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Smallville: Penance (20/?) (Clark/Whitney)

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Chapter 20

Sunday, 1100hrs

Detective Connor and Officer Haley had left the Kent farm to go back to the Sheriff’s office. And then the fun began.
The four kids were notorious for their anti-social behavior, but those were juvenile misdemeanors and hence the records were sealed. But they were also suspects in another case of robbery, even though none of them had gotten incriminated yet. How the kids had managed that was a huge mystery to Detective Connor who was new in town. They sure didn't seem too smart to him. From a tough and furiously feared black New York cop to the suave detective in Metropolis PD, Samuel Connor had seen it all. Nothing surprised him anymore. He was sure there was a very logical explanation to the illogical happenings of Friday night and he was hellbent on finding what it was.
//The Fordman kid has the answers Sammy… Follow your guts.. you know you’re right!//
Right now, he focused on the four kids.

Mark Webber was in the hospital. They went to him but he wouldn’t talk. And not just because of the wire traction trapping his jaw, without which it looked his face just might fall to pieces. Webber simply wouldn’t talk. What was bugging his ass?
Dan Donner was nowhere to be found.
Brent Madison was brought in for questioning and his attitude was roguish and anything but cooperative. Same was true for Hector Hannigan although he seemed edgy and prone to falter. Connor grilled Madison in one room while Haley went after Hannigan in the other.

“Where were you that night?”
“What night?”
“You know being a wise-ass right now isn’t a very wise thing to do.”
“I was with friends at the Zinc”
“what friends?”
“Hector Hannigan, Danny Donner, Mark Webber, me and..”
“Whitney Fordman”
“Mahaney with you guys?”
“Mahaney who?”
“Nigel Mahaney?’
“Oh you mean the dead guy? Nah I didn't .. we didn’t know him sir”
“You sure?”
“Ok so what did you guys do?”
“Had dinner. Played a little pool. Crap.”
“what time did you leave?”
“around 12”
“around 12?”
“around 1. I’m sure. I think.”
“what did you do then?”
“drove around”
“in whose car?”
“Fordman’s truck”
“you know Zinc doesn’t serve alcohol to underaged..”
“don’t shit me boy”
“shit a little yeah. But I got it from my parents’ house I swear”
“did Whitney drink?”
“how much?”
“who was driving?”
“Brent , but h-he wasn’t drunk”
“were you drunk Brent?”
“hell no”
“a couple saw a red truck speeding down the highway towards Reiley field with four or five guys in it.”
“you were clocking a hundred and twenty”
“No shit. We never crossed 55 sir”
“Like I said, we were just driving around”
“the wife saw some signs of struggle in the truck”
“the wife is mistaken”
“care to elaborate?”
“what was that again Hannigan? I couldn't hear ya”
“oh That. We.. we were just fooling around in the back”
"Where was Whitney, in the back?"
"Ye-Yeah no no sir! He was sitting in the front"
“ok what did you do then?”
“went home to sleep it off”
“what time did Whitney Fordman leave?”
“around 1”
“maybe 2”
“not sure”
“where did he go?”
“home I guess”
“you don’t know where he went?”
“Fordman never went home that night did you know?”
“You guys have a fight?”
“No sir”
‘Not at all”
“He drop you home in his truck?”
“uhhh no?”
“Are you asking me or telling me?”
“how did you guys get home?”
“who gave you four drunk guys a lift in the middle of the night?”
“answer me!”
“I don’t remember”
“why not?”
“why not Brent?”
“'cause I was.. slightly drunk?”
“uhh I think we walked”
“you walked?”
“uhh yeah?”

“That’s it then. Sheriff, we need to place these two under arrest for underage drinking, DUI and reckless endangerment. Officer Haley find out where they got the booze from and if it’s the Zinc, you know what to do.
I gotta go see about the Fordman kid.”
“I want my lawyer.”
“I want my dad!”
“Damn. And I liked that new joint so much!”

“Find the Donner kid and bring him in”
Detective Connor called out as he grabbed his overcoat and left for someplace too.
He knew after having spent some time in lockup, the kids would remember a few more details about the night to tell him. But right now, he had to dig up some evidence before bringing in the Fordman kid.

Something extremely fishy was going on. He’d noticed a fear in the two boys that was keeping them from acknowledging their relationship with Nigel Mahaney. And it wasn’t just about the scarecrowing. It seemed to go way beyond it. Plus the other things… that simply refused to make any sense…
Connor was gonna find it, whatever it was. But one thing was for sure. The Fordman kid was involved.

So he’d lied to the two kids making them think he was off their tail, but he wasn’t. The Webber kid used to hang around with Nigel every time he was in town. Webber and his gang were seen with Fordman at the Zinc the night before. They stacked up on booze and left in a red truck, the Fordman truck. Next day Fordman, a very wounded kid, trashes Webber’s gas station and smashes his jaw to pieces. Open and shut case. With just one problem: He had not a shred of evidence against the kid. Plus he had a reasonable alibi.

Only one way to be sure… Bleed him.

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