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Smallville: Penance (16/?) (Clark/Whitney)

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Chapter 16

Sunday 0902 hrs

Whitney felt the eyes of Jonathan and Martha Kent on him and turned to face them. He didn’t know what they knew but obviously they must have inquired what he was doing in Clark’s loft. He greeted them softly and awaited the barrage of questions he wasn’t ready to answer.

Martha smiled sadly at him. She looked up at Jonathan, who by now had heard the whole story from Clark himself. He also looked at Whitney with a deep look of understanding on his face.

Martha and Jonathan walked up to him and Jonathan asked, “How you doing son?”
Whitney hated it when people called him son. Specially the COs at the corp. It sounded so patronizing and spiteful, like they were mocking the father-less kid. But not when Mr. Kent said it. In fact, it sounded almost… the way his own dad used to call him.

“Good sir. Thank you.. for…”
“Hey..” Jonathan gently patted him on his back, stopping him in mid-sentence. Martha touched his shoulder so lovingly and said,
“Rest Whitney. Go on.”

Whitney smiled at them both, as best as he could with tears threatening to show and started walking towards the loft with Clark right behind him.

//God bless the Kents. The whole family is driving me crazy! I gotta get out of here.//

Clark thanked his parents for being so wonderful, all with a single look and a smile on his angelic face. Then he tuned on his heels to catch up with Whitney.
“Hey wait for me.”
//Yeah right. As if!//

He caught up with Whitney but stayed a step behind. Whitney was lost deep in thought and didn’t even notice Clark following him. Or if he did, he didn’t let on. Clark was worried, but he said nothing.

They climbed up the loft and Whitney grabbed the phone.
“Betty Fordman here.”


“Whitney? Where are you? Do you know the police is looking for you?”
“Yeah I met with them. They just had to ask a few questions that’s all..”
“About what? The scarecrow murder? Baby what the hell do you have to do with it?”
“N-Nothing mom nothing at all! I just kind-of knew the dead guy's brother and it was important to their line of investigation or some such bull.. don’t worry about it.”
“uhh okay.” Not convinced, but she decided not to push it.
“Mom.. I don’t know why they want me to stay in town a little longer while this investigation is going on so..”
“You’re in Smallville then?”
“Yeah, I-I’ll come home in a while okay? I got some stuff to.. take care of.. but.. I’m comin' home mom.”

His mother was so happy, she wept although she didn't let it on. Whitney could feel the warmth of her smile through the phone. It took so little so make her so happy, and he couldn’t even do as much for her.

“That’s… that’s great… see you at home then darling. I.. you know I was disappointed we couldn't say goodbye before you left!”
“I know mom. Me too.” He considered telling her about his new and improved face but decided to postpone it for as long as possible. He bid her goodbye and hung up.

Clark was standing right beside him.

“You’re going home.”
Whitney turned, taken by surprise. “Y-Yeah.. I think I should.. you know..”
“Yeah sure. Whatever.”

Was Clark upset again? Clark was upset again.

Clark didn’t really see anything wrong logically with Whitney’s decision to move back into his house but… still…
How could he?… just like that? … after all that they went through together… did he still not know? … did he not understand? or was he pretending not to??

Whitney was ..well.. its complicated. Whitney was dying to touch Clark, to kiss his lips, to hold his face in his hands, feel that mouth over every inch of his body… just like in his dreams. Problem was, he was scared. He was so scared that he’d open his eyes and see Nigel instead of Clark and he would scream. And then, what if he had only imagined it? What if Clark was just being friendly?
//Friendly upset? Standing there like that.. pouting, hurting? //

He sure had been hallucinating a lot lately, maybe…. And ok even if he weren’t, the .. the implications of..//jeez. I cant do it!//

Whitney was running, running from it all. He couldn’t deal with this right now. The marine was going soft. Not good.

He got up from where he’d been sitting. He looked around for his bags but they were still in the truck, he guessed. So… this it then… better get out of here soon as possible before..

“Th-Thanks Clark.. for.. everything.”
Clark was quiet. He just stood there, not moving a muscle.
“I.. I guess you’ve helped me, saved me so… so many times now, I cant even begin to.. cant even try to begin to .. to repay you for everything that.. that you did for me…”
Clark still said nothing. Whitney had this sad, forced smile on his face, and he was struggling to keep that too. He tried to laugh a little and continued….
“You know its really.. really amazing how.. I mean.. how come you’re always there when.. you know.. its like you were destined to …save people from ..I don’t know.. trouble. That night…”

//Don’t say it Whitney, don’t say it. SHUT UP!//
“That night was … like… the worst night of my life …times hundred…th-thousand”
And he tried the forced chuckle again. He was trying very very hard to express his deep gratitude for Clark without giving away any of his other feelings for him… why? Don’t ask him. He doesn’t know.
//Why is it you just can't hold your tongue private?//
“Clark, I don’t know.. I don’t know how I could…”

“There is one thing you can do.”

The man spoke! Clark was watching Whitney very very intently. He was standing a good five feet away from Whitney, arms crossed at his chest, feet set firmly on the ground, his windblown hair caressing his forehead. Whitney decided Clark Kent was a god.

And then his deep voice brought him out of his daze… “There is one thing you can do.”

Clark smiled. God that smile!
“You could return me my clothes.”


“You mean..?”
“Yeah…” The nodding was back.
“That’s my favorite pair of drawstring slacks you’re wearing you know.”
“Uhh want them now?”
Clark started moving towards Whitney. Very slowly. Whitney’s mouth went dry.
“I want them now Whitney.”
The voice was growing softer and deeper.


Whitney realized what was happening. He saw Clark approaching him and ….
//move! idiot move!//
…he froze.

“Take off my shoes”
Whitney slowly shifted his feet to take off the runner shoes he borrowed from Clark. And he stood barefoot, transfixed by Clark’s relentless stare in place.
“Take off my tee shirt” Clark moved closer.
Whitney couldn’t stop his arms as they slowly raised to pull off the tee from his upper torso. The cool breeze hit his bare back and chest.

Clark was very close now. So close, he could feel his breath on his face. And smell his earthy-exotic scent on his own.
“Take off my pants.”

Whitney didn’t move.

The voice was a whisper in his ear. Clark’s face was hardly an inch away from his. His hands were on his shoulders, moving downwards. His lips moving against his right ear, his short hair on the side.
“Do it. Take them off Whitney.”

Whitney was hypnotized. But it slowly registered what Clark was asking him to do. And he couldn't.
“Shhhhh… here let me…”
And he felt Clark’s fingers drawing smooth lines on his stomach and along the waistband of his slacks. Slowly they reached the front, where they proceeded downwards, to his groin. The pressure of the fingers was just enough to drive Whitney crazy and keep him longing for more. Clark was only using the tip of his fingers to touch him as he outlined the contours of his organ, begging for attention.

Clark whispered in his ear, “You’re not going anywhere Whit. You’re mine, and you’re staying with me.”
Whitney’s breath caught in his.. throat was it? He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move. Why the hell does anybody need bondage?

Clark’s fingers in slow motion drew out the strings and the slacks came loose. He gently slid them off Whit and without giving the boy any time to process or freak, he brought his hands up to causally rest over the newly exposed, beautifully round bottom. One hand on each cheek. Whitney gasped. In fact, Whitney hyperventilated. He was aroused, and hot and feverish and anxious … but mostly he was plain scared. He was so scared.

Clark pressed his lips onto his ear and his face against his and held his hands where he’d left them, giving Whitney time to get used to them being there, on his ass. He caught the ear between his teeth and sucked. Whitney was clenching his fists on his sides, not sure what to do. He was almost on the verge of bolting, and at the same time, he didn’t want to miss a single moment of these erotic sensations. No way in hell.

He realized his already hard penis was exposed and his balls hung heavy, yet Clark hadn't touched them at all. Despite himself, Whitney ached to be touched... feel Clark's warm hands all over him. Reflexively he leaned in to get closer to Clark but the other boy paid no attention. Instead Clark focused on his lips and tongue as they mapped a slow journey from the ear to the beautiful jawline, down and down and then back up towards the ridiculously long eyelashes, to the droplets of sweat on his forehead and to the middle of his closed eyes. He nuzzled there with his lips for a while, before moving down the sculpted nose and gently kissed the tip. Whitney couldn’t help sighing right then. He tingled all over, every nerve ending in his body longing for more, much more. He was no longer scared … his hands had finally managed to unclench and go around Clark to hold him, closer to his painfully aroused body.

//God…What am I doing?//

When Clark's clothed erection finally pressed up against his naked one, he felt like he'd fly right out of his body. He was acutely aware of how Clark held him steady, and how his hands now caressed his ass, up and down, up and down, and rubbing small circles over and over until it drove Whitney absolutely out of his mind. Clark had the most beautiful hands – long, elegant fingers, large and plush palms, not soft, but not rough or coarse either. Those hands gripped him with such firmness that informed him he was well taken care of. That he needn't worry about anything. That he was owned.
And with such love it was breaking his heart.

And Clark’s mouth… that sensual mouth.. with those luscious lips, that tongue he was using as a weapon… on Whitney’s face.. and his neck, his mouth .. they kissed.

Whitney was lost…lost in the seductive maze of sensual ecstasy and painful pleasure that Clark was weaving around him. His only guide was this rich, erotic, almost exotic smell the stronger boy emanated and which led him back to his ensnarer. Once again, he found himself held captive, naked and helpless to escape the sweet torture...he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

The kiss started out gentle but soon turned into a passionate battle of tongues hungry to get as much as they could and nothing was ever enough. Clark’s hands slid up to grip Whitney at his waist tightly. At first he gripped so tight that Whitney moaned, not just in pleasure but genuine pain.. and that brought Clark back to reality .. and he loosened his hold on the boy. They were kissing earnestly now, each exploring the other’s mouths and backs and behinds. Nothing could come between them, not even the damn clothes. Whitney was pulling at Clark’s shirt and ripped it in half while Clark pulled whatever was left off his shoulders and reached for his jeans. Whitney went for the zipper himself, not once disengaging from their passionate kiss. Clark’s hands came up to cradle the other’s face and then entangled themselves in the soft blonde hair that had filled his dreams for two years now.

“Don’t talk Clark.. don’t… talk…”

Whitney had got Clark undressed by now and the two bodies stood there, wrapped around each other in all their glory. Was it ever meant to be any other way?

Clark had never done this before, but while they were kissing, he had realized what he wanted. He wanted Whitney, he wanted to be inside Whitney, to own him, possess him and mark him as his own for eternity. And nothing could stand in his way now, not his lack of experience, not even Whitney. He wasn’t going to let the boy go.

He started pushing Whitney backwards, till they reached the bed. One moment Whitney was kissing Clark, next he was pushed back and he fell onto the bed and Clark was on top of him , recapturing his mouth with his. He pushed the boy down till he was flat on his back and gripped his wrists. Slowly he raised the hands to the sides of Whitney’s face and held them there. He separated Whitney’s knees and settled between the open legs, his cock rubbing vigorously against the boy’s.

“I have waited so long to do this…”
He said in that seductive voice, filled with lust and desire.
“You’re mine Whitney.. and from this moment on, you’ll never forget it.”

He dived into Whitney’s neck as Whitney reeled under the ongoing assault. His eyes were wide open, his body slick with sweat, and gasping for breath. Clark’s body was rubbing painfully against some of his wounds but he didn’t care. The pain was only adding to his pleasure and he moaned.

Clark went down, licking his way across Whitney’s long and sexy neck. Down to his lean but well-built shoulders, down to his chest where he caught a nipple between his teeth and Whitney moaned louder.
//It was happening! Oh God!//

Clark nibbled, and tugged and sucked and laved at his nipple until it was swollen and aching and Whitney thought it would like.. pop! He squirmed and tried to say something, but he forgot how to. Clark switched to the other one and did the same to it until Whitney begged him to stop. He was very very hard, and on the verge of bursting.

“Clark… I can't… Clark please…”

Clark moved downwards, and dipped his tongue into his belly button. There was a huge gash just next to it and he was careful not to hurt Whitney, too much.

//I cant risk losing control.//He thought, knowing very well what could happen if he accidentally used too much pressure or force on the boy beneath him.
//God I don’t wanna hurt him!//

His hands came down and caressed the sides as they did. He gripped his waist with both hands and lifted his hips a little to give him more leverage. And then, he went for the prize.
“Ahh... Clar…”

Whitney almost screamed when he felt himself being swallowed whole and it took everything he had not to come then and there. Clark couldn’t help smiling at the reaction and hummed around the pained penis in his mouth. Whitney felt the music surging through his blood and reaching him with the cruelest form of ecstasy. With one hand Clark rolled the smooth balls, tickling them while with the other he gripped the base of his cock, making the squirming boy wait longer. He moved his mouth up and down the shaft, laving it thoroughly before withdrawing completely. Then just when Whitney would start to moan in protest, he would plunge back in and suck in earnest. He experimented with increasing and decreasing pressures using Whitney’s writhing as measuring units, to finally settle on what he now knew was causing the boy maximum frustration.

//Where did you learn to do this Kent?//

Kent had no idea. All he knew was that this felt so good, to pleasure Whitney the way he deserved to, to make him squirm and wriggle and bed and plead, to make him scream his name when he came. Clark was totally hard himself, getting off on the moans from above and the struggling movements beneath him. He ran his tongue on the underside, now and then detouring to nibble at the testicles too. He could do this all night. Whitney on other hand, could not handle this for too long. He tried to push himself upwards into Clark but Clark held him down gripping his hips, controlling the agonizingly slow pace. He was sobbing and he was pleading and he was way gone.

And then Clark let go of the base of the aching cock and squeezed the heavy testicles. Whitney came with a huge scream. Waves and waves of pleasure hitting him from left, right and center and he spasmed uncontrollably. He stuffed a knuckle into his mouth to keep himself from bringing the town running up Clark’s loft. He pulled his eyes shut tight and tears squeezed out at the sides. Clark sucked off everything he had to offer and some more. He didn’t know how or why, he just did what felt to him so right and so wonderful and so mindblowing and knew Whitney was feeling the same way too.

Whitney lay there, feeling boneless, and was panting really hard. He had no idea a blowjob could be this amazing. He didn’t think he could get up for another month. And he was smiling.

Clark licked him clean, kissing his genitals almost reverently, and shifted to lie back on top of Whitney. When he reached up and saw Whitney’s face, he stilled. Whitney’s eyes were closed, his face was wet with tears and sweat, he was panting, his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed again and again, bruises from the night before still painfully evident, and in the midst of it all, a shy smile played on his lips.
//Had he ever seen something so beautiful?//
He doubted it.

Whitney opened his eyes to see Clark staring at him with those melting green eyes so full of such ..lust and.. love. Clark met his gaze and smiled. Whitney felt like the sun came out shining just for him. He glowed with the love he felt reflecting in those eyes. Clark gently kissed away the tears that had leaked out of his blue eyes. He kissed his closed eyes, and then his lips. He cursed Nigel and the bastards who’d marred his Whitney’s beautiful face as he touched the bruises lightly. Whitney sighed at the softness. They lay like that for the longest time, just kissing. Whitney clung to him as if for dear life. Clark slid to his side pulling Whitney along with him so that they were both lying on their sides holding each other. Close.

“Shut up.”

Whitney laughed lightly at the admonishment. What's with the Kents anyway? Didn’t like people thanking them or something. He kissed Clark everywhere on his face that he could reach. And then he dipped his head to suck on his pulse point at his throat. Clark sighed with unfulfilled desire. He wondered if…

“Have you ever…?”
Words were not necessary between the two any more. Whitney knew what he was being asked. He came up to meet Clark’s intense stare.

“Clark … last night.. I thought I’d imagined it but now I’m sure. I heard you loud and clear…. and.. I love you too..”

This time, Clark’s breath caught in his throat. He was so stunned and he was so happy to hear what he’d been longing to hear for so long now. They cuddled closer, neither willing to let go of the other for eternity. And then they kissed.

Clark too knew what Whitney was about to say. He only wondered if he was really ready to go through with it. After all, he had been almost raped by a psycho maniac.
“You sure?”
“I’m sure.. hey I’m yours aren’t I?”
Clark couldn’t help smiling. Whitney looked hesitant but he wanted this, he could see it in his deep blue eyes.

Clark got up, extricating himself from the embrace reluctantly, while Whitney pouted. He walked over to the dresser. There was a small vaseline jar on top which he now brought to the bed as Whitney looked on. Whitney let his eyes roam all over the strong lithe body, at the full mouth, the perfect abs, the elegant limbs, the proud shaft. He wanted this as much as Clark did .. to feel Clark inside of him, filling him, fucking him.
First time jitters be damned.

Clark reached the bed with the jar and sat down with his legs folded under him at the knees, beside Whitney who now lay with his head propped up on one elbow. He pulled him into his lap so that he was cuddling him like a baby and brought his mouth down on his. Whitney clung to him desperately and lost himself in the deep kiss. Clark let his hands roam over the beautiful body until he reached his ass.

He held one pert cheek in his hand and patted it. Then he rubbed it while they continued to kiss. Just as suddenly, he broke off the kiss and looked at a very flustered Whitney. He gave him a cute smile before turning him over and pressing him down on his lap. Whitney now lay across his legs with much of his upper torso and legs resting on the bed while his ass was on Clark’s lap. Whitney blushed red and tried twice, thrice to say something.

“Shh.. relax jock… its just me.”
Clark adjusted him holding his waist with one arm and with the other, he continued to rub and stimulate his taut buttocks. Whitney soon got over his embarrassment at his awkward position and moaned.

He scratched the cute little furrow that marked the end of the spine and the beginning of his crack and Whitney wiggled at which Clark smacked him playfully.

“Don’t do that!”
“You’re killing me!” Whitney answered with a whine, to which Clark chuckled.

He drew a finger down the crack, exploring Whitney’s ass into a frenzy. Clark had been dying to do this, to get his hands on each and every inch of Whitney and drive him crazy in the process. Like an eager excited child, he wanted to see everything and touch and feel whatever he could get his hands on and he couldn’t get enough. Both could feel each other getting hard and harder. Clark bent down to bite at the luscious pink offering and made growling sounds while he did so, making Whitney laugh and moan and wiggle. The more he wiggled, the more he got smacked.

“Told you not to do that Whit-boy.”
“Don’t take no orders from a freshman!”
Clark couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh yeah?”
He brought down his mouth onto his buttock again and drew small circles with his tongue while nipping and growling now and then. Whitney laughed and moaned all at the same time.

With one hand, Clark played with his sac beneath and with the other he fingered the little red opening. He took out a generous dollop of vaseline with two fingers and pulling the cheeks apart, dabbed it onto the hot spot. Whitney felt the cool gel on him and sighed deeply. Clark inserted one finger through the ring and Whitney gasped. He stroked his back lovingly as he waited to see if Whitney was okay. He looked okay. He started moving the finger further in, then drew it back until only the tip was touching the ring. Then he pushed it back into the slick wetness and started a pistoning motion.

Whitney was feeling these new sensations he’d never known existed. With his face pressed into the bed, he moaned and groaned into the sheets.

Soon he was pushing himself up and down to the finger inside him indicating to Clark he was loving it too. A second finger joined the first one, spreading him more and the pistoning grew faster. The fingers withdrew for a moment to get more vaseline and Whitney could have cried with happiness when he felt them reinserted into him. The penetration grew deep with fingers twisting and turning and hitting the prostrate, driving Whitney totally insane.

He bunched up the bed sheets into his fists and also managed to stuff some into his mouth to keep from screaming or crying or both. He pushed himself into the stimulation begging Clark to go faster in total jibberish, but Clark only stroked his back asking him to take it slow… excruciatingly slow.

“Easy Whit.. easy… let go..”

He continued to finger fuck him for awhile as Whitney bucked against him. And when Whitney was sobbing openly, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer either.

He shifted Whitney so that he now lay on the bed face down and moved between his legs again. He pulled the legs apart from behind and then the cheeks and positioned himself between them. He gripped the hips and raised them to give him greater access.

Whitney was pleading, “Hurry up Clark… please…”
Clark couldn’t agree more. He just hoped he didn’t hurt Whitney in the process.
“Tell me if it hurts okay?”

He pushed himself into the worked up opening, at first gently and then when he was in, he waited. Whitney felt like he was on fire inside, and he was panting so hard. Clark once again worried if he’d used too much strength on the boy, hurting him.

“You okay?”
Whitney turned his face to one side so he knew Clark could see him when he smiled and nodded. He was way okay.
//A little pain never killed anybody//

And then Clark pushed further into him, stretching him painfully as he made his way in, filling him completely. At last he was totally in and his balls rested on the boy’s buttocks. Whitney felt full and finally complete with Clark throbbing inside of him. His existence did not seem so empty anymore. And Clark felt like he was home.

Soon Clark was moving. If earlier had been great, this was sheer heaven. Clark held onto his hips as he slid back out completely, only to slam back inside again. Whitney was making these whining noises and bucking against him. He arched up to meet Clark’s movements and soon the two hot bodies were rocking in perfect harmony, pleasuring each other. Whitney clenched and unclenched around Clark, milking him while Clark drove into him at angles that hit his prostate over and over again, creating a pleasure filled frenzy he couldn’t shake off.

Whitney was back to whining and pleading incoherently. He could not believe how sex could drive men to such incredible heights of insanity. Yep, Whitney could not for the life of him figure why he hadn't done this before, why he'd waited so long to express his true sexuality. This... with Clark... was already the most amazing experience of his life.

Clark stretched out and pressed his entire length over Whitney’s. He raised Whitney slightly from the bed, not like he needed too much effort in doing so, and held him almost suspended in air. A hand went round to grip his weeping cock. Whitney howled. Clark bit into the pale neck and sucked as he serviced Whitney’s cock with his skillful hand. Whitney could feel Clark all over him, on his neck, on his cock, inside his ass. He was surrounded by all these maddening sensations he couldn’t escape and the heat .. the intense heat threatened to burn up everything inside of him and out. Waves crashed over and over, winds gushed and howled and his entire world was thrown in turmoil.

And then Clark relinquished all control and gave in to his body’s aching needs. He slammed in one last time into Whitney and shot loads and loads of pleasure into the hungry hole. He came with a scream, gripping the love of his life with so much might, Whitney almost suffocated. Not that Whitney would have known the difference anyways.

And the storm passed.
Leaving two very very exhausted boys in its wake, collapsed onto each other. After an eternity, Clark came out of Whitney while the latter quietly wept at the loss. Clark gently turned Whitney around and gathered him into his strong arms before rolling onto his back, pulling Whitney on top of him. Whitney curled up into the broad expanse of love and protection and slept.

Clark pressed his lips onto the top of the blonde head, and drifted off.
“I love you.”

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