June 29th, 2009

JP: Jared Wave

De-friending Amnesty

To the best of my understanding, this basically means that if you've been wanting to de-friend this journal for awhile, but didn't want to be rude or whatever.. then now is the time to do it. Because I'm asking you to. *squints* Least I think that's how this works.

Why? *shrugs* LJing can be weird - it is not exactly friendship, even tho there's great potential to be. But even when it's not friendship, it is sharing something very personal with complete strangers that you probably, if you're like me, won't be able to share with your real life friends, ever. Either way, I just think no one should feel obligated to stay.

Maybe we've drifted apart, maybe we don't share enough - I write stuff you no longer like, I don't write stuff you like.. we don't really talk... whatever your reasons are, now is the time to do something about it.