott stepped out of his room for the first time in three months. 

Six days later he and Xavier spent hours talking, and not via brainwaves. 

Nine days later he started working out again. 

On the twenty sixth day, he opened up his old room… gathered all of Jean’s favourite country albums, and brought them over with him to Logan’s bedroom.



A/N: So let me know what you think? :)
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