November 25th, 2005

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Mutant X: Blues (B/J) - 14: Green eyes

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While Brennan went off to his room, Jesse went after Emma.
“Em wait up.”
The girl smirked. “I think its time you guys sorted things out without dragging me into it hmm?”
And she started to walk away.
“Emma… please…”
The woman sighed, and turned around.
“Go ask *him* Jesse. Its important you guys talked.”
Jesse started to shake his head.
“No… listen to me Jesse… you need to go with him. You *have* to.”
Emma stared right into Jesse’s green eyes, he often saw a kind of crazed wisdom in her eyes of late.

Honey you are a rock, upon which I stand
And I come here to talk, I hope you understand
Green eyes
Yeah the spotlight shines upon you
And how could, anybody deny you

Brennan opted for a long hot shower. The injuries from last night were on the mend but he still felt sore. He closed his eyes and stood under the torrent thinking about everything he’d dug up as part of his research the night before about… about the boy.
Issues he’d run from two years ago, were still unresolved and on some level responsible for ruining his current relationship with Jesse. Brennan knew he couldn’t run or hide from his demons any more… if he wanted to create any semblance of a healthy relationship with Jesse, or anyone else for that matter… he had to face them once and for all.

After he’d been jolted out of his sleep last night, the first thing Brennan did was run down to look for Emma but couldn’t find her anywhere. As if it had all been but a dream. His headache was gone, surprisingly, though his right leg was stiff as ever. Ignoring the pain he walked over to the computer by the dojo. Reached the dashboard and sighed, Jesse was so much better at this. But he couldn’t ask for his help right now.

Memories he’d buried deep within his core, Emma had trudged them up in one cruel blow. Brennan remembered how painful it once was to even think about him. He hadn’t realised it then but he could accede now, that boy had stirred feelings inside him that he hadn’t known could possibly exist for anyone but the opposite sex.

Brennan drew up the image simulation program and started feeding in key features he could remember of the boy’s face.
~Green eyes.~
Slowly the 3D image began to take shape. He also searched for all news reports and data he could find around the murder case.
Prejudice killings were commonplace in America, but the boy’s murder had shaken Brennan to his very core. When you’ve seen so much horror your entire life, a numbness takes over until you find nothing horrifying anymore. But somehow this was different… it was… way too close to home. How could someone’s dislike for people slightly different from themselves be so intense?

The next day’s newspapers had mentioned none of the postscript that Brennan had seen himself, nor could anyone identify who the boy was. Obviously the boy’s mutation was not to be discussed in public, nor the fact that it was humans killing a mutant… conspiracy of an international scale.
Once the image was done Brennan ran it against Adam’s new mutant database. New mutant he was not… so he checked the general mutants database and at last Brennan found a name to go with the face that had haunted him for two years.

That green eyes!
You're the one that I wanted to find
And anyone who tried to deny you,
Must be out of their mind…

Shay. Shay Morrison. Irish… Brennan smiled before he could stop himself. And then was filled with immeasurable rage. Apparently the boy had had webbed feet and a pair of what could only be… gills. There were all kinds of mutations on the street and not everyone had physical manifestations. Sadly for this boy he did, and people… the wrong people found out.
Brennan had not been scared, okay maybe a little… but it was the *hatred* he couldn’t fathom and was having a hard time dealing with.
~Why? What did he ever do to them? Why do they hate us so much??~

Back then he’d felt he was doing the smart thing staying undercover about his own mutation, but there were times his conscience tormented him… called him a coward, a selfish bastard who wouldn’t take the stand that someone ought to be taking for his people. Damn he hadn’t even been willing to acknowledge his people. That’s what they were, weren’t they? Mutants? Brothers and sisters? Family that was getting killed on the streets every fucking night.

To make things worse for himself, the kid was openly gay. Brennan knew his own hesitation of being ‘outed’ stemmed from the kind of environment and company he was keeping back then. He recalled how anxious he’d been a week ago, when Jesse wanted to put on blue eyeliner that fateful night… he just didn’t want to invite any attacks on himself and *definitely* not on Jesse. Korso and his gang had been extremely prejudicial, not just about homosexuals, also mutants. While Korso knew he was an elemental… no one else did. And by Korso’s own admission, it was best that they didn’t.

Brennan came out of the shower, changed into his faded blue jeans, and a flannel over his undershirt. He ran fingers through his wet hair not bothering with the brush, then sprayed his cologne. Picking up his duster, Brennan sighed and walked out his door.
Only to find Jesse standing there, arms crossed, feet set apart. Brennan wanted to smile, he wanted to kiss that pout off his face.
“Adam says I should go with you.”
Yep, he was sulking alright. Brennan pulled on his duster and walked past the blonde.
“Don’t lie to me Jesse.”
Jesse scowled and followed the older man two steps behind.
“Why are you running away?”
“I’m not running away.”
“Yes you are. You can’t stand seeing me day in and day out because I remind you of what an asshole you’ve been and so you’re runnin’ away.”
Brennan stopped mid-stride and swallowed. Hard.
“Jesse what do you want?”
Jesse walked up ahead of Brennan and turned around to face him.
“You wanted to talk… last night.”

Of all the thousand things Brennan was expecting his estranged lover to say, this was the last. No wait, this didn’t make the list at all.
“Now is… not the time Jesse I… I gotta do something first.”
“You got a two hour ride to Phoenix, we could talk. What’d you have to do there anyway?”
Brennan glared. “You cant come with me.”
Then started walking towards the hangar. “We’ll talk when we get back.”
Jesse played the jilted-lover card.
“You sure its not gonna be too late for us by then?”
Brennan took in a shuddering breath and for a moment Jesse thought he’d give in. Then he turned.
“I hope not Jess. I hope you’ll remember how much we mean to each other and wait… but if you cant… guess I’ll just have to take that chance.”
And started walking again.

Jesse huffed in defeat, and ran after him. His instincts yelling at him to not let the guy go alone… wherever it was he was going. Damn it he didn’t even know what he was getting into. What if Brennan was going out to see some ex of his for a quick fuck?… Nah Jesse didn’t believe that. Adam wouldn’t call that *closure*, he would call it betraying Jesse and he would have kicked the elemental’s ass himself.
“Kay you’re not going to see some girlfriend of yours in Phoenix are you?”
He was half-joking. Brennan snorted but kept walking.
“Answer me damnit.”
“What do you think?”
Brennan stopped right beside the Helix, he was pissed off too. Jesse took a moment.
“Then why won’t you tell me?”

“I thought you wanted us to… to try again.”
“I do.”
“How do you expect me to trust you when you wont tell me what’s going on with you? And this is important to you I can see it in your eyes. Hell I could see it in Emma’s eyes.”

“I’m coming with. Whether you like it or not.”

The older man sighed, closed his eyes for a moment then came to a decision.
“Get your jacket.”
And started climbing into the cockpit. Jesse exclaimed.
“Oh-ho no!” and jumped right in after him.
“Go back and leave you to fly off without me? No way!”
And he crossed his arms again. Brennan loved that petulant look on Jesse’s face. Biting back his smile, he turned to go out himself.
“Where you going now?”
“Where do you think? To get you a damn jacket.”
And he was gone. Where Brennan succeeded, Jesse failed. He couldn’t possibly hold the smile back.

Because I came here with a load
And it feels so much lighter since I met you
And honey you should know,
That I could never go on
Without you

Green eyes, green eyes...
Honey you are a rock
Upon which I stand.


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