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Charmed: Destiny Still Awaits - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

To say Christopher Wyatt-Haliwell was stunned would be an understatement. Reflexive instincts of self-preservation prompted him to try and put as much distance between himself and the other but a much stronger Wyatt refused to let his weakened frame go.
Chris struggled.
“Hey! Hey! Take it easy, I’m not gonna hurt you…”
Across the grave and back, thank God Chris still had his cynicism in tact.
“Forgive me if I find that a *little* hard to believe.”

And this time when he pushed against Wyatt, the older man let him go. Chris fell against the bed without a sound and he pushed himself up in sitting position before crawling backwards and away. The expression of hurt that came over Wyatt’s face was even more scandalizing to him than ever. *That* look on *that* face was as unfamiliar to Chris as the gentleness displayed not two seconds ago.

Chris looked around himself – Piper’s bedroom alright. The décor was different though, more… minimalistic than he remembered it to be. If this was the future, wasn’t this place converted to a museum?

“Where… where am I? *When* am I?”
Wyatt raised his hands as if to show he was unarmed and meant no harm.
“You’re home Chris. Where you belong. Where you’re supposed to be.”
Chris hyperventilated. Wasn’t he *supposed* to be dead?
“I… I don’t understand. How? Why?”
Seeing the pale boy tremble with confusion, Wyatt tried to approach him but again, Chris shrank away. Wyatt, visibly disappointed, backed away.
“I know we have lots of things to talk about but right now you need to rest. You lost a lot of blood, you’re weak still. Chris just let me…”

“Leo!! LEO!!!”

While Wyatt was talking in boring long sentences, Chris started testing his powers and realized he couldn’t move anything telekinetically. In his growing panic, he tried orbing out. And that didn’t work either. That was it! He started screaming long before Wyatt could finish what he was saying and the latter winced.
“Chris calm down!”
Months ago, Chris would never have called for his father even if he were dying. But he wasn’t thinking about that right now. Right now, he just continued to call for the one person he’d grown to depend on, and knew would save him from… from Wyatt.

In a flash, Wyatt had bounded up on the bed and to where Chris sat hunched away from the one person he deemed his mortal enemy. Chris was unprepared and tried to run but Wyatt was on him in an instant. He held Chris’s wrists in his hands when the latter tried to throw a punch at him and pushed him down onto the bed.
“Lemme go! LEO!!”
“Stop it right this instant Christopher! What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Get the fuck away from me!”

If at some vague level Chris was at all considering that this Wyatt was quite possibly a changed Wyatt from a changed future… he wasn’t too convinced. He had been burned before. He was not about to take any chances and with all his powers gone, things were so not looking good. He needed someone to confirm that things were alright with this world. And he needed Leo because he sure as hell wouldn’t trust anyone else.

Wyatt huffed in confusion and let go, resting back on his knees and wondering what the best way would be to approach this… truly awkward situation. He tried reasoning first.

“You’ll hurt yourself Chris if you don’t calm down. I don’t know what side-effects this spell can have so will you please just take it easy for a minute?”
“What spell? What did you do to me?”
Wyatt had the cheek to roll his eyes.
“What the fuck do you think?”
Chris’ eyes widened assuming the very worst. Wyatt had stripped him of his powers!
“Why are you calling for Leo? Have you forgotten?”

//Have you forgotten?//
//What have I forgotten?//

After a second of processing what Wyatt just said, Chris… just… crumbled.
Dying was an experience he could safely say he didn’t much enjoy. And yet he prefer to die a hundred times over but *this*… this he simply couldn’t bear. This couldn’t be happening.
//No, please no…//

No voice left his throat though his lungs were working in overdrive. Hot sharp tears flooded his eyes and mouth and pretty soon he was in danger of choking himself.
“Damn it Chris!”

The evil monster was attempting to smother him again. Why Wyatt insisted on holding him so tenderly was beyond Chris but really, in that moment… everything was beyond Chris. What had he done? How the hell had the future become worse than it was before?

“It cant be… it cant be…”
“What cant be?”
The demon had the gall to taunt him? He couldn’t stand it, he just couldn’t. The blood-curdling scream that escaped the boy’s mouth horrifed Wyatt beyond all expression. Where the boy found the stamina to fight as much, Wyatt couldn’t tell. He was having a full-blown panic attack now and nothing Wyatt said could pacify him. He had no idea why Chris suddenly got that violent.

With nothing else to do, Wyatt let go of Chris, drew back his right hand and then let it swing… straight into his baby brother’s face.

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