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Charmed: Destiny Still Awaits - Chapter 2

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Light as a feather, heavy as lead… he was floating, no he was falling. The darkness clawed at him, the brightness stung his eyes… his eyes? Were they open? Were they closed? Chris didn’t know. He didn’t know where he was, or *what* he was anymore.
Was he dead? Was this heaven? If yeah, it sure was a conflicting place to be and honestly… you’d expect the powers that be to have spent a tad more on interiors. On the other hand if this was hell… hell, this was so like a major letdown… not scary at all… not judgemental in the least.

So… so like morphine… sweetest sensations coursing through his(lifeless?) limbs coupled with tingling pricks all over. The insanely beautiful yet utterly horrifying feeling like he was slowly fading… dissolving into nothing but pure… white… light.
//Look mom, no hands!//

All the boy knew was that he couldn’t control it… couldn’t stop himself from floating… nor falling. As if he didn’t belong in his own body anymore… like he was merely *trapped* inside… and his soul struggled frenziedly to break free of the bonds of flesh and bones…
Only, it couldn’t.

One moment he was massless and formless and on the verge of distintegration, next moment or maybe an eternity later… he was being reformed, re-amalgamated? A powerful force… no a gentle, gentle stranglehold surrounded his chest and neck and he had absolutely no strength nor the inclination to resist. Sacred chants in baritone voices echoed inside him and all around him in the steadily receding darkness… pulling him out as if from deep water and onto dry land.
Weightless… he felt large and small all at once…
lost and found at last…
And then he was being poked and prodded, tugged at and arranged… picked up then laid down…
Held and kissed.
He was being… called back from the dead.

A painful gasp escaped his quivering lips just before his eyes flew open in shock and wild fear. His hands flew directly to where the gaping hole in his gut should have been from the cursed athame, but all they connected with was… a perfect six pack?
“Easy… easy baby. I got you Chris.”

He was still Chris! Not some floating translucent dollop of ectoplasmic goo, even though his insides might be very close to fit that description. His doe eyes were still unfocussed, everything was terribly blurred and he could hear someone convulsing extremely noisily. And it sure sounded painful. Took a while to sink in that he was the one responsible himself.

“Shh… you’re okay. You’re alright.”
And this is when the soft voice registered amid the loud crashing of waves in his ears. That voice… that soft voice, so much love.
Warmth rushed to the colder places in his very much beating again heart as he realized whose arms held him so possessively. The bed was the same, just not as bloody… the room was the same, though it was still spinning. The pain in his middle was alleviated with every stroke of a large plush hand circuiting his back. Up and down… up and down.

Another arm held him securely in place against a warm chest. Tender kisses peppered the overgrown mass of brown bangs on top of his head making him smile in a daze. He didn’t realize he was sobbing until the arms began rocking him back and forth… back and forth.
“Shh little one… its okay, you’re home now…”
He was home? He was breathing, he was alive! And he had a voice box, he *hoped*. The words could come now, yes they could. And Chris refused to hold them back this time. He sniffed into the black fabric underneath his face.
A gentle chuckle rumbled in the chest he rested on.


His mind was still having trouble keeping up, so while he had an inkling there was something seriously *off* about the response he’d just received… he couldn’t say exactly what. And then the rocking paused, the pressure of lips on his temple ceased and Chris realized this was his cue to look up.
And look up he did.
There it was again, the joy-filled… amused little chuckle in a voice so like Leo’s…
but not Leo’s.
Chris froze. His eyes widened and his pulse throbbed at the left corner of his temple as he struggled to gasp out the singular word.

“Who else?”


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