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SPN: Dean holds Sam / Mkitty manip

Looking for a beta (J2 RPS AU story)

Hey everyone! It's been awhile and I don't know who's around LJ anymore. I'm looking for someone to beta my spn bigbang story.. yes I actually finished one heh. Please PM me if you're interested?

Genre: RPS AU, angst
Pairings or Characters: Jensen/Jared
Type of beta you'd like: Look over my spelling and grammar, make sure it sounds American enough (I'm not!), and also look for plot holes and unclear logic in the story.
Length: About 27K
Summary: I will PM it. But some warnings to consider: depression, suicide, guilt, infidelity and angst. Happy ending tho!
Turnaround Time: I was hoping maybe a week?

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Yes you can send it to that account.

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