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Charmed: Future Amends

**Warning**: Domestic Discipline ahead.

Author’s notes: I hope you read the warning. Okay I don’t know if Chris ever started staying at the manor or not, and if there was a bedroom for him or not. But I’m gonna assume for this story that there was. Also, I wrote this because I wanted to read it. But it would mean a whole lot to me if you read it too and lemme know what you think?? :)


Had been two days and three nights since the spider demoness attacked.
Two days and three nights since Leo came to know he had… or was going to have another son and that son was a very very angry Chris. Didn’t do much for his confidence as a father to know his son hated him so much. Chris for his part continued to ignore Leo and pretty much everyone except baby Wyatt. Leo played the conversation they’d had on top of the Golden gate bridge in his head over and over.

//You were never there for me. You were there for everybody else… Mom, Wyatt, half the world. But you were never there for me.//

//Maybe you didn’t come back just to save Wyatt. Maybe you came back to save us too.//

//I doubt it.//

Leo tried during dinner again. Piper tried to mediate but to no avail. Their second son refused to yield his stubborn silence. His resentment.
His pain.

Chris shrugged into his grey duster soon after.

“I have to go.”

“Go where? Shouldn’t you head to bed, it's almost eleven.”

Dinner almost always got delayed in the Halliwell household. Chris scowled in irritation.

“Please mom, I’m a big boy you know. And you never cared what time I came in or went out six months ago.”

Piper bit her lip. She had always felt a bit concerned about him even before they knew Chris was her own son, but at the time she thought it wasn’t her place to butt in. At twenty one he was supposed to be a grown-up technically. Unfortunately, when it comes to feeling protective and worrying about one’s own children, the legal age for adulthood sorta never comes. Right now, she simply resorted to another of her short and to-the-point replies.

“Now is not same as before and it's also beside the point. You’re *not* going out.”

“What? I don’t believe this!”


And Piper turned away. Chris looked angry and almost on the verge of retorting back rudely again when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He sensed his father standing behind him.


Leo who’d been listening quietly knew Piper needed no help. But he felt inclined to remind Chris that she was his mother before he ended up hurting her with his disrespect.

“Do as your mother says.”

Something snapped inside Chris. He turned his fury towards Leo.

“I don’t believe it's any of your *heavenly* business Leo. Now if you’ll excuse me… I got a dragon to track.”

Phoebe had left to check on Wyatt earlier and Paige was cleaning up in the kitchen so the sisters missed the confrontation. Piper and Leo stood stunned and not sure how to handle what looked and sounded like a full-blown teenage rebellion. They hadn’t expected to face it so soon and were obviously not prepared.

“Chris you know it's too dangerous for you to go alone. That demon can sense the magic in you from a mile away, not to mention he now knows you by name!”

“I’m going to be careful *obviously*!”

“Damnit Chris you listen to me!”

Piper was agitated now, and Chris realized he’d probably drawn his last straw.

“We plan this first and we do this together and we do this tomorrow! Not today and definitely not alone! Do I make myself clear?”

Chris smirked.

“Your angry-mommy routine really needs a lot of practice mom.”

Piper opened her mouth to say... something… but started laughing instead. Chris chuckled and so did Leo, they sounded exactly the same. Piper shook her head.

“I’ll work on it. For now this will just have to do. Now promise me you will not go after that demon tonight.”

Chris pouted and looked like he was about to argue. Piper threw him one of her patented looks.


He huffed. “oh alright. I promise.”

But he started orbing out anyway.

“Hey where you going?”

He posed dramatically with his hands spread eagled.

“I need some fresh air that’s all!”


Leo stopped his ex-wife. They needed to show Chris that they trusted him, and supported him. Besides he was sure Chris would keep his promise and was generally a smart and careful boy. He wasn’t as worried as Piper was.

“Let him go Piper.”

Chris heard and his eyes darkened, but he didn’t react. And then he was gone.

Piper sighed, not hiding the fact that she was a bit annoyed.

“I know you want to resolve things with him Leo but…”

“He’ll be fine! Don’t worry…”

Piper didn’t respond. So Leo just pulled her into a tight hug. They may not be married anymore, but there was still a lot of love and understanding between the two. And then there were the two kids. He gently comforted her.

“Everything will be just fine.”


“I told you! I told you!!”

Chris winced at the loud decibel levels hurting his already sensitized ears. He squeezed his eyes shut tight and waited for his mother to stop yelling. He sat on the couch as Leo healed his right shoulder which was almost completely blown away by the dragon’s fiery bad breath. His left leg still throbbed which was now healed but where the dragon’s unexpected cohort grimlock had chewed on him.

“Hey I didn’t know that grimlocks were working with him!”

“You promised you would NOT go after the dragon!”

“Last night! You only asked me for last night, not any night ever!”

“Jesus H Christ!”

“Yeah you said that already.”

Leo interjected here. “Chris stop being a smart-ass.”

And the boy looked away, angry at feeling so admonished by the soft voice that never really lost its composure. He shut up.

But Piper could not stop screaming. Phoebe and Paige were worried about their ears too, but they were also worried their sister was working herself up into hysteria.

“What is this suicide mission you’re always on? What kind of a mother am I if I haven’t instilled any sense of self-preservation in my kids at all??”

Phoebe got up and went to Piper’s side.

“Piper calm down. You know that’s not true. And Chris is fine now. It's not your fault *boy genius* here did not listen and don’t give me that last night this night crap again!”

The latter part was addressed to the boy of course who in turn rolled his eyes.

“There we go again.”

Four pairs of eyes turned to glare at him sharply. Paige spoke first.

“We know you can take care of yourself *most* of the time but don’t you think you should listen to us occasionally? We have some experience too you know.”

Phoebe picked it up from there.

“You’re part of this family Chris and in here we do things together. You were told specifically not to go courting trouble alone and still…”

“Look I don’t need this okay!”

The boy got up, healed and all, and started to walk out of the manor. He’d heard enough.


The softer not yelling voice again… stopped him in his tracks but he didn’t turn around. Leo hadn’t said much since they found Chris in the deserted junkyard where he had gone looking for the dragon. He’d tracked him down alright, but also found a pack of grimlocks guarding him and had been seriously injured fighting them off before he could call for Leo and the witches to defend him. It was the first time since Leo had realized Chris was his son, that he’d seen him so wounded and it felt like his heart had been wrenched out with a spoon.

What had hurt even more was seeing Piper hurting. Family meant everything to her and the thought of not having been around to protect Chris gnawed at her so much it drove her to the edge.

But Leo also felt an immense sadness for his son. He knew Chris was suffering… and probably his coping mechanism was to run and isolate himself. To run from the very family he came to save, the family that could help him get through this. Instead he went putting his own self in danger, testing his worth, his value in the eyes of a father he thought didn’t love him. Or even care for him. Leo knew that, and decided to go easy on his son.

The sisters waited for Leo to say more, to say something significant to make Chris see the error of his ways that obviously still eluded him. Yeah, Leo will tell him.

“You’re headed in the wrong direction.”

Piper’s mouth fell open.

“Your room is upstairs I believe.”

Piper had to say something, Chris was in mild shock himself.

“Leo you are gonna just let him…”

“Why am I not surprised?”

The dripping sarcasm in Chris’ voice stunned everyone even more. The arrogant stance was back, and so was the angry scowl on his face as he turned once again to face his family.

“Leo’s never gonna change mom. He’s exactly like this back in the future. Caring and attentive to his precious Wyatt and dismissive to worthless unimportant Chris.”

Leo frowned, this was not what he had intended.

“Chris I was not being dismissive…”

“You think this is the first time I’ve been out hunting alone? I was distracted tonight and that’s why the dragon got one up on me but otherwise you would never have known! Like every other time!”

Leo was shocked.

“Are you talking about the future?”

Chris rambled on like he hadn’t been interrupted at all. He was fuming.

“You were always concerned where Wyatt was, what was Wyatt doing, who Wyatt was with. What about Chris huh?”

He laughed cruelly, sadly.

“You never cared. You never gave a damn.”

Leo’s breathing was ragged with disbelief.

“It can't be. I could never *not* care about my own son. Chris there must be a mistake!”

“*I* am the fucking mistake! I am the son you didn’t want!”

Piper burst into silent tears. She terribly paled and Phoebe supported her into a chair.

“This can't be happening…” she said unintendedly.

Chris laughed again, his voice dropping to a harsh whisper.

“I’m sorry mom. I should just go.”

And Chris turned around to leave once more. Phoebe focused her attentions on Piper, who in a volatile second pregnancy was not keeping the best of health. The empath could feel the intense levels of pain and guilt and rage storming in the room. She looked up at Leo who still stood with his fists clenched at his sides, his shoulders heaving with the effort of his rough, wholly unnecessary breathing.

The elder felt his son’s agony in every word he uttered, every look he threw at his father and it stung. But he also knew his own feelings of anguish and self-doubt would have to take a backseat. Because right now, he had a hurting son to take care of. Determination set in his eyes and hardened his voice.

“Christopher Wyatt Halliwell.”

Chris gritted his teeth and squarely looked at his dad again.

“Go to your room. Right now.”

Chris snorted. “You can't…”

“Yes I can. You’re not leaving this house. We need to talk.”

Chris stuttered. He had never seen Leo look so adamant to have a *conversation* with him before. He swallowed, wondering if he should give him a chance… again.

No, he decided. He’d had his heart broken a hundred times before, too many hopes dashed… too many dreams denied. He scowled again.

“Forget it. I’m outta here.”

And Chris started to vanish amid bright white orbs. Just then Leo quickly turned to glance at Paige who had stood in a corner all this time, unsure of how to contribute. But she understood him immediately and her voice rose, loud and clear.

“Magic forces hear my spell,
ground the youngest Halliwell!”

The orbs died out and Chris found himself standing right where he’d been a second ago. He cursed audibly. This was so not the exit he was intending.

“Damn you Paige.”

“Upstairs. Now!!”

It was the first time Leo had raised his voice at all. Chris shut up, almost in shock, then slowly dragged his feet up to his room.


“Leo, what are you going to do?”

Piper still felt too exhausted to get up from the chair. Phoebe offered help to her and Leo as well.

“Do you want me to talk to him?”

Leo shook his head. “I think I need to do this alone.”

The sisters watched their ex-whitelighter slowly walk up the same stairs that Chris had taken not fifteen minutes ago.

Ever since Piper and Chris resolved *their* differences thanks to grandpa Victor, Piper had insisted Chris stay at the manor. Piper had spent an eternity redecorating a quaint little room for her son, not sure what sort of colors and furniture he preferred and all. But Chris had kissed her and told her he was fine with anything and everything as long as he got a clean bed to crash in every night. The statement otherwise so casual, had made Piper wonder what sort of life his son had been leading in his ugly future where she was not there to take care of him anymore.

She worried too much, he’d chided her… and now she was worried what Leo was about to do to him.

Leo headed up to where his wayward not-so-adult son was sulking. For the first time in ages, Leo thought back to when he was Chris’ age… when he was alive and when his father was alive. Was he ever this angry, this rebellious? He couldn't remember much, except a general feeling in his gut that his youth had overall been a happy one. The kind of feeling Chris would probably never claim to know, he sadly rued.

Dismissive – that’s what he’d accused Leo to be. God that was so not what he’d meant to be. Leo had thought he was going easy on his already troubled boy. Chris’ explosive reaction made him realize that he’d taken the wrong approach. That perhaps going easy *was* the trouble. But it was not too late to make amends.

Leo pushed open the door to find Chris pacing the length of his room. The boy halted and stared impudently at his father.

“WHAT?” he threw out.

“Okay the attitude’s gotta go first.”

Chris just snorted and looked away.

“Chris I don’t know the kind of father I am in your future. But be assured in this new one that you’ve already created, I am not going anywhere.”

Chris bit his lip and refused to meet Leo’s eyes.

“You are my son and as dear to me as Wyatt is. You’re both very important to me.”


“I will never… ever be dismissive of you Chris, from this moment and forever.” Leo continued, without acknowledging the interruption. “And do you know what that means?”

Chris narrowed his eyes. “Do I look like I care?”

Leo sighed.

“You will. Soon. Okay let's start with the ground rules then.”


“Ground rules.”

“What the fuck…”

That’s the first one. And you know what that means. No swearing or cursing around me, or your mom and aunts. And certainly not around Wyatt.”

“Or what?”

Leo smiled, “You’re about to find out.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Rule two: you don’t lie to me. You never lie to your family. Understand?”

Chris got defensive at that.

“When have I ever lied to you?”

Leo made a face at that.

“Chris you’ve been lying and manipulating us ever since you got here!”

“How can you say that? Okay so that was just the one incident with Mr Right…”

“and many more and you know it. But we’re not getting into that right now. Take tonight Chris – you promised Piper you won't go looking for the dragon alone.”

“I didn’t break the promise, technically she only said…”

Leo just glared him until Chris gave up. The boy was beginning to panic despite himself.

“It's not fair damnit.”

“Careful Christopher.”

The tone was not so threatening as warning, but Chris took offence.

“Look whatever. This conversation is getting old, are you done or what?”

Leo decided the rest of the rules would just have to wait. He sighed.

“Consider yourself fortunate boy that your father was brought up in the thirties. Thanks to your granddad, I know just what I need to do with you now.”

Chris was suspicious. “What do you mean?”

“You wanted attention son, you got it. I am not forgiving you or *dismissing* you for any of your transgressions anymore. Come here.”

Leo approached Chris and the latter tried to back off but Leo was faster and the element of surprise worked against the younger boy. Leo caught him by the wrist and began to walk towards the bed.
Chris panicked.

“What are you doing?”

In response, Leo sat on the edge of the bed and tugged Chris over with a jerk. The boy lost balance and to his horror landed right on his father’s lap!


“It's dad for you boy.”

“Let me go damn you!”

Leo only adjusted him further so that the wriggling butt was in direct access on his lap. His legs dangled behind him with his upper torso hanging on the other side of Leo.

“Language Chris.What did we discuss your first rule is?”

Chris struggled to get up. Paige took away his orbing powers as well as telekinetic powers and he could not get away. He was so angry there was no way he could think straight enough to come up with a stupid rhyme.

“Fuck you! Fuck you all to hell!”

Leo sighed and just tightened his hold on the boy. This was going to take a good long while.


“Lemme go!”

Leo sighed, no point waiting. The first swat landed right in the center of the young boy’s jeans clad butt.

“Ow! What are you doing??”

“Spanking you, if it isn’t still obvious. Let me make myself clear.”

Leo followed up with couple more hard swats at the same spot on the crest of Chris’ bottom. The boy struggled to get up but Leo had gripped him securely by the middle and had one of Chris’ legs clamped down with one of his own.
Chris was in complete shock. This couldn’t be happening!

He had no powers to get away and Leo was much too strong to overcome. The slaps continued to rain down on his butt over and over until the seat of his jeans got hot. Chris yelled and cursed and kicked with every swat although they weren’t so painful to begin with. He threw one hand back to avoid the blows but Leo only grasped it in the small of his back and continued the spanking.

“Ow, Leo please! Please stop!”

“This is necessary Chris. This is so you never forget that you are my son and I your father.”

Chris refused to give up his defiance so soon.

“You can't do this!”

“You asked for it kiddo.”

Smack. Smack. Smack and Chris continued to howl with every blow. This was getting painful pretty fast and he still was reeling with disbelief at the fact that he was actually being spanked!

“I didn’t ask to be… to be…”

Leo gripped both of Chris’ legs under his for better leverage.

“You asked me to stop you from putting yourself at risk.”

The words rang painfully true and Chris couldn’t hold the tears anymore. He bit his lips to at least swallow his sobs.

“I *do* care son. I care so much, I’m going to make sure you never ever do something so stupid again!”

“Ah! How could you? You were never there! You never saw…”

Chris seemed to have lost all sense of the past and future. In fact all he could think of were the moments he’d felt abandoned by his *Elder* father. Wyatt was such a unique being, every little action of his was closely monitored by every one around him. No one cared about little Chris – oh he’ll be fine. He’s no hero of the light. He’s no danger to the world. He can't help in the battles, he doesn’t pose a risk. He can be safely left at the babysitter’s and forgotten.

Chris wasn’t giving in, even though his memories were overwhelming him.

“Stop! Stop it damn you!”

“Language Chris.”

“Go to hell.”

Leo stopped. And he inhaled loudly. Chris let his taut body go limp and waited to be let go. He wouldn’t admit to it, but the strength of Leo’s form beneath him was comforting him somehow. Which was weird considering he was still so angry.

“Let me up now.”

Leo sighed again. “I can't.”

Chris struggled. “What the fuck do you mean you can't?”

Silence followed.

“Leo! Please!”

And then Chris felt Leo’s hand slip under his middle… and unbutton his jeans!

“No! No!”

Leo quickly pulled the boy’s jeans down and his boxers along with it. Chris struggled so vehemently Leo almost lost his grip.

“No please! Leo don’t!”

“I’m sorry kid. You need to learn how much I love you.”

And Leo spanked the exposed bottom doubly hard. Chris yelped.

Smack. Smack. And again. Leo began to talk, his words interspersed with smacks to accentuate the point even further.

“I love you Chris.”

“I love you too much to see you throw yourself in danger for nothing.”

“Nothing in this world matters to me more than you and Wyatt. Asking me to compare my love for you and my love for your brother would be like asking what’s important to me more – my heart or my soul!”

The cheeks were crimson red now, and they ached like hell. Random spanks continued and there was no way to predict where Leo was going to hit next. The spot right at the curve of his ass hurt the most and Chris knew he wasn’t going to sit comfortably a long time unless Leo healed him.

Chris was red-faced with humiliation, knowing he was completely helpless. Both his hands were in Leo’s grip now and he’d kicked until his jeans flew across the room. But what hurt most the intensity of the words being spoken so softly and yet firmly to him. Then he was sobbing.

“Leo… da-dad… p-please.”

Silently Leo was relieved. He wanted to stop. But he couldn’t go easy on this son of his ever again. It's not what the boy needed.

“Please daddy… n-no more.”

He didn’t curb the loud cries anymore. Vaguely he thought he could be heard downstairs since the door was open. But it didn’t matter. All that mattered now was… was for his dad to forgive him.

“I’m sorry… so s-sorry…”

Leo paused. “Sorry for what Chris?”

Chris sobbed. “For… for breaking my promise to mom.”

Leo used his right hand which was smarting itself to gently caress the young boy’s trembling back.

“Good, that’s a good boy. And?”

“For… for putting m-myself in d-danger!”

“That’s right kid. You’re doing very good. What else?”

“For… for cursing.”

Leo smiled and firmly patted the sore butt twice. Chris jumped still.

“Don’t you tell an angel to go to hell again!”

And smack again.

“Yes, yes sir!”

Leo rested his hand on the cheeks.

“Anything else, baby boy?”

Chris cried in earnest. “I-I don’t know.”

Leo let go of the boy’s hands and legs. Chris was about to slide down the floor as he cried pitifully but Leo picked him up by his sides and turned him over. Chris had his eyes closed and refused to open them. He hid his face with his crossed arms and clenched fists.

“Shh… it's over. It's all over.”

Leo pulled up the boxers, making Chris groan with pain. Then he placed him upright in his lap and cradled the young boy to himself. He pushed the brunette head to his chest and embraced him with every emotion in his father’s heart.

“I’m s-sorry.”

“Shh it's okay, everything is forgiven. It's okay baby boy. You're okay.”

Chris felt himself being rocked soothingly and he dug his head deeper into Leo’s chest. His hands clutched at the flannel desperately, like the man would disappear if he let go. And he didn’t want his father to leave him ever again.

“Don’t ever do anything dangerous just to get my attention okay? I will always watch over you son. No matter what.”

A heart once heavy with guilt and pain, suddenly felt so much lighter and at peace. Leo smoothed the unruly hair out of Chris’ face. He wiped away the tear tracks and the running nose going slightly red with a corner of his shirt. He tenderly kissed his son’s forehead, glad to be able to do so at last.

“Look at me son…”

Chris hesitated, fearing the revulsion and disappointment he expected to see in his father’s eyes. He found none.

“I love you so much.”

And the boy found his voice, weak as it was. “I love you too dad.”

Leo rocked Chris until he was almost asleep. Then he put him in bed on his stomach, covering him with blankets. He bent to kiss his son again and when he was about to rise, Chris muttered softly.

“I’m not a kid you know…”

The boy couldn’t still believe he’d actually been put over his father’s knee like a child and had his little butt spanked. He couldn’t believe how much it was stinging and rubbed his ass without consciousness in his drowsiness.

Leo chuckled, ruffling his hair gently. He was about to leave the room to go because Piper had been calling to find out how her son was doing. And also to tell him the vanquishing potion was ready and that they planned to go after the dragon that had hurt their son. But Leo changed his mind and instead pulled up a chair beside the bed. The Charmed ones could take care of the dragon and his minions, of that the pacifist had no doubt whatsoever. But this was a start to Chris’ new life, his new future that wouldn’t be filled with fear or desolation ever again.

And Leo was going to make sure Chris didn’t have to wake up to it alone.

Leo smiled like the angel he was.

“You’re my kid. And you always will be… sweet dreams Chris.”

****THE END****

(Sequel.. Manipulations)
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