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Mutant X: Blues (B/J) - 5: My next rejection

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~Washington, DC.~

She was gone. Again.
Adam and Shalimar were still not accustomed to Emma’s sudden lapses into silence and space-gazing. Shal gently touched her friend’s hand, tugged her back to the now from… wherever she was. Emma looked, understood the question in her eyes and turned her best smile on for her concerned companions.
Emma shook her head, smiled again.
“Nothing just… this city…” sighed deeply.
Adam had to ask. “What about it?”
Shrugged, eyes glazing over. “So many memories…”

Adam was worried. It happened to psyionics a lot. They allowed themselves to feel other’s pain and memories so deeply… there came a point when it all became a part of their own soul.
Emma went back to staring out the car window. Shalimar and Adam looked at each other and for some reason, found themselves hoping Jesse was okay.

There for all to see,
Self-contained lovers
Welded orally,
No run for cover…

They walked the streets… hand in hand. Brennan was not fidgeting anymore, and Jesse was so proud of him he could just grab him and kiss him until his knees gave out… except that would make him conscious again which would pretty much defy the whole purpose of the outing. Jesse refrained.

Brennan couldn’t take his eyes off Jesse. The silk shirt now hid under black leather jacket but he could still imagine how sexy it had been in his coarse hands… the feel of Jesse’s erect nipples underneath. Jesse privately re-lived the magical twenty minutes they’d spent wrecking all their careful dressing efforts that evening. How the velvet of his trousers had been slid down his hips leaving him bare to a very skilled set of hands that had never *ever* touched another man. That to Jesse was a surprisingly huge turn-on… that he was Brennan’s first. The one and only…

One hand had leisurely massaged his anus inside out, while another teased him in front, the touches deliberately light so Jesse was forced to push into one hand then the other alternately. The ritual ended when Jesse’s moans turned too loud for Brennan to swallow and he granted his lover sweet release.
Jesse took a few blissful moments to rest before he pounced to return the favour. Brennan felt himself engulfed in the heat of Jesse’s mouth and bit down his knuckles painfully to keep from bringing the hotel down. He experienced the pleasures of heaven as Jesse milked him dry, and the torment of hell when Jesse removed his lips from his core.
Sated, exhaustion threatened to ruin their plans for the night. But soon as he could move, Brennan dragged himself and then Jesse up to their feet.

These public displays of affection,
Surely your love must be new
I can't wait for my next rejection,
I'm always the first in the queue…

The couple left no doubt in the minds of all who crossed them that they were together… and looked *pretty* darn good together.

Friday night was in full throttle at Insomnia. Lights neon and low, music loud and stimulating… the place jammed with people high and careless. Life was fun tonight, Jesse mused.
They held and stroked… rocked against one another in rhythm to the infectious beats. Martinis washed down all grime of seriousness and responsibilities they bore during the day. This night was theirs and theirs alone…

Jesse clutched at Brennan, his head dropping to the shoulder for support.
“You still spinning me round?”
Brennan chuckled in his ear.
“Told you gin wasn’t your drink.”
He couldn’t keep his hands coursing all over the silk-clad torso making his partner even more light-headed than alcohol.
Brennan was high but not enough to not notice Jesse’s dizziness. He pulled him closer to himself and walked them to a private booth in a corner.
“Sorry Jess. C’mon here…”
He sprawled on the leather couch and pulled Jesse beside himself, holding him tightly. Jesse let himself be manhandled partly because his head was still spinning and partly because he loved being manhandled by Brennan anyway.

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new
Your natural overprotection
Leaves me with nothing to do…

“Jess what’s the matter? What hurts?”
“I’m *moaning* not *groaning*.”
“Ohh… moaning is… good? Good then. Please continue.”
Jesse laughed into Brennan’s chest.
“Brennan… what’re we doing here again?”
Brennan smirked. “I was thinking the same thing… I’d much rather spend every single moment of this night in bed fucking your sweet little… oww!”
Jesse pinched him and pouted.
“I really need to educate you on the joys of talking dirty kid.”
“I really need to wash your mouth out with soap you street rat.”
Brennan snickered. “Pompous ass.”
“I thought it was sweet a minute ago.”
“Pompous and sweet…” Brennan tucked him tighter in. “… and all mine.”
Jesse shivered at the proclamation. “Lets go home…”
“Yeah, lets.”
They made to get up and Jesse lost his balance again. Brennan caught him and pulled him back on the couch.
“Oh hey big guy… no more drinks for you.”
“Was that a groan or a moan?”
“Oh not good. You wanna throw up, throw up okay? I’ll go get you some iced water.”
Jesse pouted making sure Brennan caught it clearly this time.
“Back in a flash babe.”
His lover gave him a crushing hug and left. Turned around and mouthed the word “stay”, then was lost to the crowd.

Jesse lay on his back, arm shielding his eyes from harsh fluctuating lights. With the other he held his middle, on the brink of getting sick… and practised talking dirty.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”
Where the fuck was he? Looked at his chrome watch and counted every minute that went by. Two minutes, five minutes, ten.
That’s it. Jesse got up gingerly, his head protesting any movement whatsoever. He wasn’t what you’d call an accomplished drinker but this was plain unacceptable. The world swayed as he pulled himself up and the smoke and darkness didn’t help. Something in his insecure heart insisted he go find Brennan. What the *fuck* could he be doing, its just water. Feet reluctantly obeyed and he clambered through the crowd towards the bar.

These public displays of affection
Surely your love must be new
So conscious of my imperfections
I've never lost interest in you


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