August 30th, 2006

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24th Day RPfic (Scott Speedman, James Marsden)

RPF Title: Closure
Movie: 24th day (Spoilers for the movie obviously, hope you have seen it. Or all this would not make sense.. like at all. Movie's bloody good btw.)
Characters: Scott Speedman and James Marsden
Rating: PG-13 
Author Notes: Real Person. My first. The boys are more physically affectionate than *most* men their age today. But its just kidding around. No slash intended hehe. Wrote this after I saw The 24th day and, well… the ending of the movie just… leaves you wanting for more. But its not easy to write an ending for this particular story. Instead I ended up with a lot of what if's and maybe's and wordy descriptions of confused emotions of both men at the end of the movie. And you don’t wanna read that crap. Then somehow *this* came out. How do you move on from such a thought provoking movie? How do you just… get on with your lives like it was just a fictitious series of events? And then I wondered if I as part of the audience feels this need for some kind of closure so strongly, what of the actors who lived the parts so vividly? Ack, maybe its just a job for them, they do their thing and go home, who knows. Me… I’m just venting again. Spoilers ahead for the movie, needless to say.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. All people are their own people, I don’t know them. And since I don’t, I’m guessing this is not how they behave in real lives. I’m sorry for the shameless borrowing of their personas. No money involved, except the amount I spent on the DVD.

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