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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN fic: Don't resent me (See Warnings)

Title: Don’t resent me
Pre-series SPN gen
Summary: Sam (18) makes it to Stanford at last and he should be happy he’s out. Only, he’s not. Can be read as OOC.
Rating: Dunno. Maturity and open-mindedness mandatorily required.
Warnings: Domestic discipline (Spanking), Language.
Author’s Notes: Sequel (kinda) to “Tempering of Dreams”. But can be a stand-alone as well. Thank you so much to dearest Flynn (flinchflower ) for starting me off on this. This is completely inspired by and dedicated to you hon. Hope you like it. Alternating POVs.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not for profit. Like anyone would pay me anything for this crap lol.

If there's one thing that Sam Winchester does well, it's wallow in guilt, and no one but Dean knows that better.Collapse )