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Smallville: Penance (23/?) (Clark/Whitney)

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Chapter 23

Monday 0222hrs

Clark carried him to the barn, all the while talking to him, telling him how beautiful he was, how much he loved carrying him, loved taking care of him, how much he made him happy. He tickled him now and then while Whit whined in protest, patted the curves of his butt in appreciation of his good behavior and pinched him when he got restless.

Inside the barn, that was amazingly brightly lit by nothing more than the full moon, Clark found a comfortable spread of hay against huge stacks of the same, and unceremoniously dumped Whitney onto it.
Whitney was half giggling and half miffed at being handled like a bale of hay himself. He propped himself on his elbows and looked around as Clark blew him a kiss and went to close the doors and then make a fire. There was a matchbox and logs readily available. Whitney also noticed two blankets, a bag of chips, bunch of sodas and a torch just next to where he lay. He grinned at his partner who in turn was enjoying the look of surprise on Whit’s beautiful face.
“No plans huh?”

Clark grinned widely at him and winked as he came over. He let out a war cry and jumped almost onto Whit and the two boys frolicked. The significance of all those “rolling in the hay” expressions made perfect sense tonight. One of these moments, Whitney was on top straddling Clark while the stronger boy lay on his back under him.
“Jeez Kent.. never knew you were so strong.”
Clark was just about to roll him over again, but he stopped.
“You think?”
“You shitting me? You built out of iron or something?”
He thumped the rock solid chest beneath him to illustrate his point.
“You just carried me like forty yards and by no standards am I featherweight you know that.. you’re not tired, you’re not breathless…”
//Kent you’re such a bloody showoff!//
“Talk about stamina man.”
Whit was chuckling with glee at the sexier connotation of what he was saying. Clark narrowed his eyes at him, amused at his delightedness.
“All for you babe.. all for you.”
Whit lifted one hand from the floor beside Clark and put it on his abdomen, stroking him gently.
“You amaze me man. Every moment that I spend with you.. I get to know something new about you I didn’t know before.. makes me fall harder …”
“.. and deeper..”
Clark brought his hands upto Whit’s face. “say it.”
Whit smiled and bit his lip. Eyes twinkling.
//Oh now he chooses to be coy!// Clark wanted to hear him say it.
“..say it Whit.. deeper what?”
“deeper.. in love.. with you.”

Clark sighed and pulled Whitney down so the blonde hair was tucked into the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around the boy and just held him there. Whit thought for only a fourth of a nano-second that Clark hadn’t replied but it was too insignificant a thought to hold on to in that delicious embrace.
“I wonder..”
//Maybe this isn’t the time// “nothing”
//Don’t say it// “mmm nothing”
“tell me!”
//He’s not ready. We’re not ready// “Its nothing!!”

Whitney raised his head to meet Clark’s gaze. Clark could swallow his choke-hold secrets down but he couldn’t hide the passion heating him up from the inside out. Whit saw it and played coy again. He was totally loving being the courted, the pursued, the seduced here. The roles were clear from day one. Day one of Clark Kent in Smallville High that is. No wonder Whitney played over-arrogant and over-macho every time he came around.

Whit saw the passion in those criminally sexy green eyes and fought to keep the constant smile he sported that night off his face.
“Woah! No way Kent.. do you know how sore my ass is? I couldn’t walk straight all day. Or sit. Or stand. There’s no way…”
Clark flipped Whitney over so that now he was the straddler while the blonde lay pinned beneath him.
“Fordman… stop teasing me.. you’ll regret it.”
“wha..?? Oh yeah?”
“yeah or..”
“or what? You gonna use your super strength on me!?!”

Clark was stunned. He immediately let go and rolled off gently to lie beside Whitney. His face was a mask of confusion. This was the second time he’d brought it up.
“What what?”
“What did you just say?”
“I.. I was joking... wait what did I say again?”
Whit really didn’t know what he said wrong. Clark let out his breath, and tried to salvage the situation with an awkward smile.
“You said.. super strength or something again. I … I hope I haven’t been hurting you too much?”
Whitney rolled his eyes.
“Of course not babe, I was just teasing you.”

“Hey it wasn’t meant like.. a negative feedback or something! I definitely don’t feel forced or hurt by you Clark. I mean.. I like it. Really!”
And he sat up grinning at Clark while the latter continued to silently brood and stare at him with blank eyes.
“You worry you might hurt me don’t you?”

“Hey I survived the first year with the Marine Corp. What's a little high school punk after that huh?”

“Oops I’m sorry, not a kid anymore .. Mr. Senior sir!”

“Oh come on Clark!”
Whit pouted a while, then seeing it wasn’t helping, he drew closer. He placed a hand on Clark’s cheek and stared into the green eyes as he softly whispered, “I wont break… I promise”

Clark had never felt so scared of his own powers. He’d hated them, he’d once wished them away, only to wish them back, he’d learnt to love them, even prided himself for them, he'd worried about them now and then, with Lana, with Chloe.. but never.. never had he feared his own massive strength the way he did right now. With the girls, he was like a huge bulldog well aware of his size and capacity to destruct, and so with them he'd chosen to be humble and passive. Fact was, he'd never felt like he'd lose control before.. but with Whitney, things were different. He'd felt less inhibited, and more free.. he'd let his sanity be ruled by passion, and he'd found himself on the brink more than once.
//What if I lose control so much that I forget and end up hurting Whitney? I cant let that happen. Never!//

And meanwhile, Whitney had had enough. The kiss was gentle to begin with.. with Whitney gently suckling at the red lips, begging to be let in. Who was Clark to resist any longer. Soon as the tongues met, the kiss turned deeper and hungrier, all worries from before were forgotten and the only thing remembered was the taste of Whitney on Clark and Clark on Whitney. It was heaven.

“I want you naked Whit”
“Make me”

Clark skillfully divested him of his clothes, and laid him down on the bed of hay. He began his detailed journey of love and lust from Whitney’s forehead to last curling toe, while the object of his attention writhed in exquisite pleasure. The touch of Clark on Whitney’s body was as searing as it was assuring, as rough as it was gentle. The elegant hands worked up the mound of flesh between his legs until it was red and hot.. and the wet trail of kisses Clark left in his wake was enough to drive him over the edge over and over.
And over.

“Clark.. Clark. Clark..”
he chanted without being aware he was actually doing it. And when Clark chose to torture every raw sensitized nerve of his body with a single strand of hay, he couldn’t stop his moaning for the world.
"Clark, don't...!"
Whitney pleaded as his lover drew jagged lines and random circles with the stick of hay at his navel. He tried to push the evil hand away but Clark only improvised. He held both of his victim's hands in his own and clutching the strand in his mouth, proceeded to tickle his nipples until they ached with pain. And Whitney loved it.
Whit didn't bother to bite back the screams any longer. Clark spit the grass out.
“Whit.. tell me what you want..”
“oh God take me! Take me now!”
Clark snickered while nibbling at a nipple. “You want God to take you?”
Whit couldn’t help gasping himself.
“Forgive him lord for his wicked blasphemous … but otherwise quite talented tongue.”
Clark giggled into his other nipple while Whitney entangled his fingers in the jet black hair.
“Oh God please! I mean Clark.. please.. please”
Clark kissed him full on the lips once before straightening up. Slowly he took off his clothing as Whitney looked on, feeling like he’d died and gone to heaven. In his state of blissful delirium, he had no idea what he was saying himself.

“Are you an angel..?”
Clark smiled at him. “No, you are Whitney.. you are my angel.”

Soon a naked Clark was back on his side and Whit felt himself being turned over. It meant having to tear off his eyes from the most beautiful body in the world and he almost cried.
“Shhhh I’m right here baby… right here”
Clark kissed his neck and the side of his face turned upwards. He took his time admiring the perfectly sculpted back and the beautiful bottom he was completely smitten with. He licked little circles all over the smooth back making Whitney harder every second. The moans grew louder and louder but no coherent words could be formed. Finally Clark reached Whitney’s butt and after wetting it all over with his tongue, he dove in for his magical opening. Whitney jumped.
He had no idea Clark was going to do that. Heck Clark didn't either. The boys just followed their instincts. A tongue penetrating him over and over stripped Whit of all his senses and all he could do was surrender to the sweet helplessness.
“You like that Whit?”
Whit continued to pant loudly.
Then there were fingers replacing the tongue and massaging his prostate both from the inside and outside. Whitney forgot how to breathe. He sobbed with the extreme overload of stimulation and he needed a release badly. He started rubbing himself back and forth against the floor, but Clark gripped his hips to stop him.
“Let me do that for you baby.”

He turned Whitney around again and settled between his legs. Looking into the flushed face and eyes drooping with intoxication, he felt a sudden sense of pride and possession.
“mine” he whispered and raised him into sedentary position. And he kissed him, taking his breath away again. Slowly he pushed himself into Whitney as the latter groaned with a little pain but thrust himself on Clark’s shaft eagerly. He wanted it fast, but Clark wanted it slow, only because he knew it frustrated Whitney to no end, and the more bothered he got, the harder he came. So Clark took his time, captured the throbbing member between them and started a rhythm akin to the thrusting. Whitney moaned and clamped down his teeth at his tormentor’s neck.

“You’re so cruel to me!”
“That’s why you love me, don’t you?” and Clark started fucking him.. in slow motion of course.
“Yes! Yes!” and Whitney clung to the hot Adonis’ body with all his might. All his wounds were forgotten. If he felt pain, he couldn’t separate it from the pleasure he felt and couldn’t care less.
He kissed Clark and nibbled at his ear lobe until he heard the musical sounds of unrestrained pleasure from the boy in his arms.
“Oh God”
“N-No.. the name’s Whitney” and the boys managed to laugh between their gasps, only to return to some more breathless kissing.

They made love thrice that night, and they couldn’t have enough of each other.

After the first time, Whitney lay curled up with his back against Clark's chest, shivering ever so slightly. Clark reached out to get the blankets and wrapped them along with himself around Whitney. He nuzzled at Whitney’s hair while he played with the blonde patch of hair between his legs with one hand. Amazing what a little trick like that can do... all their exhaustions forgotten, they plunged into another session of love-making at the end of which Whitney felt like he‘d die.. he’d just die. The mistake he made was that he said it aloud.

“Don’t you ever joke about that again babe.”
Clark crushed the blonde to himself as he said so. He was through seeing people he loved getting hurt. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to Whitney ever again. Whitney smiled into his chest.
“Clark…” he looked up into the concerned eyes. “You know I have to go back”
“I don’t want to talk about it”
“Oh that’s mature”
“No its not, but I don’t care okay? All I want is you to be with me Whit. I don’t want you to go.”
Whit could see he meant it and he got up, disentangling himself from Clark. This time, Clark almost wept.
“Clark..” but Whit himself was looking away, not wanting to face his love when he said the things he didn’t want to.

//Get a grip Kent, since when did you become the hysterical mother?//
Clark let out a huge sigh and got up to sit too, just behind Whitney. They sat in silence for a while, before Whit sadly laughed.

“Of course, that’s assuming I get out of this …mess first.”
Clark brought his strong arms around Whitney and pulled him in so he was leaning against Clark.
“We’ll make it through this, you and me. I promise.”
Whit smiled. “Even if we don’t, Clark I want you to know that.. no matter what happens, I’ll always be thankful we got to be together. And I’ll always love you.. till the day I die.”
“You’re saying it again.”
“I’m sorry.”

Clark couldn’t bear to see the shadow of pain overcoming his lover. He wanted to gather the boy into himself and hide him. Hide him from this world that hurt him so much and made him so sad. He couldn’t possibly let him go when he knew what awaited him out there was nothing but more pain and agony and danger. He just couldn’t.
//Super strong alien my ass. What good are you Kent if you can't protect the love of your life?//
“I love you too Whit.”
“I know”

“You know its not like I don’t want to stay with you Clark but.. “
“I know”
He did know. Whitney had a destiny to fulfill. Just like he had one. He just didn’t know what it was.
//But it’d better have Whitney in it or I’m outta here.//

Whitney wasn’t sure Clark was okay with this. Of course he wasn’t, he couldn't be, and shouldn’t be! But the silence was too heavy to bear and he wanted to say something to make it okay, to make it tolerable. He tried to turn around to face Clark but Clark wouldn’t let him leave his embrace.
“Clark I..”
“Shhh its okay Whitney. Really. You don’t have to say anything”
He pressed a kiss into the blonde hair and held him tighter to himself.
"I'm sorry I acted like a jerk. I know you have to go, I know you want to be a Marine, be the son your father wanted you to be.."
The words brought immense relief to Whitney's aching heart.
"and I wont stop you, heck I Cant stop you! But I'm gonna wait for you babe. And you cant stop me."
Clark's voice dropped to a gentle whisper as he pressed a kiss onto his lover's right lobe. Whitney felt tears burning behind his closed eyelids.
“Just know this baby.. wherever you go, I’ll always be watching over you.”
Whitney smiled.

“hey babe?”
“you awake?”
“you up for once more?”
"jeez no dude. I'm beat."
"oh okay"
"maybe later yeah?"
"yeah sure"
"mm babe?"
"how about just a butt massage?"
"butt massage??"
"yeah. I could make the ache go away."
“Uh, okay sure.”

Strike three.

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