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Recommendations - 1

comThis is the first edition of my personal recommendations to sites outside of LJ. I read in way too many fandoms and genres than I write in. So here's a collection of some of my favorite works by some very gifted authors. I don't want to rate them as per my personal preferences, that's not the intention. Then what is? I suppose... to let anyone who may be interested... know the beautiful stuff worth reading out there. Click on the story/series title to be redirected to the recs.
There are 3 categories of recs here: DISCIPLINE REC, SLASH REC, BDSM REC and GEN REC. I suppose the names are self-explanatory? Please read carefully before proceeding.

Harry Potter Books

Dragon Tamer by Jennavere
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Draco convinces Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend. Very funny!

Crack!fic series by Jennavere and Idamonae
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: A complete riot! Soooo funny and soooo well written. Actually, go read everything these two authors have written. EVERYTHING IS GREAT! Uh I should tell them that.. *note to self* ;) Idamonae is here

Thicker Than Blood by Corvette Claire
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Voldemort attacks, Draco is injured and Harry must save him, and also help Draco decide which side of the war he ought to be on. There is also a sequel but isnt complete.

Daisychain!Draco by Aspen
Category: Slash and BDSM Rec
Summary: Harry punishes a very naughty little Draco. I loooove this:)

Harry Potter and the Muggle Sex Toy by Zed Adams
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Harry uses a sex toy on Draco. In public. Very very sexy and funny really.

Lord of the Rings

The Paths We Choose by Bubbles
Category: Discipline Rec
Summary: Legolas disobeys Aragorn's orders. Again. Gawd the possibilities! :) No slash. Actually read everything by this author. Amazing amazing amazing.

Anestel by Esteliel
Category: Slash and very BDSM Rec
Summary: Legolas is pregnant with Glorfindel's child. Mpreg, and kinda cruel in places but hey;) Check out the sequel too (Cuil Eden), more emotions in that one.

Stargate SG-1

Daniel's Waiting by Amethyst
Category: Discipline Rec
Summary: Daniel disobeys orders and gets left behind on an alien planet. An alien tribe teaches Danny and Jack how to care for their young. Very sweet. So is the sequel - TLC O'Neill Style. No slash.


The Feather by bayre
Category: Gen Rec
Summary: Sam keeps finding feathers. Brilliant story of brotherly love and I just adore Dean's portrayal in this one.  


The Lost Past/Highlands Series by Jemisard
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Scott's mind is lost and he morphs back to what he once was - a wild child. Scott/Logan, awesome love story. WIP though. 

Climb the Wind by Minisinoo
Category: Gen Rec with Warnings
Summary: Scott and Logan are taken prisoners and out of darkness a new bond is formed. Deals with rape but very impressively handled.

Sensations by Titti
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Scott and Logan. Very well-written and totally delicious smut :)

Needs by Titti
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Another short and sweet Scott/Logan story by Titti. She's damn good. 

All of the Animals
Category: Slash Rec
Summary: Scott makes a compromise. Logan/Scott and Scott/Jean. Simply Brilliant.

Love With The Light On by Poi Lass
Category: Gen Rec
Summary: After a accident, Scott and Jean try to live with Scott's disability.

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