June 23rd, 2008

JM: Young tilted head closeup

Random bullets of life on LJ and otherwise

1. Did a little cleanup of my flist - basically de-friended people who de-friended me way back when, or didn't friend at all... apparently I should have taken the hint long ago.

2. So why would you need a new spn fanfic community? Or even another spn community for that matter, don't we have enough? *shrugs* Think I should get rid of some of my comms as well. I never can keep up with them all.

3. Working from home again this week, at least this way I can access LJ. The network team at work recently blocked LJ out on the office proxy and it sucks *sniffs*. Last year when I was struggling to quit smoking I had replaced my cigarette breaks with LJ breaks, I swear, I kid you not :) That's how much I love being here *sighs*. And noooo am not smoking again, relax :p I'll just have to find a workaround to get onto LJ. Any ideas on how to bypass the office filter, do lemme know yeah?  :)

4. Watching Hairspray as I write this, it's so adorable :) I know a lot of people prefer the Broadway version, but I love the movie more. For John Travolta in drag *squees* and Zac Efron who's kind of grown on me and for Jimmy Marsden who is absolutely the cutest, hottest, sexiest Corny Collins ever!!! :) Which reminds me - Liz!!!! (sg_fic)... Still waiting desperately for the next chapter in your Deception/Hairspray crossover verse hon. Come on I'm beggin ya sweetie, pleeeeeze? :D