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X-Men: Before Night is Through (Scott/multiple) (4/?)

Title: Before night is through
Disclaimer: In Chapter 1.
Summary: My own take on what happens post X2. 
Pairings: Scott with several others.
Warnings: Slash and Het. More Het than Slash
Rating: mild R
Author Notes: See Chapter 1

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Scott never got an answer to why she was helping him.

But it was obvious she expected returns on his newfound vigor and mobility. Days and nights that the Phoenix did not return to the castle, Scott spent servicing every whim and fantasy of his caretaker.

Bondage is lost on a paralytic don’t you think?

So that was the answer? Bitch got horny and decided to gift herself a more active partner in her sordid sex games? 

His mouth was her favorite. His lips… soft and red and full, so like a woman’s. And gawd was he exquisitely skilled with it.
She trained you well, Emma would taunt often, and Scott quietly listened.
Means to an end. He told himself. Anything for a chance to break free from this… this gilded cage he was held in as a prized possession instead of a human, mutant, whatever.
Why am I here?

Never read the tales of a thousand and one nights? The one with an evil king… his life inside a parrot… or was it a pigeon?

Okay. Weakness. But whose? The caretaker’s laughter echoed inside his head.

You KNOW whose.
Gradually strength returned to his limbs weakened from the almost vegetative state they’d been forced into for the past four months. When in company of the guards Scott would put up the pretense of listlessness and spaced out-ness… suffer their abuse as he always had. He’d perfected emotional detachment to an art form.
Once they walked in on him playing catch with Emma… two oranges, throwing them back and forth between each other, one in each direction simultaneously. The guards stopped in their tracks and squinted. Emma winked at them.

I was bored.
According to Emma the inhibitors were weakened but she couldn’t completely pull them down. Phoenix would remain oblivious to their depleting strength so long as she continued to sense her signature on her captive’s mind. The actual challenge was in not thinking too loudly in the company of the imposter.

She will know.

I’ve had practice shielding before.

Fool. She’s the greatest telepath on this planet next only to…

She’d said too much. Scott didn’t like what he was hearing… because it quite effectively decimated his impostor theory. Maybe it was a telepath cum shapeshifter? Perfect. Denial works like a charm.

What then?

I’ll take care of it.

Two women fighting for dominance over not just his body but now his mind too… Scott didn’t find it flattering in the least.
That night as Scott lay awake in his bed, Phoenix came and stretched out beside him. But she was in no mood to use him that night… instead she just lay there. Placid, breathing. Exhausted after a long day’s war. Occasionally she’d reach out, caressing his shoulder-length hair but never lingering too long.
And then he heard her, in soft whispers, hum. Something slow and soft and soothing… something… achingly familiar.
Come on baby, let's get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down
There's a chill in my bones, I don't wanna be left alone
So baby you can sleep while I drive.
Country. Jean loved country. What was her name? Melissa…
I'll pack my bag and load up my guitar
In my pocket I'll carry my harp
I got some money I saved, enough to get underway
And baby you can sleep while I drive
After she left, Scott wept. Tears that evaded him since that day… that very dark day in Alkali Lake, now flowed freely… and he let them.
Emma… please tell me.

I don’t know okay! I’m just a caretaker, nobody tells me anything.

Let me go then.

You know I can't.

If you don’t, I will kill myself.

An empty threat, but chances were Emma wouldn't know that. Her mental voice dripped with venom.

I could just as easily put you back in coma you know. Don’t you dare threaten me.

Scott’s eyes hadn’t stopped tearing since the night before. Fucking manipulative little bastard. Emma melted but not near enough.

You just have to wait until...

Until what?

She did not reply.
Phoenix was not expected that night.

Scott made love to his caretaker in the hole, sorry bath tub… voluntarily of course. They did it again in bed afterwards, before Emma drifted asleep, trusting the strengthening arms of her hostage. At midnight sharp Scott got out of bed. He’d been studying the guard’s moves for the past few days. Every night at o-hundred hours shifts were rotated. He waited until the first one left his post right outside their sleeping chambers and sneaked out. He grabbed the second at the stairs from behind, pressing that traitorous nerve at the back of his neck. Stuffed the faint body inside a medieval trunk for display after stealing his weapon. He held the third at gunpoint at the giant oak doors of the fortress.
Open it.

His voice, unused for so long… wouldn’t cooperate. He tried again, this time doing slightly better even if nothing but hoarse rasps came out.

“Open it!”

The guard tried to outmaneuveur him but Scott was prepared. His body strength may be down to a quarter but his years of training were still intact. He shot the guard in his hand, not giving a damn about the commotion so caused.

“Open the damn door now or I swear I will kill you right fucking now!”

The password-activated doors slid open, he incapacitated the guard just as he had the one before and ran.

Out through the gates of hell, out of Magneto’s deceptive force field. Ran as far as his legs would carry him knowing it wouldn’t be enough. All the while screaming within his head.

Professor! Professor Xavier!

Memories rushing through his mind and eyes of a time long past… of a hesitant new relationship, of father and adopted son.

I will always hear you Scott no matter where you are. Always, my son.
Professor! Fa-father please… find me. I’m here. I’m still here!

His voice got weaker, as did his legs but he kept running. His head felt heavy and before long his mind were wrenched back out of his control. By the time Emma and the first guard reached him Scott lay paralysed, his upper half flat on the ground and lower half twisted to one side. Judging from the castle’s architecture and the snow-laden landscape he’d surmised he was somewhere in Europe and that bit of information too he flung out to the universe as loudly as he was capable of. The inhibitors kicked in then completely. Stronger than ever before. The guard then ordered him to stand up and soon as Scott did, he punched him in the gut.
Emma never forgave him.
Scott resigned himself to his quasi-comatose fate while Emma, to vent her rage, went back to exploiting his helpless state every which way she could. Before long, molten wax from the candles that lit up the gothic insides of the fortress started to show up on myriad parts of his body… nothing stronger than wax though, after all she couldn’t leave any bruises or bite marks for the Phoenix to find.

But Scott never let her have the satisfaction to hear him plead. Emma couldn’t decide if she wanted to kiss him or slap him from one moment to the next. So she did both.
Two days and two nights, at least that’s the closest estimate his addled up brain could come up with.

And then they came. 

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