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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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TW: Isaac scared closeup

Fic: Reassurance (Teen Wolf, Derek/Isaac)

Trying to kickstart my stubborn muse again, here goes..

Title: Reassurance
Pairing: Derek Hale/Isaac Lahey
Rating: R
Summary: After the ice bath, Derek rewards Isaac for being so brave. Coda to episode 302. Written in response to Teen Wolf kinkmeme prompt here.
Warnings: m/m slash, sex with a minor (not graphic), gentle Derek (which some people might see as OOC Derek). Unbetaed. You have been warned!
Word Count: 2540

Read here...

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Aw, that's super sweet of you to say. I'm doing just fine right now. I've made steps to manage my depression and not let it get too bad. But if I said I WAS doing badly, would you write another Teen Wolf fic? LOL

Sherlock is AMAZING. Seriously. It's good to know I haven't missed anything. I look forward to October! But it is sad that it will be the last. You've probably already seen it/read it, but here's a fic rec for Sherlock:
I like the whole series. It's more spanking than slash, but the slash is supposed to be coming. :)

I enjoyed the episode. You're right - the boys of Teen Wolf are SO cute. My favorite part was your favorite part! It was a very sweet domestic scene, and I love that Isaac has been accepted into the family since Derek kicked him out. I was surprised that they killed off Boyd. I hate it when shows keep killing people off. :( At least they didn't kill Jackson - just had him move, so there's the possibility of him coming back sometime. But since they did decide to kill Boyd, I really liked that he told Derek he thought it was worth it, and I really liked that Derek apologized and said he was so sorry. What DID surprise me, was that they let Stiles be the one to go and comfort Derek when Isaac and Jennifer were right there. I know this is because of all the Sterek fans out there, and don't get me wrong I love Sterek stories, but it seems like for show cannon it would have been much more realistic to have Isaac or Jennifer go over and comfort Derek. And yes, Isaac should have had more of a reaction to seeing Boyd die - they were pack after all.

Maybe you should write a story about it! What happens right after that scene? Something with Derek and Isaac. Maybe Derek can't take the emotions and takes off, and Isaac follows. Maybe Derek yells at everyone to get out, and Isaac is the only one who refuses to leave. And then they take comfort in each other. :)

I enjoy your rambling - especially when it comes to Teen Wolf.

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