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Misc: Bumblebee

Transformers fic: Night with a Yellow Camaro

Title: Night with a Yellow Camaro
Verse: Transformers movie, 5 years in future.
Pairing: SamxBee
Summary: Ah. Porn. Just porn. Nothing but porn.
Warnings: m/m slash, bondage, toys, electric simulation, spanking, freakin’ robot!sex period.
A/N: I wrote it because I wanted to read it. It just came out in a huge rush one night.. and dayum what a night it was ;) *rubs legs together* One off. No more Transformers fic after this. No sir!

Sam Witwicky crept out of bed at quarter past midnight, trying to be as quiet as his clumsy twenty two year old self could but there was no escape from Mrs. Mikaela Witwicky’s razor sharp senses. Collapse )