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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-Men: Honor.. (3/3) (Logan/Scott, Scott/Jean)

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“Here we are…”

Caliban gulped down hard. But at this point it was clear he wasn’t revealing his secrets out of fear of us, rather in infatuation of young Miss Pryde.

We crouched in the darkest periphery of the main Morlock hideout, where no one could see us. The sight that greeted us was shocking and overwhelming.

The main tunnel turned out to be a huge dome shaped area the size of the mansion’s swimming pool. It was so deep into the sewer network we could have spent a week playing lost and found before reaching Scott, if not for Caliban. People, no mutants, about forty of them visibly physically mutated… milled about, yakking loudly, puttin’ up some sorta decorations and preparing a dais for a special event.

The fucking wedding.

Heavy metal played on a boom box somewhere and the rich tunnel acoustics ensured nobody could hear anythin’ but the blaring so-called music. Several smaller tunnels broke out from the main dome and according to Caliban, the third one from our right led to the leader’s royal *yeah right* chambers.

“That where Scott is?”

“Y-yeah. P-please don’t t-tell…”

“Don’t worry kid. Now tell us which one’s Leech in here.”

Storm grilled Caliban further about Leech and how to get him before he *neutralized* all of us, since that’s apparently what he could do - cancel out other mutants’ powers. Luckily his effect was only temporary, lasting approximately twenty four hours according to Caliban.

I started planning my move amid the potentially hostile crowd to get to my boy. But before I could do anything, the music stopped and suddenly there was a huge honking somewhere. Like an old truck’s horn.

Everyone in the dome stopped what they were doing, and looked up towards the third tunnel I had almost charged into. Spotlights came on and what followed next was three parts disgusting, six parts infuriating and one part… uhh… arousing. Don’t ever let Jean know I said that. To her it was all the same.

She was flarin’ red again.

A tall, perfectly shaped, wondrously voluptuous woman in camouflage pants, black leather boots on seven inch stilettos, and a jet black leather corset with shoulder straps walked in. She had a black eye patch on her right eye, boy there’s something to be said about a woman with an eye patch. The right side of her face was sorta disfigured with what seemed like burn marks but those lips, oh mama. And she had long curly jet black hair flowing freely behind her sashaying waist and in her strong muscled arms she carried in an unconscious…

Oh. Fucking. Crap.

Callisto walked to the dais and put Scott down on her royal *yeah right* throne. He didn’t have his glasses on and it selfishly occurred to me that this was probably my chance to actually see his baby blues. His leather suit was unzipped from his collar to navel. He was still out, I wondered if they’d done something else to him, he couldn’t stay knocked out just because of ramming against a wall. The Morlock leader turned to address her citizens.

“My fellow Morlocks!”

Her voice strong and deep echoed flawlessly round the dome.

“The time has come for me to give my people the assurance of a strong and faithful continued leadership. And this is why I have chosen for myself a strong mega mutant with just the right genes to give you a powerful Morlock prince or princess for the future!”

Every Morlock roared in applause at that and yet Scott didn’t move. The tunnel was also trembling softly though few people noticed. I noticed big time, the epi-center standing right next to me and all. Caliban stuck to our sides, rather Kitty’s side through all this.

“I call upon the Royal Healer and Minister to start with the wedding proceedings.”

A little old man with mouselike features and a bent spine walked up onto the dais and went to Scott. Instinct drove me to head to him right then but Storm held me back.

“Wait for the right moment, Logan.”

I growled deep in my throat as the so called Healer put his hand on Scott’s forehead. Everyone was holding their breath or something. A minute later Scott stirred and we sighed in relief.

Then he opened his eyes, and it was like time simply stopped.

Scott opened his eyes… those beautiful blue eyes wide with confusion and foreboding, along with something wild and feverish. He looked around, disoriented and crouched back on the throne he sat on, not sure what to make of the crowd before him. Then Callisto approached him and he seemed to remember.

“Welcome back my darling.”

“Wha… what’s happening?”

She put a hand on his right cheek caressing it softly as his eyes darted around.

“The arrangements are complete. Soon we will be together forever.”

“Jeez. Get over it lady. I am not marrying you!”

Callisto just smiled and cooed, irritating him and me and Jean at the same time.

“Aren’t we feisty tonight?”

Holy Mother of God I never thought seein’ Cyke roll his eyes would be such an incredible turn on.

“I’m warning you Callisto *darling*. You don’t want to see my boyfriend in a feisty mood.”

“I thought you said *girlfriend* before?”

He just grimaced, holding his temple that was obviously hurting him. “Her too.”

Callisto laughed, like Scott had cracked a joke and all the Morlocks laughed with her. With everyone still laughing Callisto pulled Scott up by his hand and held him by his waist to herself. Why couldn’t he support himself on his own feet? They’d done something to my boy to make him so weak. And then the bitch leaned in to kiss him!

Suddenly the dome trembled with a greater ferocity than an earthquake of eight on the Richter scale.

“Get away from my boyfriend, bitch!”

Jean. Not me.

And she flicked her left hand with a jerk. Callisto went flying off to the left landing somewhere below the dais from the telekinetic impact, as Scott dropped to the floor. And the mayhem began.


Everyone screamed, some ran for cover, others geared up to attack. Scott pulled himself off the dais but it seemed to drain him of his energy as he leaned against a wall. I worked my way through the crowd of attacking mutants to get to him. Jean was prepared for Leech the little green midget and before he could strike to steal our powers, she struck out at him. Leech flew some twenty yards backwards until he hit a tunnel wall with massive force and was knocked out for the night. One of the bigger sized mutants attacked me and I invested all my rage into ripping him apart. Huge guy with tentacles, so that was our hot dog fanatic.

One guy grabbed hold of Kitty while we were distracted but before I could head toward her she morphed away from his grip and applied a couple of smooth moves from my defence instruction classes on him. I was proud of her. Storm was busy getting rid of the rabid attackers to make way for us to get closer to the dais. Four on forty, not a very favourable ratio. Least not for us.

“Callisto!!” Jean challenged the leader who was rushing towards Scott to catch hold of him.

The Morlock leader screamed back. “You shall not steal him from me!”

Jean scoffed. “A case of pot calling the kettle black don’t you think?”

“Why don’t you fight me for him and we shall see who *truly* deserves him.”

Fuck. The tentacles guy was taking away all my attention but I could sense Jean really, and I mean *really* losing it now. The trembling of the tunnel stopped and for a second every damn one stopped and stood still to enjoy the silence and the solid ground, just for a second.

Jean shone amid bright red energy emanating from her like a beacon.

“I. HAVE. SERIOUSLY. HAD it! With EVERYONE just WALTZING in and grabbing MY fiancé… trying to TAKE HIM AWAY from ME!!!! You think you have some FUCKING RIGHT?!?!? THAT IS MY BOYFRIEND!!!! And like HELL will YOU ever get your FILTHY SEWER hands on him EVER! AGAIN!!!”

Callisto went flying again but this time she braced herself against the wall on her feet and flew right back at Jean toppling her over. The two disappeared amid the crowd as everyone resumed their individual fights. Just then I heard Kitty scream and turned towards her. An old wrinkled woman had grabbed hold of her wrist and Kitty seemed to be struggling in pain at that contact, unable to phase away. I tried to make my way to her but there were way too many Morlocks blocking my fucking way.

She screamed again.

“Caliban! Help me!”

And he did.

The kid was standing very near just staring at her being attacked with his big scared eyes. I witnessed him slowly gatherin’ up all his courage and rushing to her aid. Satisfied, I focused my attention to the tentacle man again who just wouldn’t go away. Fact he’d just fashioned his tentacles into… claws just like mine. Shapeshifter huh. Glanced once towards Kitty who was being led away by Caliban through the way we’d come, then drove my claws through the mutant’s gut. I didn’t wish to kill anyone down there because fact is – I still felt a little sorry for their situation. But it had become a matter of my survival or his.

When I finally reached Cyke, I pulled him into my arms and shook him awake. He was delirious, and very hot to the touch, and didn’t open his eyes once. Damn.

“Scott! Scott look at me kid… look at me!”


“It's me. Lets get you outta here kid.”

“No, don’t touch me…”


“I’ve been infected. Get away… ”

“What’re you talking about? It's okay it's just me, I don’t get sick remember? Scott?”

He was losing consciousness again. I did the first thing I could think of – called for help.


Jean was still locked in an endless battle with the Morlock leader. Callisto may not be telekinetic but she had superhuman reflexes, quickly learning how to avoid Jean’s attacks and catch her unawares. When I called, Jean was distracted and took a painful kick in her gut, driven to her knees. She looked up at Callisto who was taking her own much needed breather, circling her menacingly.

“What did you do to Scott?”

“Oh, so that’s what his name is?”

I pressed Scott’s head into my chest, rocking him… and in a continuous litany whispered to him. “Open your link to Jean kid. Talk to her. Tell her what’s wrong. Scott come on.”

He was too far gone to listen. Jean looked up at her adversary and invaded her mind viciously.

“What the fuck did you do to him?”

Callisto resisted but she couldn’t. She too fell to her knees in pain and blurted out.

“I asked… Plague to infect him! I would have let him die if he refused to marry me. So I guess that’s what he’s doing now… *Dying*.”

And she laughed. I wanted to tear her to shreds with my teeth. But I was too panicked to leave Scott. Jean’s anger wilted in comparison to her concern for Scott as well.

Storm was giving the rest of the Morlocks a hard time, driving them away from the main dome so they couldn’t pose any danger to the rest of us.

//Storm!// Jean called out to our leader and Ro came flying in only a second later. Callisto, thinking she was being flank attacked, flung herself on Storm strangling her from behind.

“You guys get Scott and Kit out of here. I’ll handle this!”

At Ro's go-ahead, I held Scott up by his waist and wound his arm across my shoulder and half carried half dragged him after Jean as she made it through the second tunnel. She telepathically connected to all of us at once.

//Kitty, are you okay?//

//Yes, I’m with Caliban.//

//Good. Ask him to take you to the Healer. I am following you.//


So we went, Caliban and Kitty rushing towards the Healer who himself was running way to his hiding place, no holy matrimony was worth all this trouble. Jean ran towards Kitty and I followed with Scott. At some time Scott couldn’t keep up so I just flung him over my shoulder and ran harder, while also checking in with Storm simultaneously.

//You okay, Ro?//

//I’m okay. You guys keep going.//

I felt shamefully guilty for leaving her behind but I promised myself as soon as Scott was taken care of, I’d rush back to her. We ran through an endless number of tunnels until we finally reached the hole where the little old man who called himself Healer was hiding. Alongwith another old lady… the one who had attacked Kitty before – she was Plague.

Caliban was being berated by the Healer as I lowered Scott to the ground before him.

“Caliban! You traitor!”

“Oh come off it, old man. She threatened to kill him if he didn’t marry her. What kind of love is that? You can't force someone to… love you…”

The last part was said as Caliban stared into Kitty’s eyes. She did not respond. Jean wasted no time in pleasantries. One skull cramp was enough to convince the Healer to cooperate. He did his mojo eventually, putting his hand on Scott’s forehead and gradually, brought him back to consciousness.

“He will be weak for a few hours but nothing he can't sleep off. The infection is gone.”

We didn’t wait to thank him, though Kitty probably did. I pulled Cyke back in my arms hugging him desperately. I looked at Jean once who was barely keeping her emotions in check. Then she turned to Caliban ordered him to lead us out of the tunnels one last time.

“What about Storm?” I asked.

At that Jean stopped, deliberated for a moment… as if struggling with a moral decision. Then she turned back to the Healer.

“You might want to head over to your *royal* dome, if you wanna save your fucking leader.”


So that’s how the three of us came to share one bed for the first time last night.

Nope. Not like that.

Scott was out like a light until this morning, though Hank gave him a clean bill of health. And there came a moment during that long dark night when Jean and me both stretched out on each side of Scott on the bed, *not* glaring at each other… not trippin’ or bitchin’ or whinin’ … nothing. But for once in complete accord. Of how lucky we were. Of how brave the other had been through the mission. Of how seriously messed up all this… *this* was. Of how breathtakingly beautiful Scott’s eyes were. How young he looked without the glasses.

And of how dead he was going to be when he woke up.

Morning comes soon enough and I overhear the women of X-Men talking over a late brunch organized for Ro. She'd just returned from Morlock land where after defeating Callisto, she has apparently been chosen as the new Morlock leader. Bah.

Some honor that.

“I can't believe you’re actually helping that bitch out, Ro!”

“Hey, you sent the Healer when she was dying! Besides she has accepted me as her leader too, *and* she said she wouldn’t have let Scott die ever. She just said that to get a rise out of you.”

“She can say anything she wants, I don’t care. I’d prefer she stay down there and as far away from us as possible.”

“Okay okay. But it's not just her Jean, it’s her people we need to help. The Morlocks are so scarred by their past experiences with humans that they refuse to come to the surface ever again. They’re worse than animals down there. I think we should do everything in our power to provide them a safe haven where they can live like normal people. Don’t you agree?”

I hear Jean pfft her although I know she does agree, but I don’t wait to hear the rest of the conversation. Fix a plate of fruit and toast, and with a mug of steaming coffee in another hand head towards Scott’s room. Where I find Marie, Bobby, St. John and Kitty lurking outside his door debating if they could go in or not.

“Come to see if one-eye’s up for class or not, I presume?”

Marie smiles seeing me, eager to be let in. “We just wanted to wish him and see if he’s alright.”

“Let’s find out.” And I push the door open, the kids right behind me.

Scott is awake. He is sitting up leaned against a couple of cushions facing the full length windows, and when the door opens he turns toward us… opening his eyes.

Bobby is the first to react.


A collective thud echoes behind me that I pay no attention to. Scott gives the four teenagers flat on their stomachs on the floor a cursory glance in mild amusement then looks up at me. I just stare at him… his eyes, not caring one bit for the drama behind me. Holy Mother of… he is so… so…

“Logan. Are you okay man?”


“John, Bobby get off the floor for God's sake.”

And he chuckles. Great just great. He intends to kill me with his laughter now. Laughter that reaches his eyes, sweet *sweet* Jesus. I’m a religious man today.

Kitty is the first one on her feet, fixing her disarrayed hair smiling sheepishly.

“I knew! Just… you know when someone says ‘Duck!’ like that you just gotta… duck. You know?”

Others soon follow and suddenly Scott becomes the center of everyone’s acute attention. Marie looks utterly awed out as she approaches Scott’s bed.

“Mr. Summers, you’ve got the bluest eyes I ever seen mah’ whole damn life!”

We see him blush like a bride, then Cyke bites back a smile and nods.

“Uhh. Thanks Marie. So… um, how’s… how’s the paper on Hamlet comin’ along?”

There’s a quiet collective groan that everyone hears and I jump at the opportunity.

“Alright kids you heard the man. Go finish your papers. Don’t think just because he ain't there to collect em’ personally you get more time. I’m his replacement for two days.”

John chuckles, I glare, he shuts up. Marie however would not be cowered so easy.

“*You* are going to take *English*?”

“Yeah. And unless you guys looking for some extra *personalized* *homework* I suggest you scoot!”

I hand Scott his favorite breakfast and go to stand by the window with the view of our lake. The kids take awhile saying their goodbyes to Scott, they genuinely love him a lot – the students. Once they clear out I close the door and turn to my boy.

A couple of minutes pass in silence as I stand studying him, arms crossed feet set apart on the beige carpet. He fidgets. Looks down at the fresh fruit for eternity but doesn’t eat. Then looks up and yells.

“Okay will you please just say something already?”

“Good to see your strength is back up.”

He realizes that may not exactly be a good thing for him right now.

“What? Uh… no Hank says I’m still… sorta… weak.”

I snigger, shaking my head.

“Our great leader beggin’ for a sick leave. What has the world come to?”

He scowls at me. Dammit even that expression makes him look so fucking… what’s the word… *yummy*.

“God, I will never get used to the sight of your eyes.”

His annoyance melts at that. “Good. ‘Cause this isn’t gonna last.”

His voice a pained whisper as he turns away and it takes all I have to stop myself from grabbing him. Holding him in my arms, never letting him go. But I couldn’t. I had to wait.


“You realize last night was the first time I… saw you… like really…”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Last night yeah… we gotta talk about last night Slim.”

He swallows but doesn’t take his longing eyes off me. Gradually notices I wasn’t responding to anything he said the way he’d expect me to. His voice is barely more than a trembling whisper.

“What are you waiting for?”



“For Jean.”


Jean walks in some ten minutes later when the silence becomes extremely unbearable. Scott looks and probably feels like a young petulant child, dressed in navy blue sweat pants and a white tee shirt that barely covers his navel. He uses his bright eyes effectively… glaring one minute and pleading the next… teasing, tempting… enticing us to utter distraction from the little game we had planned out for our boy.

//Don’t you dare give in Wolverine.//

Thankfully Jean is immune to his charms and keeps me in check.

“Look. Guys I know okay. I fucked up. And I’m sorry.”

Jean locks the door behind us with a thought and with another pulls away all the curtains on the windows to let the sunshine stream in. On any other day it would have been a very comfortable room to spend the day in. Scott is squirming in his bed as she heads towards him.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time, Summers.”

Last name. Cyke is so dead.

“What else do you want me to say?”

She rolls her eyes and turns to me chirpily. “Are you gonna do it or do you want me to?”

I shrug as he sits up straighter.

“No. No guys wait. Listen. I got a call that the tentacle guy had surfaced again and…”

“And you rush out without backup, without letting anyone… *anyone* know, not even us!”

"I am the team leader, Jean!"

"Oh so the rules only apply to us and not you? Is that why the Professor gave you the authority to lead us?"

I get tired of going back and forth between the two liking following an endless match of tennis, so I start fishing around for my cigar.

"You've always trusted my decisions before."

"Well, you've never done anything this *dumb* before."

“It wasn’t that big a deal! At first…”

“If it wasn’t a big deal for you going down there alone, how come it was so dangerous for the *two* of us to down there day before?”

“I… well I…”

“You did it on purpose Summers. To punish us.”

“That’s not true.”

“You shut me out! Again!”

He has no response to that. Pouts guiltily, adorably, and looks away.

Okay I can't pretend all this wasn’t turning me on just that tiny little bit. I mean it *is* Scott and this is another spanking we’re talking about. As if you hadn’t guessed that already. But fact is, my sense of kink and mischief from last time around is totally missing. We are dead serious and much more pissed this time. Jean and I had been through hell worrying about Cyke all day yesterday and that was just half of it.

Scott didn’t pretend that he didn’t know what we were talking about either. The panic in his… sweet sweet Jesus… big blue eyes gives him away and he scans around for escape options. Jean sits down right beside him and puts one hand around his waist, another in the curve of his neck caressing him lightly. She speaks to him very softly, in a tone only a lover can use.

“Tell me sweetheart, did you really think you could emotionally blackmail the two of us into bed just so you could make yourself feel less guilty?”

He swallows. “I wasn’t…”

“Yes you were darling. For weeks we tried to tell you it wasn’t going to happen but you didn’t listen.”

He looks at me as I stand by the window again, studying him.

“So while you’re sleeping, Logan and I got to talk… a lot. And we’ve come to an agreement. I guess there is *something* that the two of us could do together after all.”

Scott looks at her then me then back at her. And he is certain whatever it is, he is not going to want to hear it.

“I can't believe you guys are discussing this like it’s a normal done thing! Why do you get to do this to me?!? I am *not* consenting to this and to hell with your fucking agreement!”

And he gets up from the bed and heads for the door. Fully expecting me or Jean to try and stop him. When neither of us makes a move he turns and looks at us sceptically.



“This is gonna turn out badly for me isn’t it?”

Jean sighs melodramatically and gets up. Walks towards me tiredly.

“No sweetie. We still love you *too* *damn* much. Sure you *used* our feelings, our emotions for you to manipulate us into doing what *you* wanted… so what? Sure you blocked me out again when you know how much I need to be connected to you… so what? Sure you put yourself in grave danger by breaking X-Men protocol *despite* being field leader might I add… guess the Professor should have something to say about that when he returns. What right do we have to… say anything? Right?”

She rests a hand over my shoulder and looks at Cyke. The boy is reacting exactly the way she expected him to. Wincing with every word that rolls off her tongue dripping with sad sarcasm.

“I did it for you! You guys are the ones always fighting and stressing and sniping at each other all day. I thought if you had each other too, maybe…”

I butt in then. “Fine Cyclops, you win! We are willing to give this a shot. And *this* is what we wanna do as a couple the most!”

“By th-this… you mean…”

I smirk. “Hell yeah! You know I love smacking that cute little tushie of yours!”

Jean smiles and adds in her most seductive tone. “Yeah I think I kinda like it too Scott.”

He is in full-on panic. “But I don’t!!! Why does nobody care about that???”

We look at each other in mock confusion, Jeannie and me.

“Well… obviously honey you’re not supposed to. Why else would it be called a punishment?”

He stammers and sputters. “P-punishment?!?”

Jean starts counting his indiscretions on her neatly manicured fingers again.

“For using our emotions for you to manipulate us into doing what you wanted? For blocking me out again when you know…”

“Alright! Alright!”

He shrieks and I barely curb a chuckle from getting out. This is turning out to be too much fun.

“Look do you want us to give this a go or not?”

“Have a go at each other, not ME for Christs sake!!!”

Jean squinted at me. “Mmm… nope… I don’t see that working. It's *you* we both want. You are the apex of this *twisted* triangle. Its only fair don’t you think?”

He backs up till he hits the door, but does not make a move to unlock it.

“Listen guys, there’s got to be a rational… not so insane solution to this problem.”

Jean steps closer to him and away from me. She is flaring again. Oh boy.

“No Scott you listen to me. You went too far yesterday, too far. Now do you wanna set things right between us or just let this poison the air between us forever… it's up to you.”

“Can't you let it go just this once?” He whines. And Jean yells in return.

“You almost died! Either that or you’d be married by now to that *cesspool queen* and I don’t know which is worse!!”

“Legally it wouldn’t have been binding…”

“Not helping Slim.”  I interject shaking my head like a sage and he stops rambling.


“C’mon you guys…”

“Hey if you wanna do it one on one… like with Jean first and then me… that’s fine too.”

He stops hyperventilating for a moment and actually considers that. “You mean like… twice?”

I shrug. “If that’s what you want.”

“Two spankings?”

And his hand flies to his mouth, not believing he actually uttered the cursed word! Jean is barely controlling her laughter.

“Quickly Scott, we don’t have all day. Charles is going to be here any minute now.”

I freak. //Really?//

//Nah. Plans changed. He isn’t arriving until tomorrow. Don’t worry.//

Xavier listening in on our private conversations might get a bit too embarrassing for the kid. Not like I wouldn’t enjoy that too. Scott believes the ruse though and panics even more, his sinfully gorgeous eyes limpid and bluer than ever before.

“No. Uh ahem… one.” He mumbles almost inaudibly.

“Alright then, come on sweetie. Hop up.”

Jean goes to the bed and pats it twice. My boy is flushed red as he slowly makes his way close to her. When he reaches her, she holds out her hand and I didn’t think he’d do it but reluctantly he does put his hand in hers. She pulls him to the bed, sits down herself and puts her long legs up bent slightly at the knees. Then as I look on, Jean presses him face down across her lap so his upper torso lies on the bed, his butt high up on her lap and his legs dangle behind with his toes just touching the carpeted floor. I walk up and sit on the bed too so Scott is flanked on both sides by his lovers.

“Good boy.”

Jean talks to him throughout and I stroke the length of his taut back. Then as she clasps the waistband of his blue sweats he jerks up.

“Guys that isn’t necessary please…”

“What sweetie? It's not like we’ve never seen you before…”

And she pulls them down revealing the fantastic booty on my boy. I want to go “yowza” in my loudest growl but restrict myself since we’re still pretending to be very very angry. I join Jean in generously rubbing the roundness of his butt as she continues to talk to him and he continues to hide his head between his hands clasped at the back of his neck.

Gawd how I love this boy. In *this* particular position. And across Jean's lap is even hotter than I could have imagined. Too bad this wasn’t gonna last too long.

“Ready sweetie?”

Before Scott could say yes or no or whatever… Jean raises a hand and brings it down smartly, square in the middle of his butt.


“Hurts honey?”

“Yeeeeahhh!” when what he probably wants to say is “Duhhhh”


And Jean lands several more quick smacks on both cheeks alternately. They aren’t hard, and my boy is a tough nut so it's not like he’s hurting. He just… doesn’t like it. After several minutes though, the heat is bound to start building up. And now Cyke is wriggling and whimpering a bit and puts a hand behind him to shield his butt.

“Oww Doc enough please!”

She chuckles as I hold his wrists together behind him, not too tight. I do it mostly to feel those stubborn fists of his in mine.

“You blocked me out.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You went out on your own without informing anyone.”

“I’m sorry!”

“You’re never doing that ever again Cyclops. I don’t care if you’re the fucking field leader. You pull another stunt like that I will never speak to you again and no amount of flowers or grovelling or *spanking* will ever be penance enough you hear me?”

He snivels a bit now, but I still don’t have to apply any force to keep him in place.

“Yes. I’m… I’m sorry.”

Jean gives him a few more then stops. A minute of rubbing his sore cheeks later, Scott asks if he could get up now.

“So soon? We’re not done yet sweetie.”

As he groans loudly, I let go of his wrists and get a hold of his slim waist to hoist him further upwards on Jean’s lap. His toes no longer touch the floor as his bare ass is now in perfect position for my left hand. Jean bends forward to kiss the back of his neck and hold his wrists together and out of my way.

Then I give him my first swat.


Oops. Didn’t realise how much harder my hand must be in comparison to Jean’s. Don’t get me wrong, I know Jean could have totally whaled away at him if she wanted to. But frankly, hurting him is not the idea… comeuppance is. As Scott struggles a bit,

Jean shushes him like a child. “Come on love. I thought you wanted me and Logan to have some fun together.”

“Ouch!… I changed my mind ow!”

More spanking follows before I ask. “But this is the threesome you wanted kid!”

“Nooooo it's not! … Wait I didn’t want a threesome!”

“Oh yeah? What did you want then?”


Silence follows, as both me and Jean wait for a response. A particularly hard smack is required to make him talk.

“Owww! Logan!!”

Jean strokes his back. “What *do* you want hon?”

“I… uh I just… want…”

There is moisture in his voice so I stop and instead massage the curves of his beautiful buttocks.

“What, bub?”

He weeps now. “I… don’t want you to be… pissed at me anymore… c-can't stand it…”

Jesus. Okay that’s it. Game over.

I redress my boy and turn him so he’s face up… his eyes large and wet and… so fucking beautiful. I press him into my chest hugging him hard as he curls up against me. Jean huffs.

//Why do *you* get to do this every time?//

She leans in on the other side of Scott and rests her face against the back of his head softly kissing his neck and shoulders and everything she can reach over and over. I rock him and immediately Jean picks up the rhythm and rocks with us.

“It wasn’t you… never you. I love you Scott.” she says.

Scott wipes his tears off my flannel and looks up to me. Expecting me to say something as well. I couldn’t disappoint my baby.

“We both do.”

Sometime during our chase down the New York drainage network, me and Doc had come to an understanding… that Scott came first. He is the only priority we have. Over petty jealousies, and stupid schedules, ego hassles… everything. Jean caresses his chest in long strokes from behind.

“And we promise, we’re not going to snipe over you anymore.”

He just snivels. “You will, in your heads. Behind my back.”

I push his hair back from his face. “We won't.”

He looks at Jean expectantly. “So, will you two…”

“Jesus Summers don’t start that again!”

“Okay! Stopped.” He says quickly.

Jean mock sneers, pinches his butt and he squirms to get away. I chuckle and grip him closer to myself.

“Let’s just say, I had an epiphany last night.”


“Yeah. I realised… as far as lovers go… you really could do much worse than… Claws here.”

I smirk at the indirect compliment as she rolls her eyes at me. “Better him than that… *sewer skank*.”

Jeannie’s really applyin’ herself to come up with creative insults for that Morlock. Scott is much more composed now, he tries to sit up but I don’t let him. So he stays.

“You know I realized something too. See Doc was so pissed last night, she coulda killed Callisto in a second. In fact when Callisto got stabbed through the heart, we could have just left her to die. But we didn’t. *Jean* didn’t.”

Scott hadn’t known that, he looks down and swallows hard. Pulls a leg up to bend it by the knee and shakes that knee from side to side like a child deep in thought. I continue assumin’ I still have his attention.

“And I think to myself… dude… with all the shit that *I* put her through? With you and the fucking schedule? This psychic wench coulda killed me a hundred times over by now… with her *brain*...”

I chuckle, so does she. Scott just nibbles at his lower lip, doesn’t look up.

“But she probably didn't because… that aint love. People who truly love you could never try to abduct you or lock you away from the rest of the world against your will? They might *want* to… so bad… but they won't actually do that to ya.”

Scott cracks a shy smile at that. Him looking at me like that… feels like heaven.

“I can't keep you from what your heart desires bub. If I did that, I’m no better than Callisto.”

Cyke studies me like he’s seeing me for the first time… and in a way maybe he is. From this distance. Like he is memorising everythin’ about my face, like he’d never get to see me again. Finally he nods subtly, and that’s enough. Scott rests back against me and Jean puts some distance between us and herself by leaning against the headboard. He doesn’t let go of her hand though and clings on tight…

Goes back to starin’ out the windows.

Takes in the mansion grounds, the forest at the far end… the clear blue sky with a handful of clouds and the hills in the background. Occasionally his eyes turn to look at Jean, me… but I think it hurts him too much. Time ticks away in silence and we just sit there… relishing the calmness.

I rock him off and on, he lets me. I can't stop staring into his face non-stop, he lets me do that too. Jeannie isn’t coping too well either, until eventually he sighs.

“Guys… knock it off.”

A tear escapes Jean’s eyes that she tries to hide by turning away. He lifts her hand to his mouth and kisses it almost in holy reverence. Makes a valiant effort to lighten her mood.

“I bet you feel so much better after whupping my ass, Doc.”

She chuckles, still wiping at her eyes.

“Let's just hope you remember today next time you try to set me up on a date with someone that’s not you, Summers.”

We all laugh shortly. The cheer doesn’t last long though and we lose Scott to the window again.

“How much time do I have?”

“About… three hours.”

I feel the quiet shivers run down his spine and it hurts… physically pains me to know those eyes will be back in their quartz cage in less than three hours. He exhales again.

“Let's go for a walk. To the lake?”

Jean nods quietly and we relax our stronghold over him so he can get up. He wants to go see the world one last time… before everything goes back to red and migraine again. Pangs of jealousy rise up in my throat but I push them down doggedly.

Hell there will always be something else, someone else catching Scott’s attention… taking precedence, pullin’ him away from me now and again. And I must learn to accept it, learn to share my boy with the world. It was after all his choice to make, and I must honor that.


Blue. Definitely blue.

The pristine blue of the lake we made love in for the first time. The shimmering blue of his gaze scanning a Morlock crowd with dread… that suddenly turned to relief when it came to rest on me. The plain blue of his excruciatingly crisp shirts neatly organized by weekdays in his closet. The stunning blue of a twenty one carat Kashmir sapphire embedded in Scott’s ring.

On Jean’s left hand.

*** END ***

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I just checked your previous site earlier and came here.
Than I saw you update the X-men series.(doing happy dance)
I've waited for this since you post "to love".
I'm so glad you didn't abandon it.
It's so lovely and sweet,not to mention it's also pretty funny.
I love the way your write them try to balance their relationship among themselves.
And your Scott is so cute!
Hope you will write more in the future.
There's a part three planned,right?right?^^
Ps:I adore your charmed fics as well.Chris is quite charming.^^

Oh thank you so much hon. I'm soooo relieved you liked! :D You never know whether something you write sounds funny or not unless someone reviews.
I know how late this comes, took my time with this one didnt I. Yes there is a part-3 :) Hopefully should start working on it this weekend.
Thanks once again for feedback on Charmed fics as well. I miss Chris!! Just like I know I'll miss Scott in the movie (X3) *sniff* Oh well, there is always fanfiction isnt there ;)

*sniff with you* I read some spoilers about X3,too.So I guess I probably won't see it(sob).Can't believe they do that to Scott.But you are right,there are always fanfics out somewhere^^(winks).
You're going to write the third part.That's good enough for me.I know how RL can get sometimes.I'll be patient.^^
And yes,I miss Chris as well.I have no idea why they keep killing my favorite guys off.That's really really annoying.

>> I have no idea why they keep killing my favorite guys off.That's really really annoying.

OMG totally!! Scott in Xmen, Chris in Charmed, Whitney in Smallville, Boone in Lost, Lindsey AND Connor in Angel.. well not dead but GONE duh!! *grumbles* And I have a bad feeling Rowling will kill Draco off in the 7th book. Life's not fair is it? :(

;) lol.

I can't agree with you more.(shaking hands with you)
Now you point them all out,it seems really scaring.So many fandoms,so many characters,they have to kill our favorites?? But I just saw Angel a few times,so I don't have a favorite one.^^And about Draco,don't despair yet.Maybe Rowling won't kill him.At least there is still hope for Draco,unlike Chris,Whitney and Boone.(sniff)And don't you dare kill my Scott,Fox!!
Hey,I forget to tell you this last time.Actually,I love your Smallville fic too.
I'm quite fond of Whitney.^^In fact,besides Mutant X(never watch it once).I adore all your work.^^So,keep writing girl.

I'm glad you wrote this sequel. Well even though Logan and Jean did work on something together unfortunately for Scott it wasn't what he would have liked them to do together.
I'm glad they were able to come to an understanding about both of them being Scott's lovers, although I'm sure it hasn't dawned on Scott yet just what that means. That the next time he does something to put himself in danger again, he means he has two of them to answer to probably working together again.

hey.. sorry for being late and thank you so so very much for reading :) You're right poor Scott never expected the whole discipline scene to ever come up again period :) I imagine Jean and Logan knew this would be the best way to get Scott off their backs so they went for it. And I think there should be at least one more 'next time' that I can write about :D But seeing how long I took to write just this one.. *sigh* ;) Thanks for the feedback again love. Means the world to me:)

Your writing is utterly gorgeous. It is the first X-Men livejournal piece that I am going to put in my memories. And me putting it in my memories means that I am going to read your stories over and over and over again. I loved the sotry that came before this so, the first spanking and the insight into Jean's thoughts was so well done. Then, this, the sequel was just as good. I got Logan. I really did. The weird thing is that you made me understand and see things from both their point of view, the mark of a great writer. And of course, Scott. My absolutely favorite character. I love the way you write him, I love how he thinks and acts and love how he reacts to people and how people react to him. I thought that Logan's comment about Scott going to Cyclops was very insightful. I just loved both stories and am putting them in my memories. You should cross-post this in other livejournals so that other people might see it. Also, I'm wondering if you could recommend some other X-Men fics? I would really appreciate that.

Thanks so very much! You've really made my day, thank you for your kind words :) I love Scott too, completely adore him and in the movies and books I just cant decide for myself who I want to see him more with - Jean or Logan lol. See how handy fanfiction is? hehe ;)

Crossposting yeah, I should. Am new to LJ, dont really get the whole thing. But I'll figure it out, thanks for the suggestion :)

More X-Men fics? Hmm.. I suppose you've read everything by Mo and Minisinoo? They're great writers - both Scott-centric :) And of course Nadja's archive of everything Cyclops. The links to these 3 sites are below..

I wish I could help you more! And if you happen to have other links do pass on :D

Oh I forgot.. on the dreamwater site, that is Nadja's btw.. I'd recommened everything in Logan/Scott by Jemisard. My favorite author :)

That was stunning.

I loved the confusion, the way Scott desperately tries to make everybody happy, the way Logan and Jean are so passionately protectively over him. Aah, you write so beautifully, sketching out the emotions so wonderfully.

*hearts madly* Your Scott is my FAVOURITE Scott ever.

*grinning like crazy* Thank you thank you so much!! You've made my whole week hon :)

I love the way you write Scott. And of course this series has been fantastic to read. I hope you continue to write him and them. I beg you! lol

Hey, thanks hon! I do plan to continue to write more Scott.. no need to beg, I'm Scott-obsessed :D Thanks for the lovely feedback hon, you made my day:)

Ah, that's so great to hear :)

The first time I read the story (I think it's called 'To Love'?") I nearly had a small heart attack. Jean commanding Logan to spank Scott? Wow, the hottest thing, ever. And then I found the rest of your stories through dreamwater and was in heaven.

I'll friend you, if you don't mind, so I won't miss anything you write.

oh sure absolutely! :)

Jean commanding Logan to spank Scott? Wow, the hottest thing, ever.
LOL thanks! I write what I fantasize.. yeah I'm a perv ;)

I write what I fantasize.. yeah I'm a perv ;)

You and me both, girl :P

I write some slash, too, if you ever get bored:

But don't let it distract you from writing. That's more important than reading, hehe.

I really like this series. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed X-Men fan fiction, the first fandom I ever read.

Thanks for reading sweetie :) Xmen was my very first fandom too! And Logan/Scott is like my OTP. So yeah.. I never stop writing xmen no matter what the flavor of the month is :D cheers hon.

they said every thing i want to say
thank you

Interesting. I'm waiting for more. Thanks for writing this.

Thanks hon! There is supposed to be one more part.. *sighs* Let's see.

Loved it, adored it. Both Jean and Logan marking their territorities and then realizing that they're hurting Scott with that. Cyke as the hard ass field leader, but young boy in their presence? How utterly adorable and hot in the spanking scenes of course. Yumm.
So uhm, any chance you'll write the third chapter in this story? I REALLY hope so!!!

:D Thanks sweetie. I absolutely do plan to write the next one. But god I have so many many WIPs at this time that its getting really unmanageable and so I don't want to make any promises I might not be able to keep! I'm glad you are enjoying my XMen stuff hon :) *hugs*

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