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Fic: The one with the beanstalk (7/?)

A/N: Sorry for how late this update is. I'll try to keep them coming more regularly. Just a couple more to go till the end! Still cracky, still kinky... you shouldn't be reading if you have issues with size difference, or dub-con, or if our intrepid hero feeling conflicted about sex is in any way triggering for you. If you're still here, hope you like! :)

And so it came to be that Jared spent several earthly weeks in the care of Jensen, the gentle giant. They built a routine for themselves. Every day began with Jensen and Jared having breakfast together. The pet had eventually convinced his master to grant him the occasional use of a miniature knife and fork, no doubt procured from the dollhouse that belonged to Jensen’s sister, Madison.

“You’re fortunate Madison is visiting our aunt Maven for the summer, little one. She would have dressed you up and married you off to one of her porcelain dolls if she were here!”

Jared scowled and attempted to bite his master’s tickling fingers in retaliation.

After breakfast, Jensen would let his pet don his fabric coverings and they would go out for a walk in the town or fishing by the lake. Sometimes they would go the library where Jensen would spend all afternoon reading while leaving Jared with a scroll or two to peruse by himself. Unfortunately, Jared had never been much of a reader himself and would use the opportunity to wander about and get some exercise. So long as he stayed within Jensen’s eyesight, his master did not mind.

The free time, however, would inevitably lead Jared to think about his life, his new position as a giant’s plaything in this strange new world. He wondered if anyone back on Earth even missed him.

By the time Jensen would deign them ready to head home, he’d often find his pet in a pensive and morose mood. He would resist all of Jensen’s efforts to offer comfort and wiggle uncomfortably in his grasp all the way back to the Ackles manor.

“Settle down, little one. I shall take care of you once we’re home.”

“That is precisely what I am afraid of,” Jared would mumble under his breath, incapable of doing much else.


The giants had no concept of an afternoon lunch, and perhaps with good reason. Jared hardly ever felt the need to eat again after such a filling breakfast. Once they returned to their bedroom, Jensen would promptly rid Jared of his clothing and prepare to service him. And inevitably Jared would start pretending like he’d much prefer to not be.

“You have it all wrong about us, you know,” he once declared to Jensen with unnecessarily loud conviction. Those giant ears could hear him perfectly well without having to raise his human voice.

Jensen frowned as he positioned Jared on his little hands and knees on the bed. “Wrong about what?”

“We are driven by more than just our physical needs. We also have emotional needs and… and needs of the – like - brain, though I’m not particularly a brainy person myself, generally speaking, and um other, spiritual needs and… and…”

By this time, Jensen had started to piston a swab in and out of the human orifice. “And what else, sweetling?”

“Ungh, n-never – ah – mind – ah – just – ahh – needs – oooh right – ahh! - there…”


Another time, Jensen suspended his pet upside down by one of his ankles, as he worked the swab in and out of his orifice. Jared quivered and kicked his hands and one free leg wildly but couldn’t escape the force of gravity enabling his master to fuck him more deeply and persistently than ever before. On occasion Jensen would let the swab just sit inside his pet while he fondled the little human member wagging like Misha’s tail, leaving Jared gasping for breath as he spurted uncontrollably all over himself.

“And so, that is my position on the ideology of free will, which I must say Socrates wholeheartedly concurred with! So what do you think, pet? Was I able to sufficiently answer your question from earlier today?”

Jared clenched his eyes shut tight and keened at the top of his voice. “I think – ah – master – ah ah AH – you ta-talk – ah – too much – ah!”


Yet another time, when Jared had been particularly restless, his master tightly swaddled the pet in red silk ribbons from neck to ankles, but left the plump pink derriere exposed to his loving ministrations. He then elevated said derriere over a gigantic pillow, while the upper torso hung, squirming helplessly, behind it.

“Master, I cannot allow you to do this to me any longer, no-oh – oh, ooh, yes, ooh, perhaps one – oh – more time then – ohh!”

A couple of earthly hours later, Jensen yawned as he leaned his face into his free hand and tried to ignore the ache building in his other wrist. He wasn’t expecting the earthling to come any time soon since he’d already done so three times, and surely the limits of human fortitude had been reached?

“Pet? Shall I stop now?”

“No! Oh – just – ooh – a little wh- ohh – while longer - ooh!”


As twilight approached, Jared would feel his resistances melting and his body relaxing into his master’s arms. He no longer objected to being carried to the bath and even splashed around happily in the sink as Jensen looked on with affection. He let the giant scrub him clean from head to toes, before encasing him snugly within a wad of cotton or a woolen towel. He no longer minded being unable to move, or fed through a nursing bottle while Jensen softly cooed at him until he fell asleep.

“Socrates was right about your kind, pet,” Jared once heard the giant whisper after his eyes had drifted shut. “One simply cannot fully possess an earthling without letting them possess one back.”


One morning after breakfast, Jensen sat down at his desk to review the financial books for his father’s estate and it took up the majority of his day. Jared in the meantime was allowed to entertain himself with all the knick-knacks and illustrated story books in the room he could reach. But that could contain his attention for only so long.

Since they hadn’t left their room all day, Jared wore nothing. He jumped off the furniture and landed beside Misha, the handsome dog that looked like a border collie. Misha had eventually taken a liking to Jared, albeit grudgingly so, something he’d never done to Sebastian, the house cat that preferred to spend all its time in or around the kitchen. The dog was obviously bigger than Jared, almost the size of a full-grown horse that Jared could have ridden back on Earth.

“Hey, Jensen?” Jared called out, petting Misha’s lush mane softly.

“Yes, pet?”

“Was Misha a dog in the underworld? Is that why he was reborn as a dog?”

Misha seemed to roll his eyes and put his chin down on the floor, not looking too enticed by the subject of conversation. Jensen turned to look adoringly at both his pets.

“Misha could have been anything in his past life, really – a dog, a gnat, a man, or a woman. What matters is that he chose to be reborn as a hound in this life; that is all that matters.”

Jared looked at Misha and frowned. So, of all the things he could have been, Misha chose to be a domesticated pet? He turned to look back at Jensen, a string of tremors racking his fragile spine. Perhaps it wasn’t so incomprehensible after all for Jared to feel the same way…

“B-but… how can you be sure this life is truly what you chose? After all, you did say none of you have any recollection of your past lives or what happened during the interim transition.”

Jensen shrugged. “We are called the first heaven for a reason, pet. If you don't believe me, look around. Do you see anyone here unhappy or discontent with their lives? We all do exactly what we wish to do. We pursue hobbies and interests to our liking. We live in a bountiful agricultural economy where no creature goes hungry, under a benevolent and honorable monarch. And we are biologically incapable, it seems, of courting fantastical ambitions nor the misery that follows it, as your kind does.”

“You might have a point there,” Jared grumbled and with effort climbed back onto the bed. “But surely there must be some imperfections in your lives too? As a society of people who depend on each other, it is impossible to have absolutely no strife, no sadness, anywhere?”

Jensen sighed again, realizing he was not going to get any more work done today. He closed his books and got up from his chair before heading over to the bed. He stretched out beside his pet, careful not to bounce too hard on the mattress lest he unsettle his little earthling.

“You’re right, love. We do have our disagreements. But perhaps we’re just better at resolving them and moving on without holding grudges. Like Socrates used to say, to forgive is divine?”

Jared rolled his eyes and Jensen chuckled, pulling him into his arms to cradle him lovingly against his chest. “Do not make that face, pet. Forgiveness preserves our peace of mind. Eventually we all learn to move on.”

“But how?”

“By remembering that nothing is bigger than this glorious gift of life on the first celestial plane. Well, except perhaps, life on the second celestial plane. And the third, then the fourth and the –”

“All right!” Jared huffed and buried his face in Jensen’s chest. Jensen chuckled quietly, but Jared did not still understand.

“In my world, no person ever moves on, not entirely. Human capacity for holding on to the past knows no bounds. It is our past that drives us to do both great and terrible things. Our past fuels our passion to build a better future.”

"And what of your present? Why can you simply not enjoy the gift of today?"

"Because our past simply would not let us."

“Sounds exhausting.”

Jared sighed; he knew Jensen would not understand either. “That it is. But human is what I am. I cannot change my nature any more than a leopard can change its spots.”

"What is a leopard?"

"Never mind."

A sudden moroseness threatened to overwhelm the earthling but the giant saw it coming, and battled it away by tickling Jared until he was reduced to peals of laughter.

“Come now, pet. I have a surprise for you.”

Jared waited eagerly as his master pulled out another box from the bedside table. It looked very much like the previous cotton swab container, but this one was, well, bigger. Jensen pulled out a swab that was much wider and longer, and held it out for his pet to admire with wide-blown eyes.

“Oh, oh no, Master…” Even if it were a protest, which neither really believed it was, it fell on deaf ears.

“I have noticed you’ve been craving more of late, pet. So I placed a custom order for a hundred cases of these larger swabs, just for you.”

“B-but it won’t fit!”

Jensen chuckled again as he pushed and arranged his pet face down on the bed. “Have a little faith in your master, pet. I shall make it fit, and you shall love it.”

Using a couple of red bolster pillows borrowed from Madison’s dollhouse, he once again propped up Jared’s perfectly rounded derriere.

"Although, we are going to need the assistance of a new tool today."

Jared craned his neck behind in inquiry. "What's that?"

His eyes widened as his master pulled out a long rod of black metal from under the bed. By earthy measurements it was over two feet long. Each end featured a metal cuff with the interior surface lined with something red, shiny and soft. It wasn't until Jensen locked his left ankle into one that Jared realized it was velvet.


"I need both hands free today, sweetling. This is to help keep you spread wide open for as long as we need to."

Pulling the other skinny leg apart he locked the right ankle into the second cuff, while Jared meekly whimpered. The spreader bar added a whole new level of vulnerability that made Jared blush, much to Jensen's amusement. The giant attempted to comfort him by patting his upturned posterior until both sets of cheeks were the same shade of red. Then gripping the narrow waist lightly to keep him in place, Jensen went to work.

It took longer this time. Soaked as the swab head was in warm rosewood oil, it still took a while to pry Jared open enough for the widest part of the bulb to get through.

“Almost there, my love…”

Jared willed the muscles around his opening to relax enough for the novel intrusion and bore down. The stretch was painful to begin with, but his master was in no hurry. Slowly, gently, patiently, he turned the pain into only a slight discomfort, and eventually into willing malleability. Jared couldn’t wait to know how it felt to be stuffed beyond belief, to have this monstrosity of a fake penis kindle his most carnal of senses. Slowly, but surely, Jensen pushed the swab in until the orifice was able to close up on its own around the stick.

And then Jared moaned and cursed and squirmed like he was trying to escape. It made Jensen chuckle. “This is what I find so intriguing about pleasuring you, pet. You can never seem to make up your mind whether you love it or despise it.”

Jared mewled, still getting used to the difference in sensation, “Oh, but it’s more complicated than that, Master. I despise it as much as I love it! I might even love it because I despite it, oh, so much! Oh, please!!”

Soon as Jensen started twisting the stick clockwise, Jared’s moans took on a different tone and inflection. Jensen might have asked him if he still hated it but Jared was too occupied, both in his head and down below, to respond.

He serviced his pet longer and harder than ever before that night. And once Jared fell asleep, Jensen rested beside him and sighed.

"Part of me wishes you'd cease fighting me, pet," he whispered inaudibly, "fighting your new life, your new place in my world."

He rolled onto his back and looked up at his slanted wooden ceiling. "But if you do, would that not make you less than, or perhaps more than human? Either way, would you then simply cease to be... you?"


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