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Fic: Like in France (Merlin RPF, Colin/Bradley, NC-17, BDSM)

Title: Like in France
: A BDSM scene gone wrong leaves Bradley traumatized in ways he can’t cope with on his own. So he calls his friend Colin for help, a friend who happens to be his ex-boyfriend, and also the man who first introduced Bradley to BDSM.
Author Notes: I started this in response to a KMM prompt here, but drifted really, really far away from it. Oh well, guess I wrote it because I wanted to read it! If you don’t watch Outlander, all you need to know is this: Tobias Menzies is Captain Randall who, in the season one finale, imprisons and brutally rapes Jamie Fraser, the male protagonist played by Sam Heughan. The episode is extremely graphic, not one you usually see in mainstream TV or film. Another thing to know (if you don’t already) is that Menzies and Bradley James are co-starring in the next Underworld movie.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual violence (implied not graphic), dom/sub, BDSM gone wrong, delayed sub drop, bondage, domestic discipline, spanking, whipping, sex toys, non-con/dubious consent, aftermath, hurt/comfort
Word Count: ~16870
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone. Characters based on real people but have no bearing whatsoever on the actual people. Entirely fictional, not for profit.

Story @ AO3
Tags: fandom: merlin, fic: merlin: like in france

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