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Smallville: Penance (7/?) (Clark/Whitney)

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Chapter 7

Saturday 0435 hrs


Clark jumped awake and came crashing down on his bed. But the bed was the least of his concerns right now. He strained to listen. He was dreaming, did he just imagine …?

There it was again! Someone was calling for Whitney? Why was someone calling out for Whitney with that … anguished .. broken voice? Was he calling Whitney to help him? Was… Whitney hurting him?

Clark got up from the ruins of his bed and went in the direction the scream was coming from. He threw open the window to the dark moonless night. Everything was so quiet. The population was really scarce in this area, in fact he wasn’t sure if anyone lived for miles and …


“Goddamn fucking sonofa….”
Clark threw on his clothes, red tee and blue jeans and a warm jacket as fast as he could and rushed out into the night and towards the screams. Clark was angry. He now knew where the screams were coming from. Reiley field. Clark had done everything possible to make sure the scarecrow incident was never repeated and.. One Day! Whitney was back One Fucking day and already he was up to his old antics. That asshole! Going by the terrible screams he was hearing, he feared maybe the guys had gone too far with the new victim.

He would not forgive Whitney this time.

Saturday 0440 hrs

Whitney was still screaming. He was all out of tears and couldn’t stop crying. His lungs were burning up like they’d burst any moment and couldn’t stop screaming. He was bleeding to death and couldn’t stop bleeding.

Nigel was having the time of his life. It wasn’t about revenge. It probably never was. Rather it was his sickness, his perversion that he was living and enjoying and couldn’t get enough of. But then he got worried someone might hear Whitney’s screams and come for him.

“Alright that’s enough” He said, fully expecting to be obeyed. What an asshole.

Whitney was lost in his own mind warp. The pain, the cold, the humiliation, the guilt, the pain.. it was all taking its toll on him. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“I said stop it!”

Whitney stopped screaming. Looked at Nigel’s face and a slight smile played across his lips. Then he started laughing. If you could call it laughing. He was making these noises, taking in air in noisy gasps each accompanied by a bitter sob. He did that for awhile and just when Nigel thought it was over and placed his hand back on Whitney’s ass again, Whitney screamed.


Nigel drive his elbow into the screaming face so hard Whitney almost passed out. He felt his short hair grabbed from behind and his face pulled upwards. And then a mouth covered his, with teeth biting his lips harshly. He couldn’t scream.

Nigel drew back. “You like it bitch huh?”
and moved in to kiss him again. Whitney jerked his face around to escape the assault but in vain. Nigel was earnestly kissing him now, sucking at his tongue vigorously. And then God alone knows where he drew his strength from, Whitney managed to get his teeth on Nigel’s tongue. Really Hard.

This time the scream was Nigel’s.

“You bastard! You whore! You’ll pay for this” This from a very very bloody mouth.

And then he drew out the knife again and raised it to kill. This should be it, Whitney thought. God please let it be it. The knife came down towards his throat.

But never landed. Someone grabbed it in midair just before it could pierce him. That someone yanked the knife away from the assailant’s hand and threw it away. Then he turned full force towards Nigel and pushed him away from the scarecrow with such superhuman strength Nigel landed twenty feet away. And he couldn’t believe it.

Clark turned towards the tied figure and asked “You ok?” But even before the words were out of his mouth, he could see that he wasn’t. In fact he was such a terrible mess he couldn’t even make out who it…. Oh God. Oh my God.


No answer.

“God no, Whitney!”
Clark was shaking the listless body quite hard only to realize he should not be using his superhuman strength and immediately let go. He turned around to face who only seconds ago he had assumed was Whitney. Was surprised when he arrived at the scene and saw that it was someone else but even with his colossal thinking speeds hadn’t yet had the time to reconcile this new information with the screams he had heard. And now, it still didn’t make sense. But he’ll deal with it later.

Right now…

Nigel was drawing out a gun from his jacket and had it aimed directly at Clark, who in turned made sure to stand right in front of Whitney covering him. Bullets rained but didn’t get through. They couldn’t because Clark wouldn’t let them. Nigel was shell-shocked at what he saw. But stupid and crazed that he was, he ditched the revolver and with another knife he took out from his shoe, charged at Clark.

That was it. Clark charged in turn, grabbed hold of Nigel’s knife wielding arm and yanked it out right of his body.

Another set of screams rang out into the night.

Clark had not meant to use so much force but he had been so angry he couldn’t control it. He was as horrified as Nigel was. But he wasn’t sorry.

Nigel fell to his knees staring at his empty shoulder socket and the dismembered arm in Clark’s hand.

“Why did you do this?” Clark was extremely angry right now and yet he wanted to know what was going on.

But Nigel wasn’t listening. He picked up the revolver with his remaining arm where he’d dropped it and aimed it at Clark again. They both stared off at each other for like a minute. The horizon started to lighten up. The sun was rising.

Nigel suddenly jerked to aim the gun at Whitney who was conscious now and saw everything happening. Clark super-sped to stand between him and Nigel’s gun again.

Nigel was seeing things.

“Leave. Now.” He yelled, and added deeply, “before I kill you.”

He threw the bloody arm at Nigel.

Nigel knew he had lost. He stared at his severed arm with the tattoo on it. The crazed look hadn’t left his eyes once. And then just like that, he turned the gun to himself and blew his brains out.

The Mahaneys were all gone.

Whitney stared at the mangled remains of Nigel Mahaney. Clark turned to him. “Whitney… Whitney you ok?” He untied him gently but really fast. He scanned the damaged body and almost cried at what he saw. Whitney kept staring at Nigel..

“Whitney no, look at me, look at me please.” Clark gently held his face and tilted upwards to make him look away from Nigel and towards Clark. His entire frame sagged against the stronger boy just as he felt warm arms encircle him protectively.

“Its ok, you’re safe now.” Whitney looked at Clark and heard what he said. But none of it registered. He just went back to staring at Nigel.

Clark gently picked him up like a ragged little doll in his arms and carried him towards his truck. He pressed his face very lightly against his and murmured “I’m sorry Whit, I’m so sorry”.

“What for? I deserved it”

Clark stopped in his tracks. “Whit that’s not true.”

But his Whit had phased out again. Clark gently tugged. “Whit.. Whit?”

No response. Clark could have cried. He continued toward the truck. Found an old blanket in the back and wrapped him in it. He took out his own jacket and put it on him too. Whitney let him, vaguely aware of what was happening but mostly not caring. Clark placed him in the truck, got in himself and silently drove as fast as he could towards the hospital.

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