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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Harry/Draco rec listing

So how does this work? I start off a list of recs sure.. but then every time I wanna add a new one - do I come back and edit this entry? Or do I make a brand new entry? Ack this technology thing is really not my... thing. here goes nothin..

Starting with HP fandom since that's my current favorite. There is serious possibility of my cravings turning to OTH pretty soon, what with the pretty brat Nathan having caught my eye ;) But there isnt much slash quality in the show anyway. I mean sure, 2 gorgeous hunks one of them being Chad Michael Murray... but they're brothers. So there.

Deviating. Where was I? yeah HP.. here are the details of this rec collection..

Pairing: Mostly Harry/Draco, could also be ANYONE/Draco
Orientation: Slash of course. And bottom!Draco always. Sorry that's the only kind I like.
Categorised as: Long chaptered ones and one-shot quickies. Choose your poison :)

Chaptered Stories (may be WIPs)

Dragon Tamer by Jennavere (This lady is just brilliant!)
To the Moon by Constant Vigilance
Thicker Than Blood by Corvette Claire
Starts with a Spin by Maxine Chan
The Veela Enigma by Jennavere (Again. Completely brilliant stuff. And so damn funny!:)
Seven Days by Arrmaitee (Fic goddess alright)
Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum by Anaita (Just started, promises to be good)

One-shots (may be PWPs, not that anybody minds ;)

Daisychain!Draco (My all time favorite. Its almost a pick-me-up :)
Harry Potter and Muggle Sex Toy by Zed Adams (yummyyy)
Mirror, Mirror.. by Lady Vader (Here is another great b!draco author)
Whomped by Kitsune_SD (This is just HOT)

A small collection to start with.. hopefully should get bigger with time. If anyone knows more Harry/Draco stories that fit into the bottom!Draco category please please contribute! Any other suggestions or feedback will also help:)