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TW: Isaac scared closeup

Fic: Reassurance (Teen Wolf, Derek/Isaac)

Trying to kickstart my stubborn muse again, here goes..

Title: Reassurance
Pairing: Derek Hale/Isaac Lahey
Rating: R
Summary: After the ice bath, Derek rewards Isaac for being so brave. Coda to episode 302. Written in response to Teen Wolf kinkmeme prompt here.
Warnings: m/m slash, sex with a minor (not graphic), gentle Derek (which some people might see as OOC Derek). Unbetaed. You have been warned!
Word Count: 2540

Read here...

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Aw, I thought that was very sweet. I loved it. :) Isaac in that episode was so very in need of reassurance and comfort from his Alpha. It was lovely to see that happen in your fic. :) I hope you write more Teen Wolf!

Thank you hon! So glad you enjoyed it :) I adore Isaac - he's just.. he just needs to be cuddled a lot!! :)

Um, will definitely try to write more. Teen Wolf is my poison these days :) How are you doing hon? What's the latest with you? Long time!

I've been fine. Still writing fanfics, still working part time, still married, still raising two kids (they're 14 & 9). It's all fairly boring. LOL

How about you? How have you been?

Teen Wolf is the show I'm the most excited about currently. I look forward to it every week. :) And Isaac is a wonderful character - who needs to be cuddled every day. :) The more often we see him, the more I like him. Have you heard any of his interviews in real life? He has a lovely English accent. :)

Haha.. yes he's a fellow Brit. Between him and my other two current favorites - Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch I don't know what's happening - do I suddenly appreciate English men more now that I no longer live in England, or did Brit boys just get a whole lot more interesting behind my back? ;-p

Life is pretty standard for me too. I'm in DC now, mainly for work, in and out of relationships as usual.. story of my life. Only one thing's for sure - if I'm writing fic, it means either I'm single again or I'm just about to be heh. Ok I'll stop rambling now :)

Maybe its a grass is greener type of thing hon, but a job that doesn't suck your soul and two beautiful kids... that sounds absolutely heavenly to me :)

LOL. Maybe they got interesting behind your back. I really enjoy Benedict as Sherlock. I've seen the first two seasons, and they're wonderful. Unfortunately season 3 isn't on Netflix yet.

Well now I feel a little guilty, because I WANT to see more stories from you, but I'll try not to actively wish for you to be single or in a relationship that's about to end. LOL

Nah, it's not a grass is greener type of thing. My life is pretty great - at least from the outside. If I didn't have reoccurring issues with depression, and if my husband drank a little less, life would be fairly perfect. But then maybe I wouldn't need the escape of writing, so silver lining right? :)

So are you all caught up with Teen Wolf? I am. What did you think of the most recent episode 'Currents'? What was your favorite part?

I'm so sorry hon, guess nobody's life is perfect huh. But you know so long as we keep making lemonade (in our case, writing fanfics) maybe its not so bad? ;) I hope you're doing okay right now and if there is anything I can do to cheer you up.. do let me know! Some of your fics have given me reasons to smile in the past when I needed it the most, so yeah, I'd love to return the favor! :)

Oh I love Sherlock so so much! That is quality television and everything else looks crappy or at best amateur in comparison I kid you not :) Season 3 hasn't started yet hon, they're probably airing in Oct this year. Sadly it's going to be the last season :(

But Teen Wolf YEAH!!! :D I love this show even if it's not the most slick or well made, its just so much fun and the boys are so cute! :D Currents was by far the weakest of all episodes aired this season but I still liked it. What did you think hon? And I don't think this will surprise you but my favorite part was Scott and Isaac curled up at the foot of mama McCall's bed and how they bicker when they wake up about last watch :) That boy Isaac... how is he so adorable its.. unreal, it should be criminal really :) Sucks that they killed Boyd tho - I really liked him, and what I really did not like was how Isaac didn't seem to react to his death at all. I mean sure, it was not his moment and Teen Wolf doesn't show every moment onscreen anyway but yeah, I felt like I needed to see something more there.

Look at me, rambling away again :D What was your favorite part hon? Did you like the episode?

Aw, that's super sweet of you to say. I'm doing just fine right now. I've made steps to manage my depression and not let it get too bad. But if I said I WAS doing badly, would you write another Teen Wolf fic? LOL

Sherlock is AMAZING. Seriously. It's good to know I haven't missed anything. I look forward to October! But it is sad that it will be the last. You've probably already seen it/read it, but here's a fic rec for Sherlock:
I like the whole series. It's more spanking than slash, but the slash is supposed to be coming. :)

I enjoyed the episode. You're right - the boys of Teen Wolf are SO cute. My favorite part was your favorite part! It was a very sweet domestic scene, and I love that Isaac has been accepted into the family since Derek kicked him out. I was surprised that they killed off Boyd. I hate it when shows keep killing people off. :( At least they didn't kill Jackson - just had him move, so there's the possibility of him coming back sometime. But since they did decide to kill Boyd, I really liked that he told Derek he thought it was worth it, and I really liked that Derek apologized and said he was so sorry. What DID surprise me, was that they let Stiles be the one to go and comfort Derek when Isaac and Jennifer were right there. I know this is because of all the Sterek fans out there, and don't get me wrong I love Sterek stories, but it seems like for show cannon it would have been much more realistic to have Isaac or Jennifer go over and comfort Derek. And yes, Isaac should have had more of a reaction to seeing Boyd die - they were pack after all.

Maybe you should write a story about it! What happens right after that scene? Something with Derek and Isaac. Maybe Derek can't take the emotions and takes off, and Isaac follows. Maybe Derek yells at everyone to get out, and Isaac is the only one who refuses to leave. And then they take comfort in each other. :)

I enjoy your rambling - especially when it comes to Teen Wolf.

I don't know if I want to kiss you or pull your hair... Why we have NOT the next part?
knowing how needy and insecure isaac is derek alling him puppy made me teary eyed, seriously!
this is not my fav pairing, but is so cute! and so sweet... you should make more of this.. you know for writing skills practice only... not like i'm enjoying it or anything ;)

Thank you, I think? :) No but really, thanks for reading! I do hope to write more of this pairing, mainly since there isn't a lot of Derek/Isaac out there. So glad you're enjoying this really :) cheers!

Oh I'll be waiting to read more!!

Honey you wrote this!! Finally someone did!!! I soooo ship derek/isaac and they inspire me fluff and cuddles *_* especuilly after that ice bath scene. Thank you

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