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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Charmed Fanfiction

Ongoing Series.. Destiny Still Awaits
Summary: What happened to Chris body after he died. WIP
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG-13 to R in some places due to violence
Disclaimer: Nothing from Charmed is mine. This is shameless borrowing of the Season 6 happenings just so I could write an ending I wanted :) No infringement intended.
Author's Notes: Words in *..* are to stress on them. And lines in //..// is all thoughts.
Warning for language. And umm, I'm sure I got the whole time travel thingie upside down but hey, just play along will ya ;)

This is a WIP.
Find it all in here


Ongoing Series..

Future Amends
Summary: Post Spin-city, Leo and Piper now know Chris is their second son. But Chris is keeping his distance from his father.
Warnings: Domestic Discipline.
Rating: R for spanking, language and implied violence.
Disclaimer: Not associated with Charmed the series in any way and no infringement is intended. Also no offence is intended to any of the actors, writers, producers etc. involved with the show. This is just my own way to vent! :) Please forbear.
Author's Notes: Okay I don't know if Chris ever started staying at the manor or not, and if there was a bedroom for him or not. But I'm gonna assume for this story that there was. Also, I wrote this because I wanted to read it. But it would mean a whole lot to me if you read it too and let me know what you think??

Summary: Sequel to Future Amends. Chris tries to get Piper and Leo back together, but his efforts aren't appreciated.
Warnings: Domestic Discipline.
Rating: R for spanking scene, language and miniscule violence.
Disclaimer: Not associated with Charmed the series in any way and no infringement is intended. Also no offence is intended to any of the actors, writers, producers etc. involved with the show. This is just my own way to vent! :) Please forbear.
Author's Notes: Complete and Utter Mush!! You've been warned:) Set after Spin-City and my story Future Amends. Assumption is Piper is 6 months gone and the Witch Trials episode has also happened so Phoebe has lost her powers and everyone knows Barbas is back.

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I know it's been awhile--just wanted to let you know that I'm still looking forward to any Charmed fics you might wanna update/start...I miss Chris and the whole 'family' thing!=-}
But oh, man, what a wonderful surprise to find out you're also a Supernatural fan!! I got so excited I almost hyperventilated!=-D I am so addicted to that show! Isn't it the greatest?!*G*
Well, I'll quit babbling now and, as soon as I finish off the story I'm in the middle of, I'm gonna be poring over yours! YAY! Welcome back and take good care!=-D


Heyyyyyyy :)

Good to see you on LJ hon. And yeah Supernatural is absolutely the best thing on TV right now!! :D Did write one gen fic and a couple of wincest ones so do pick your poison carefully ;)

Charmed uhh... *winces* yikes my muse is still AWOL on that one hon.. but you know what, I will surely try for you and you alone.. it is so darn sweet of you to remember my stories after all this time :D cheers hon!

Oh, yeah, I am so beyond addicted! I mean I adored Jared in GG but I am so glad he's on SN (he just gets sexier and sexier with time); he and Jensen were perfectly cast (still mad they killed JDM, tho'!=-{)...
As for Wincest? Normally a squick, yeah, but their situation is so different--the two of them are really all they have and all they have ever had, so I find it quite natural in their case...
Hell, with these two, I've even gotten into RPS! Not that I objected before, I just didn't feel the connection with the actors; I was more familiar with their characters, but J/J, well, I just love their off-screen chemistry sooo much, I could totally extend it to slash...=-}
If there was something I could do to coax your Charmed muses out of retirement, I would--but awfully sweet of you to try just for little ol' me!*Hugs* I will patiently wait--and now I have SN fic to help through the Charmed withdrawals!=-}
I was just curious, do you plan on doing any SN discipline fics? Not that Dean doesn't need it too, but at least he had 4 years with a mother and a [sane] father [have more on this, but this is getting way long]--Sam never knew either...And John needs to re-learn/remember what it is to be a father (always thought Missouri would make a great surrogate Mom--'course, now I like Ellen, too, but I can't stand Jo)...
I find myself in a constant battle with wanting to jump Sam's bones and wanting to mother him...Yes, I'm looking into therapists now, actually, why do you ask?*G*
Good grief, didn't mean to write you a novella! This is me shutting up now! Take good care!=-)

Sassy (the long-winded!=-})

SPN did break a lot of taboos for me too. Incest is one and yeah I read RPS as well now and then.. yikes!! But most of it I don't and will NEVER read - you know the ones where one of the boys has been raped/kidnapped/tortured and/or his family has been killed or something just as bad. I could never ever endorse anyone's sordid wishful thinking when they wish for such horrible things to happen to REAL people. Fluffy sex is abt all I can handle.

Anyway, here I go ranting myself! :) Discipline fics hmm.. I've read some but I don't know, never felt the urge to write any myself. I love the ones where Dean disciplines Sam or John disciplines Sam but John/Dean doesn't work for me so much lolz. Have you seen this site - www.ficwriter.com ? If not do check it out. You'll find a lot of good SPN stuff to read :)

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