February 1st, 2006

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Smallville Fanfiction


Title: The de-virginizing of Flash Gordon
Pairing: Clark Kent / Flash Gordon
Summary: A defective rift sends Flash hurtling through time and space to a town he doesn’t recognize. But the town recognizes him.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: m/m slash, language
Spoilers: Very slight generic for Flash Gordon and Smallville
A/N: Crossover with Flash Gordon, where Eric Johnson played Flash after playing Whitney in Smallville.
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Ongoing Series..

Warnings: Slash. Violence, attempted rape. Did I mention slash? And um, WIP.
Pairing: Clark/Whitney
Rating: NC-17 from start to finish.
Summary: Its one year later and Whitney comes to Smallville, a changed man. But what follows will change him even more, and forever. Blatant AU and very much Whitney-centric.
Spoilers: Season 1, haven't seen S2, nor do I intend to.
Author Notes: THIS IS THE FIRST FANFIC I EVER WROTE AND IT IS HORRIBLY WRITTEN! TRUST ME, IT IS JUST BAD. I don't have the time nor the energy to re-write it using the rules of grammar and storytelling that I know now. SO PLEASE BE WARNED, the only purpose this story now serves is reassuring me of how far I have some as a writer.
Disclaimer: I don't own Whitney or Clark or anything else from the Smallville world. Just borrowing them for awhile for private entertainment. No copyright infringement intended and no profits made.

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Mutant X Fanfiction

Ongoing Series based on the shortlived TV series Mutant-X...

Warning: Slash. And WIP too!
Pairing: Brennan/Jesse, Jesse/OC
Rating: R.
Summary: A trip to DC throws up hidden insecurities and pains from the past.
Author’s notes: Mushy sappy love story - you’ve been warned! I took a friend’s experience and wrote it into the MX universe. Some background has been given on Adam and Jesse, which I made up myself. I’ve been to Washington DC only briefly, and I’m sure I got something wrong with the description of the place and some of its made up as well. Timeline between S1 and S2. This is a really old WIP that I never completed :(
Disclaimer: Nothing from MutantX is mine. Reference to the Human Genome Project is fictitious. No offence intended whatsoever.
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Completed stories..

Last Dance
Jesse/m, NC-17, slash, crossover with X-Men
Jesse doesn’t return home with his team from Hillview prison. Instead he takes off to visit a friend from the past. Set right after the episode "Hard Time". This is narrated from the X-Man's POV.
Part 1 Part 2

Nobody Loves You
Brennan/Jesse and Shalimar, R, slash, and discipline *Be warned*
Jesse’s past catches up with him.
All 8 chapters inside..

Stuck In A Cloud
Brennan/Jesse, PG, slash
Short and sweet... Brennan and Jesse and… heck read it will ya? :)
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Brennan/Jesse, NC-17, slash, bondage. *Be warned*
Jesse is not interested in Brennan anymore. But Brennan cant take no for an answer.
All 11 chapters inside..

Dear Diary
Brennan/Jesse, NC-17, slash, PWP pure smut.
Brennan has been trying to say something for awhile now.
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