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Charmed: Destiny Still Awaits - Chapter 1

Author’s notes: Sentences in italics are Chris' thoughts, this is mostly his POV. Warning for language. And umm, I'm sure I got the whole time travel thingie upside down but hey, just play along will ya ;).


All color drained out of his face alongwith most of the blood from his body. So friggin’ cold in here. Breaths shallow and desperate… the boy panicked with every tug at his heart he felt so vividly and painfully. Which breath would be his last? Which moment would be his final moment in existence? And would that moment come before Leo did?

His voice carried hardly above a gasping whisper. There was no way he could see mom anymore… she was too occupied(literally) with the Chris who actually belonged in this timeline. Who *deserved* to be alive in this timeline. The youth feared his last precious seconds would be filled with bitterness at the general unfairness of it all. He couldn’t hold his *own* pregnancy against his *own* mother damnit.
But oh how it hurt to think of her! What if he never saw her again? What if they did change the future for the good and Piper was still alive in his time but he himself was dead? That shouldn’t be… that couldn’t be because that would just… really really suck. His breath hitched with silent sobs.
//No matter what… let mom be alive, please God let mom be alive.//

There was a buzz of indiscernible noises in the background but it didn’t matter. He thought he heard his aunt Paige, but he couldn’t be sure. He knew Leo had to go find Wyatt. Regardless of what happened to him, it was imperative Wyatt be saved from Gideon or the trauma the little boy suffered would be returned a hundred fold back on everyone else. The world would have to pay for Gideon’s sins. Wyatt had to be saved… for the future’s sake.
For Wyatt’s sake.
//Save my big brother dad… so what he loathes the sight of me and would gladly skin me alive.//

When Chris undertook the task to come back to the past, he accepted the fact that he may be expendable in this war for the greater good. He’d accepted it, embraced it even. But now that the end was near… he realized it was not so easy to accept let alone embrace death at all. He wanted to live damnit! In any timeline, it didn’t matter. He’d fought for his right to survive so many times now he’d lost count. Surely he’d prevail this time as well?
//You’re gonna be okay you hear me?//
Chris held on, struggled to… hold on.
//Yes daddy, I hear ya… but do you hear me?//

The bed was soaked in blood. His blood, Piper’s bed, his mother’s bed… his mom’s room. He could still smell her sweet magnolia scent on the pillow, on the wet sheets… he’d missed this scent so much. He could hear his heart slowing down, which was quite a feat given he couldn’t hear anything else that was going on around him. Through a thick haze, he imagined men in black hoods and black jackets with guns in hand…
Had they come to shoot him down?
Too late dudes, evil Elder guy beat you to it. Everyone wants a piece of me, he managed to smile wryly to himself. Target eliminated, game over.
Man he’d miss his video games so much.

Leo’s here! At least he wouldn’t die alone, he didn’t want to die alone.
“Its okay, I’m here now… I’m here.”
That soft voice, so much love. Chris had been such a brave boy up until this very moment. He had held on, just like his daddy had asked him to. He was holding on so hard because he feared he would never ever hear that voice again. And now that he had, it broke him.
//Daddy, I’m so scared… I don’t want to die…//
The words were right there, frozen cold on the tip of his tongue but they wouldn’t come. Why wouldn’t they come?
Leo gripped his hand tight, caressed his sweat drenched brow lightly. Chris could sense the whitelighter trembling with contained rage and tears himself. He felt immense sadness for his father – such helplessness… how wretched must he feel?

In that moment, all his bitterness vanished. His pain and fear lessened. Chris used to think he hated his father. And what he abhorred the most was the fact that despite everything, he *loved* him just as much as he hated him! But now in this final moment… he knew he’d never hated Leo at all… ever. Chris loved his dad, just as much as Leo loved his son and the hitherto estranged son knew that now. No matter what happened, in this world or another – even Evil Leo loved his evil son Chris damnit.

//Da-dad… //
How long he’d yearned to say that word. And yet no words would come. He had no energy, no breath left anymore.
Oh but he couldn’t leave without saying something! He had to… he had to tell Leo that he loved him, and mom and baby Wyatt… so much. That he was sorry he was such a nuisance, and that he broke them up… that he was dying. He was very sorry because he knew Leo would never forgive himself.
//Its not your fault dad… please don’t blame yourself… you need to move on, you need to…//

“You just hold on okay? Just hold on… don’t you dare give up!”
If Leo was still holding his ice hand, he couldn’t feel it anymore. If his heart was still beating, he couldn’t hear it anymore. What a shame, he was just getting used to the rhythmic beat beat… beat.
Chris drew his final breath.
“you either.”

Everything went white, then black. Chris wasn’t cold anymore.

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