July 4th, 2007

JM: Young tilted head closeup

On the brink of surrender...

I used to be immensely anti-RPS once... but that changed and I blame the brilliantly talented (and kinky) LOTR RPS authors for that. Pfft. But I still couldn't bring myself to write RPS myself somehow. On top of that I have this ginormous problem with abuse and death fics in RPS. I don't care how you rationalize it, I will never condone fantasies about a real person (and especially someone I adore as much as Jensen and Jared) or even the semblance of that person being abused or raped or maimed or whatever... Gawd. Sure you could grill me further about mental abuse versus physical abuse, but I'd be at a loss to draw the line any fuck where. I just know I don't want to even think of them being tortured in any sense of the word. Even abuse to a family member. *shudders* Never. To each his or her own of course. Not judging anyone, I promise, just saying I personally don't like reading that kind of stuff.

So that leaves only fluffy stuff, or even better.. fluffy AU stuff and I enjoy that very very much. A little heartbreak is fine so long as it's a happy ending with J2 getting together hehe. Except..... I have this major thing for bottom!Jared and always wondered why there isn't enough of that in this fandom. Found an answer here by moordeb and it explains a lot...

I love bottom!Jared, but he's hard to find, I think it's because authors subconsciously apply the yaoi rule (tallest is always the seme (top), prettiest is always the uke (bottom)).

Hmm... rule huh? *smirks* Like my first love Jim Morrison once said... I like ideas about the breaking away of overthrowing of established order. I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder and chaos - especially activity that seems to have no meaning :D And who the hell says Jared is not pretty? Heck he's the prettiest thing ever and not even Jensen comes close!!! *pouts*

So you see the rub right? I don't wanna get into writing RPS. But now I am tempted.. no, seriously tempted... to fix this heartbreaking dearth of bottom!Jared fics and.. well... *facepalm* To break my own rule or not to break my own rule....  Le sigh.