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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-Men movieverse Fanfiction

Blanket Disclaimer: A few things I should let you know right away so you don't have to wade through all the text only to realize these facts later and maybe feel disappointed and then flame me in your vengeance heh ...
1) Below are all Scott-centric stories, and in case of slash he bottoms every time
2) I mostly write Scott/Logan slash. Keep planning to write Scott/Warren and maybe even Scott/Remy (since I've taken a liking to Gambit of late) but hasn't happened yet
3) I write movieverse with certain elements borrowed from the comics. So Logan is 6'3" because that is Hugh Jackman's height and Scott is 6' because they did try to portray him as taller than Jimmy Marsden's actual height which is 5'10". If that doesn't sit right with you, so to speak, apologies, but it is what it is.
Okay! Now you're good to go, if you still want to ;) Hope you find something you like!


One Shots..

Night for a Day **NEW**
Verse: X-Men movieverse. Set after Jean’s death, but X3 never happened.
Summary: Scott and Logan once struck a deal, and now Logan is looking to collect
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: To Marvel/Fox: I own nothing and no one. Please to not be suing. You can keep this story too if you want.
Word Count: 1780

Before night is through
Summary: My take on what happens post X2. I got inspired by this lovely Scott/Logan manip made by [info]xenasoul and then the story got away from me, just… took off on its own. Pairings used - Scott with several others.

Warnings: Slash and Het. Er.. More Het than Slash
Rating: mild R
Disclaimer: All characters of X-Men owned by Marvel and 20th century Fox etc. Not mine. Not for profit. Purely for private amusement.
Author Notes: Guess I’m just venting since there will hardly be any Cyclops in X3. So this is MY X3! :P Started writing this after the spoilers for the movie came out so they’re the source of inspiration for this story. But obviously this is not going to be consistent with the movieverse or comic canon either. So… AU I guess. Most of it is Scott POV. Pardon my mistakes, but pls do point them out to me so I can fix them.

Memories of Christmas
Summary: Pride ruined the angels, Their shame them restores;
And the joy that is sweetest, Lurks in stings of remorse.

Warnings: Discipline. No slash.
Rating: R for the discipline scene. PG-13 for language and violence.
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. Only the convoluted story is mine, written for personal entertainment only. No money's been made sadly :p
Author's Notes: Words in *..* are to stress on them. And lines in ~..~ are all thoughts. The story goes back and forth between past and present. Hope its not too confusing. What else… I don't know much about Angel's and Jack Diamond's backgrounds. Whatever you read here is made up for this story. Oh another disclaimer… I *suck* at describing states of mind. I just cant do it, I'm sorry!

Raven's Gratitude
Summary: The X-Men receive a distress call from someone quite unexpected.
Warnings: Slash. Pure smut.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. Only the convoluted story is mine, I wrote it because I wanted to read it.
Author's Notes: Words in *..* are to stress on them. Movieverse post X2, and Logan is taller than Scott. By 3 inches if you follow Jackman’s and Marsden’s stats. Slash, obviously. Writing out and out smut after a very long time, writing X-Men after a very long time… a year I guess. Please be kind and review.

Lies that bind us
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sadness.
Rating: NC-17 and beyond!
Warnings: Slash, Bondage kink, Dubious consent, Sex with minors.
Summary: History repeats itself at the X-mansion.
Characters: Scott, Logan, John, Bobby, Erik, Charles & others.
Author Notes: X-men movieverse. X3 never happened. Narrative goes back and forth in time. I wrote it because I wanted to read it.

Hiding Behind the Truth
Verse: X-Men movieverse, post-X2. X3 never happened.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one from the X-men movies. Just the convoluted plot is mine.
Summary: Scott has been living in a self-imposed exile.
Warnings: Dubious consent. Slash.
Rating: Hard R, also see warning.
Author Notes: For [info]xenasoul ’s Scott/Logan ficathon challenge (sorry I'm late hon!). Prompt: Denial. Once again displaying my utter inability to write porn without getting it mushy and sentimental *sighs* Oh well, I wrote it because I wanted to read it. Title inspired by Ozzy’s song “Denial”.

Ongoing Series.. (To Love, Honor and Obey.) **WIP**

To Love..
Summary: Jean POV. She is drunk, she is depressed and she is angry… and she’s about to take it out on someone.
Warnings: Spanking and Slash.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All X-Men people belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. Nothing’s mine here except the convoluted plot. Not for money, only for fun… kind of fun the X-Men movies will never provide.
Author's Notes: Words in *..* are to stress on them. And lines in //..// is all mental communication.
This is post-X1 and pre-X2. Assumption is Logan has been staying at the mansion for awhile now. Some other minor alterations (see notes on story page)

Summary: Sequel to “To Love..” Logan’s POV on the new arrangement between him, Scott and Jean.
Warnings: Spanking and Slash.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All X-Men people belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. Nothing’s mine here except the convoluted plot. Not for money, only for fun… kind of fun the X-Men movies will never provide.
Author's Notes: Part 2 of a 3-part story. Starts off right where Part-1 ends so you need to read that one first.Words in *..* are to stress on them. And lines in //..// is all mental communication. Slight OOC, blatant AU etc. Sorry if the language is all wrong considering Logan should have a Canadian dialect or… something like that?

And Obey
Summary: Sequel to "Honor". Scott's POV on the new arrangement between him, Logan and Jean.. as he journeys deeper into acceptance and submission to his partners.
Warnings: BDSM, Spanking and slash
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Coming soon.

Ongoing Series.. Snapshots!verse **WIP**

(for the x_men100 community challenge. Table here)

The individual stories travel back and forth in time and hence are not chronological. But there IS a reading order which I've given below, some are stand-alones, but a lot are also continuations to one another.
Blanket Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. X-Men is property of Marvel and Fox and no money is being made off this whatsoever.

Read on AO3...

Ongoing Series.. **WIP**

Title: Initiation / In the beginning **UPDATED!**
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel. Nothing’s mine except the convoluted plot. Desperate need to vent drove me to writing this, no money involved.
Warnings: Language and slash
Rating: R to NC-17 in places.
Verse: X1 AU.
Pairing: Logan/Scott later, implied Warren/Ororo, implied Scott/Jean
Summary: It began with a love story… how Logan comes to join the X-Men.
Author Notes: Warren was part of the original X-men, then quit to do his own thing. Scott is in his early twenties; Jean is about 8 years older. The places mentioned in Canada are part real and part fictitious. (This is one of those epics I started a long time ago and never finished. Hopefully some feedback would help jump start my muses on this one. In any case, feel like putting it out there. Hope you enjoy.)

Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty

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Hey, some of the stories here won't open for me and I really want to read them! Are they friend locked or something? Are they available anywhere else or would you be willing to add me to friends so I could see them?

Please tell me you will finish this at some point, please? Sniff sniif (batting eyeslashes)

Um.. yeah, sorry for not responding to this sooner.. my inbox is bursting at the seams right now. And sorry again for all the WIPs.. I'm waiting myself for the day RL will give me some space to breathe and inspiration will strike just in time so I can finish these. Sorry... :(

I like your fics, very much. I've never left a review, and, in fact, I had not realized that I had not done it. Thanks for writing those fics. they are still very enjoyable. Can you write something more about this universe? ( and I know, it's a outdated fandom, and with the upcoming new movies... ::sigh::
Still: I love Logan/ Scott)

Hey there! Thank you so much for your kind note :) RL's been kicking my ass and my XMen muse has been missing for awhile too. But this is the fandom I always eventually return to after my sojourns in other fandoms (at least I always have in the past heh) so yeah.. I'm not giving up on these WIPs yet. Sorry for the wait though..

Hi Cyndrarae

I accidently stumbled on your x-men fanfiction when I was digging though old archives and this was definately the best "accident" in a while!

It got me completely hooked on your portrayal of Scott, espescially in "Initiation/In the Beginning" - he's by far my favourite character and I love how you've built the back story into it, and it feels so real. Was so engrossed I stayed up the entire night reading your fics and even though I was like a zombie the next day, I just couldn't drag myself from the screen!

I sincerely hope you do get back to completing your x-men WIPs, not just for the rest of us fans out there, but also becuase it would be such a shame to leave the journey where it is...

All the best and I hope to see more of your writing soon :)


Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you found something to read and like here! XMen is my go-to fandom and I do hope to one day find the time to update my zillion WIPs here but sadly you know how RL gets.. haven't given up hope tho! :)

Hey cyndrarae,
I stumbled onto this site while i was randomly googling for x men fanfiction and i must tell you i love your work. Especially the initiation/in the beginning story. Is there any chance you'll ever finish it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Is der any other website with your work?:-)

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