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Fic: The one with the beanstalk (6/?)

A/N: Don't be fooled by the pseudo-existential slash spiritual slash armchair philosophical commentary inside. This is still crack and still totally shameless porn!

Morning came slowly, lazily, waking Jared up with a soft kiss of muted golden sunlight upon his face. He smiled, though he wasn’t quite aware of it himself. With his eyes still closed, he tried to stretch his limbs, only to realize he couldn’t.

His eyes shot open and that’s when his last memories of the previous night before he fell asleep, returned.

“Ready to turn in for the night, pet?” Jensen cooed gently.

Jared curled up tighter around the roll of silken yarn that’d been used not so long ago to bind his ankles and wrists, and just smiled drunkenly.

He couldn’t understand the heaviness in his limbs or the lightness of his mind and heart – a glorious combination that back on Earth he would term inebriation. Surely sheep’s milk in this particular heaven didn’t share any of its composition with his little town’s old tavern ale.

Jensen’s deep chuckling roused him just a little. “You humans truly relish the feel of silk wrapped around your skin, don’t you, pet?”

Jared blinked one eye open to look at his beautiful master. He was neither aware nor did he care that he was stark naked and behaving much as a lazy kitten with a ball of yarn. He would have done just about anything to keep that look of adoration sparkling in Jensen’s eyes.

And so here he was the morning after, looking up at his wrists and ankles all wrapped up together in red silk and suspended by a hook hanging from the ceiling of his cage. His back still rested on the mattress so as not to strain his limbs, but he was in the same open, vulnerable position that he’d found himself in the night before.

Panic set in, which chased away all residual ecstasy from the night before. Jared began to struggle and pull against his bonds, but to no avail. Eventually, he gave up and threw his head right back against his pillow, cursing Jensen for such heinous maltreatment of the human pet.

Once he stopped struggling, Jared took the time to really look. The silken knot holding his wrists and ankles together wasn’t actually tied to the hook; but was merely resting on it.

Jared smiled, and stretched upwards gracefully to unhook himself, then instantly flopped back to the bed on his side, sighing in relief. Soon after, he also noticed that the binds weren’t as tight and he managed to work them loose and be free of them completely. His sense of victory was slightly dampened though by the recognition that maybe, just maybe, his master was not as cruel as Jared had painted him out to be.

“Good morrow, little one,” a soft deep voice echoed as Jensen turned in his bed to look at the cage. And despite himself and his internal grumblings less than a moment ago, Jared smiled back.

After breakfast (a bottle of naturally sweet pineapple juice), Jensen asked Jared if he would like to see the family vineyards today.

“Would I?” Jared exclaimed happily. He couldn’t wait to see more of this heavenly plane again.

“Let’s go then!” And Jensen picked his pet up in his arms.

“Hey! Aren’t you forgetting something?” Jared exclaimed again, this time not in happiness. He folded his arms and looked up into his master’s face sulkily.

Jensen blinked. “But last night, I thought we were in agreement, like Ian of Somerhalder…?”

“I don’t think so,” a very much naked Jared scowled, until Jensen let him down and helped him into his earthly coverings.

At the vineyards, Jensen wore a brown sheepskin jacket even though it was too warm for it, just so he could hide Jared within in case they chanced upon Jensen’s father there.

“I promised him to keep you out of his sights, didn’t I?”

“But why does he hate me so much? Does he really think of me as a pest?”

Jensen sighed and cuddled Jared close to himself. “Let’s just say ‘underworlders’ who come in through illicit means are not too welcome by many in my world.”

Then perhaps you should let me go back?

The retort caressed the tip of his tongue, but strangely enough Jared could not bring himself to utter it.

For the most part, Jared was allowed to walk and jump and hop and skip and run to his heart’s content. And he made the best use of the opportunity.

“Grapes the size of pumpkins! Amazing!”

“What’s a pumpkin?” Jensen asked him curiously.

And Jared told him, about his failed endeavors to be a pumpkin farmer, which led to his having to sell his donkey, in exchange for the magic beans that brought him here. For some reason, Jared could not bring himself to tell Jensen about his wife, or that he was married, at all.

“So a magical beanstalk sprung up in your backyard overnight, and you promptly decided to climb it all the way up?” Jensen attempted to understand his pet’s thought process that brought him here.

“Why, Jared Jared? When you had no inkling of where the journey might lead you to, what dangers may await you, why did you do it?”

Jared heaved a huge sigh and buried his hands in his pockets. To be honest, he’d been wondering that himself ever since he got here. Finally, he shrugged, “I suppose, I simply longed to… to escape. If only for a little w-while…”

He didn’t elaborate, and thankfully his master did not push.

Voices emerged from somewhere behind him, and Jensen recognized one as his father’s. Instantly he grabbed Jared and hid him, then changed his own course so he wouldn’t run into Alan Ackles by mistake.

“What an excellent thought, your Grace!” someone said, addressing the Duke no doubt. “I couldn’t have envisaged a better proposition myself!”

“Come, old friend, we must celebrate.” That was the Duke himself. “The houses of Ackles and Reydon shall both benefit greatly from this momentous union, of that I am certain.”

Union? Jared wondered what the two giants were speaking of that had them sound so elated. But Jensen didn’t bother to wait to hear the rest of the conversation, and quietly slipped out of the vineyards with Jared safely ensconced within his vest.

Later that afternoon, Jared sat atop Jensen’s chest as the giant reclined on a settee in his balcony. Misha lay on the floor beside them, looking decidedly content to listen to his master’s voice. He seemed to have finally made peace with the new human pet in the house.

Together they read Jensen’s favorite book. It was called The Complete History of Asgard, Volume One: The Ascension of Bor. Well, Jensen read it. Jared just listened to the giant’s deep baritone as it rumbled and echoed all around and through his relatively tiny frame.

After thirty three pages, and an endless internal monologue Jared couldn’t believe he was having at all, he wrapped both his hands around one of Jensen’s thumbs.

“Um, p-perhaps, we should go back i-inside now?”

Jensen paused mid-word and glanced at his pet, quickly deciphering the coy expression on the earthling’s face. He smirked and gathered Jared to himself before walking back into his bedroom.

This time Jensen sat leaning against his headboard, folded his legs and pulled his knees towards his chest. He placed a cushion on his lap, then stripped Jared bare and draped him upside down over the said cushion.

“Comfortable, my pet?” Jensen asked, stroking the beautifully rotund cheeks of his pet’s bottom with two gigantic fingers.

“Getting there, Master,” Jared replied breathlessly, the salutation rolling off his tongue without resistance or forethought.

It was a position of convenience, one that spread Jared’s legs wide so Jensen had unfettered access to the earthling’s special place that clearly needed thorough servicing. With the other hand, he oiled up a new stick of cotton and worked it into the undulating orifice. Jared buried his face into the cushion, muffling his moans in the soft fabric just as his hands wrung themselves with Jensen’s sky-blue shirt.

He folded his legs by his knees as a reflexive response to the tingling sensation filling up his orifice. That brought the soles of his feet closer to Jensen’s face, and the giant playfully leaned in to kiss and lick them. Jared moaned, trying to pinch Jensen in retaliation but not making any dent whatsoever.

So instead he pulled his feet under himself, and got up on his hands and knees. It was a novel sensation, pushing back willingly up into the intrusion, forcing the swab deeper and closer to that curious spot within him that throbbed so deliciously every time it was brushed against.

His laboriousness was just on the precipice of yielding him another dazzling completion when a knock on the door interrupted them.

“Jensen? Let me in, it’s Cressida.”

“Curses!” Jensen’s fingers stopped moving, still gripped around the rod. “I’m busy, can you come back later?”

“Jensen of Ackles! What atrocious manners are these to be turning a lady away from your door, especially after ignoring her for weeks?”

Jensen rolled his eyes, “Alright. Alright,” He mumbled unhappily.

He left the swab buried inside an equally annoyed Jared, before pushing him to lie flat on his stomach on the cushion. Grabbing a blanket he draped it over his pet, hiding him from head to toe. Jared whined in protest, he’d been so very close…

“Patience, pet,” Jensen whispered, placing a heavy hand across Jared’s back so he couldn’t even rut against the cushion anymore.

Then turning towards the door, he called out, “Enter.”

The door opened and from what Jared could make of the silhouette through the knitting holes in his blanket, it was a tall, beautiful, blonde she-giant. She was perhaps as tall as Jensen himself. The way the womenfolk in this world dressed, much like Lauren the housemaid, they seemed to have no sense of propriety whatsoever. This giantess wore a wine red dress that, curiously enough, looked like one of Victoria’s undergarments. It was made of such a silken sheer material that revealed the beautifully curvaceous shape of her body, and – Good Lord, it barely covered her shins!

“And where have you been, may I ask?”

Jensen shrugged, “Oh, just, around.”

“I was hoping to see you at the village dance last night.”

“Was it yesterday? Apologies, I completely forgot about it.”

The woman clearly thought she was in her rights to pout at that. Jared wondered if she was Jensen’s betrothed. If yes, why had he not spoken of her ever? Perhaps the same reason Jared hadn’t told Jensen of Victoria?

A cold vine of envy crept through his insides at the thought of Jensen with someone else. Such a ridiculous notion, he chided himself. What reason had he to feel so possessive of his… his captor?

“I heard you acquired a human pet. May I see?”

“Uh,” Jensen paused for a long time, during which Jared vehemently wished he would refuse. Especially not in his present state of undress and a phallic object stuffed up his arse!

“Why, of course,” Jensen said instead, and soon thereafter, albeit reluctantly, pulled the blanket away. Jared cringed with embarrassment then glared up at his captor, who simply shrugged. It was a not so gentle reminder to Jared that even in his genteel captor’s eyes he was after all, just a pet. At least it served to wither his arousal away.

“Oh my heavens, is that him? He is such a beauty! Can I hold him?”

Aargh, why must all giantesses shriek similarly at the sight of him?

“Well actually, I was in the middle of servicing him. So if you give me a few moments and wait in the foyer, I’ll come by shortly.”

“O but don’t let me keep you,” Cressida walked over and sat down on the bed beside Jensen. “I would like to help, may I?”

Jensen stared at her, as did Jared, in a strange mix of suspicion, curiosity, and in Jared’s case, abject horror. “Uhh, I suppose it couldn’t hurt.”

Cressida was busy studying the little earthling lying upside down on Jensen’s lap. “He is a bit longer than Socrates’ pets, isn’t he?”

“By much, yes.”

“Oh, I see you’ve started already. Well, don’t let me keep the little darling waiting. Go on!”

And so that was how it came to be that despite Jared’s muted protests, Jensen pleasured him in the presence of Cressida the female, who made annoyingly excited sounds every time Jared moaned.

“What’s that high-pitched squealing about? Is he in pain?”

“Oh no, no… that means I’m accomplishing the task to his expectations. You see, it’s this little gland inside the male human body, it requires to be massaged regularly for the health and well-being of the pet. He likes it when the swab brushes against it, like this, see?”

He demonstrated by angling the swab just right as he pushed it downwards into his pet’s ass, and Jared moaned again.

“That’s wonderful! May I try?”

Jared violently shook his head but the giants paid him no heed. For the next few instants, Cressida practiced her amateur servicing skills on Jared who winced, partly in mortification, partly in plain old discomfort.

“So how long am I supposed to do this, exactly?” She asked, not too long after starting, and barely paying attention to the task at hand as it is.

Jensen blinked and scratched his head. “Well, I believe it depends on, um, innumerable factors – physical, psychological, spiritual… there isn’t an actual… or definite… uh… science to predicting how and when, um…”

Jared winced on behalf of his master. But he didn’t get a lot of time to dwell on it when Cressida suddenly, accidentally, hit his sweet spot with more force than he expected.

“OH!” He exploded and began rutting against the cushion beneath him, until he’d released himself all over it.

“I did it! I met his expectations, didn’t I?” Cressida shrieked, making Jared cover his ears that were already burning a bright red with embarrassment.

Jensen calmed her down, “Tiny sensitive ears, remember?”

“Oh, of course, sorry,” Victoria quickly let go of the swab and turned to fully face Jensen. “So, are we done yet? Perhaps we can go for a walk now? Y-you can bring him along, if you like, what’s his name again?”

Jensen sighed, “Uh, Jared Jared Padalecki.”

Jared rolled his eyes. Now she asks for my name, after fucking me so very efficiently.

“Jensen, you go ahead. I wish to rest,” he said in a soft voice only his master would hear.

“Let me put him back in his cage, and we can go out for a walk,” Jensen offered, picking Jared up already.

“No, it’s fine. You clearly do not wish to leave your pet just yet. Would you be amenable to having dinner with us, I mean… my parents and I, perhaps?”

“Uh, yes, of course,” Jensen responded. Even Jared could hear the disinterest in his voice, and it pleased him greatly though he couldn’t explain why.

Cressida stood up to leave. At the door she turned around and smiled at Jensen. “Well, then, I’ll see you tonight! Thank you Jensen, I had a great time.”

She briefly looked down at Jared, and then she was gone.

Jared heaved a sigh of exhausted relief. “That is one incredibly large candle she is holding for you.”

Jensen squinted and tilted his head to one side, “I’m afraid I do not understand that earthly reference, my pet.”

Jared rolled his eyes but didn’t bother to explain. A part of him suspected his master wasn’t being entirely honest. Perhaps it was his way of changing the subject, so he’d not have to explain the place Cressida claimed in Jensen’s life. But that didn’t make any sense. Why would he owe the earthling any explanation to begin with? – He was after all, just a pet.

Jensen turned the human over to lie on his back, nestling him closer into his chest. “However, I am still holding this incredibly… eager… cotton swab for you. Now, do you wish for it or not?”

Jared smiled drunkenly, as if his master didn’t already know the answer to that.

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