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Fic: The one with the beanstalk (5/?)

A/N: Don't be fooled by the pseudo-existential slash spiritual slash armchair philosophical commentary inside. This is still crack and still totally shameless porn!

The next morning, Jared woke up on his bed inside the gilded cage, miles away (or so it seemed) from his mast- his… his captor.

Jensen lay on his side, facing Jared, and slumbered away with his mouth partly open. He was dressed in naught but a pair of sky blue sleep pants. A book dangled precariously from his hand, he must have fallen asleep reading. He claimed to be a scholar, but from what Jared could make of Jensen’s torso, he seemed to be built like a rail splitter. His long, sinewy forearms and the bulging muscles all the way up to his proud shoulders surely couldn’t be taken lightly even by other giants on this plane.

The earthling sat up and pulled his knees up to his chest. He took a few minutes to just sit there and, and watch the giant.

His first assessment had not been incorrect – Jensen truly was a sight to behold. Christ, what was he thinking? He should be plotting his escape back to Earth, not admiring this monster who had him enslaved like an animal and defiled him with such… such outrageous… brutality! Not just once but twice!

He found his clothes washed and folded neatly by the side of his new bed. Quickly he got dressed, and used the facilities Jensen had provided in this cage to freshen up. The horizon was starting to lighten. Soon Jensen would awake, and Jared would find himself entrapped in those gigantic hands (and eyes and words) again.

No, he must make his escape now.

That was when Jared turned his attentions to the door to his cage – it was not locked. He gave it a tiny push, and it instantly swung on its hinges wide open with what might be a squeak by a giant’s standards but to Jared was nothing short of a deafening crash.

He froze, and observed Jensen carefully for a few excruciating moments. Thankfully, the giant did not stir. Ever so cautiously, Jared put one foot out and onto the dark wooden surface of what seemed a study desk.

A deep rumbling emanated from somewhere below the table upon which the cage rested. Jared looked around and found the source of the sound, now getting increasingly louder, increasingly angrier.

It was a giant black dog, at least twice the height of the earthling, if not more. It was lying on its side by the foot of Jensen’s bed, and it was staring right at Jared with menacing black eyes.

“Shhh, good boy, go-oo-od doggie… let’s not be enemies, please…”

Just when he thought his soothing words were starting to work their magic on the hound, it launched itself up on all fours and started barking in earnest. Jared promptly dashed back into his cage and dragged the gate shut behind him.

Jensen’s eyes blinked open. “Wha-? Misha? Down, boy!”

Immediately the dog relented, made a few grumbling sounds but went back to sprawl in his spot once more.

Jensen turned to his other pet then. “Oh, you’re awake.”

Jared cursed under his breath, pasted a smile on his face and waved, “G-Good morrow to you! Uh, sleep well, I hope?”

The giant smiled and sat up, ruffling his already mussed hair. “I did, thank you. And yourself?”

Jared did not wish to admit it was the best sleep he’d had in months. Instead he pointed towards the window and the beautiful sunrise partially visible through it. “Umm, I wonder if, perhaps, I could go take a look? Your sun seems to be so much bigger and brighter…”

“I can’t be sure but it might be the same sun, my pet. We’re just closer to it. Come on, I’ll show you.”

“N-No it’s fine, I do not wish to intrude on your sleep. I c-can go take a quick peek myself, and come right back?”

Jensen grinned. “I would, except if I leave you to wander on your own, the house cat might think you a mouse or a chipmunk, and eat you.”

Jared winced, and did not protest again when Jensen picked him up and held him lovingly against his shoulder. Misha made a few more disapproving sounds before resting his chin on the floor. Jared realized there were simply too many life-threatening obstacles on his way back to the beanstalk, and decided to plan his escape for later, maybe.

“Jensen? How old are you?” He ventured a few moments later, when they were done watching the beautiful sunrise from a hilltop, and were on their way back to the house.

“Well, time, as I said before, moves a little differently here, pet. But I can try to explain how Socrates once explained it to me – I am about seventeen years old by Valhalla standards, which is the equivalent of twenty-five years on Earth.”

“Oh, so by rights you haven’t achieved adulthood yet?”

Jensen chuckled, the sound rumbling in Jared’s ears as he clung to his mast… captor’s chest. “If you are referring to why I still need my father’s permission to have pets, then, yes, I suppose I haven’t. But you must understand, as immortals, adulthood is a bit of an abstract concept. We can choose to stop aging at whatever age we enjoy best, or we may choose never to leave what you would call childhood at all.”

“That must be quite convenient, I imagine,” Jared retorted lamely, not quite sure what to make of it yet.

Jensen snorted. “I suppose that’s one way to look at it.”

“So, are you in school?”

“I outgrew all my tutors last years. Now I spend all my time perusing the scrolls in the library and teaching myself to be a historian. I also help Father manage his estate and financial books now and then.”

Jared was heartened to see that Jensen was just as generous with his answers as, well, with everything else. At least in the intellectual sense, he did not treat Jared as a mindless pet, and for that the earthling was glad.

The day passed slowly, leisurely, in more conversations and walks around the Ackles manor as well as the village and the woods and the lake, where Jensen even let him walk on his own for a bit.

At the lakeside, Jared couldn’t help but take in the breathtaking beauty of the lands in Valhalla. Everything was so colorful and vibrant, unlike the bleak grays and blacks he remembered of where he came from.

“I once read this book, back on Earth. It described heaven as a place made of white, fluffy clouds, populated by angels.” Jared spoke softly, lost in thought.

Then he looked at Jensen sitting beside him with his feet in the water – the black trousers he wore folded all the way to his knees, with suspenders hanging loosely around his waist, the white cotton shirt with no sleeves that clung to his chiseled form in all the right places, and a black fedora hat.

Jared licked his lips. “And they wore white togas and golden halos and sat around all day playing harps and… trumpets and such.”

Jensen chuckled. “That might be another plane above us, pet, who knows?”

“Is this where people come after they die?”

“They could go to any one of the seven heavens, I believe. And it’d be more accurate to say they are re-born.”

“Then how did I get here? I’m not dead and I’m not reborn, am I?”

Jensen stroked Jared’s worried face softly. “No, sweetheart. There are, what you might call, trapdoors left open by accident through the worlds. They’re not so easily found though. In your world, enlightened monks and practitioners of the occult may be the only ones who can find them.”

That would explain the magic beans and the witch who’d tricked him, Jared thought sourly. But to be completely honest, he did not feel as sourly towards the old hag as he did yesterday.

“J-Jensen? Have you been down there? On Earth?”

“Perhaps in a past life, I do not remember it though. I believe we’re not supposed to, although Socrates managed it somehow. Why do you ask?”

“Don’t you ever wonder what it might be like, uh, down there?”

The giant turned towards him, “Of course I do. I’m actually fascinated by the underworld, sorry, Earth. Socrates told me so many wondrous stories about your world. It’s a primitive world, too much violence and material attachment but wondrous nevertheless. And you humans – how beautifully you respond to sensory stimulations – you abhor it just as much as you crave it! It’s absolutely fascinating!”

He ruffled Jared’s long chestnut hair at that, which Jared pretended to be annoyed with. “Stop it, I d-do not… I do not crave… it.”

Jensen sniggered. “Whatever you say, my little pet.”

“Haven’t you… ever… felt like that yourself? Surely you feel, uh, l-lust and desire as humans do?”

Jensen shrugged. “No we don’t, and by Valhalla, that’s a pity. I suppose to transcend the mortal plane is to also leave behind all desires of the flesh, which does not mean I’m not still intrigued by it, intellectually speaking.”

Jared frowned. “But if you have no desires, do you still have love?”

“Of course, my pet! My parents love each other and their children, and I them! I loved Socrates, I love you…”

“No, I meant… wh-what of marriage and… and procreation?”

The giant sighed softly, kicking the water to create ripples that shimmered in the sunlight. “Perhaps the Omnipresence felt the need to provide the added incentive of physical pleasure to Earthlings because you humans have never been very good at obeying him or fulfilling your duties as mandated by him? Procreation is a duty we take quite seriously here. It is after all, what keeps the cycle of life in perpetual motion. We form alliances after a thorough vetting that our offspring would be a productive and beneficial addition to the community.”

Jared rolled his eyes, quickly concluding that the immortal plane was perhaps not all that it was made out to be after all. Too many rules, too many duties… he was also acutely aware that this instinctual reaction on his part was exactly Jensen’s point.

“Truly, aren’t you curious to go see this world you’re so fascinated with?”

Jensen looked down at the earthling, a knowing smirk on his face. “I wish I could. But just as you had to sacrifice something when you came up here, I will have to give up something if I descend to your plane as well.”

“What’s that?”

“My immortality.”

Jared fell quiet after that. There went his second escape plan. Jensen had no reason to give up this perfect life in heaven for a measly human pet. Jared would just have to find another way (or perhaps another ally) to get himself to the beanstalk.

And he would have to do it soon, before he succumbed completely to the devilish temptation that was Jensen of Ackles.

“Perhaps it is time we head back, pet,” Jensen said softly, startling him.

Without waiting for a response, he picked Jared up and held him against his left shoulder, before standing up and walking back to the manor. Once in his bedroom, it didn’t take him long to rid Jared of his coverings once more.

“Jensen, nooo…” Jared groaned even as his lower extremities responded with more enthusiasm than he thought should be appropriate.

“Hush, pet, I felt your need nudging against me all the way from the lake. Let me take care of you.”

This time Jensen placed him on his back in the middle of his bed. He lifted Jared’s legs up and held them over his head along with his little wrists. But Jared was not in a mood to give in as easily as he had the day before. He struggled and whined and even attempted to bite his mast… captor’s fingers.

Jensen sighed. “Perhaps we need a little more help today, right, pet?”

Jared was too busy panting (and quivering in anticipation but wouldn’t admit to it) to react. A moment later, he understood what Jensen meant when the giant produced a roll of what looked like red silken thread.

“Oh no, please don’t, Jensen…”

But the giant was fast and quite adept at it. Soon enough, he’d wrapped Jared’s tiny right wrist and right ankle together in silk and secured them to the headboard. He repeated the process with Jared’s left wrist and left ankle until Jared was folded in two with his hind-cheeks spread open and his shaft pointing painfully up towards the remaining six heavens.

“Y-you seem to be well practiced at this,” Jared rasped, squirming in his bonds and realizing he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oh yes! Socrates helped me break in one of his new pets,” Jensen chatted away, once again completely oblivious to Jared’s growing desperation. He picked out a new swab and dipped it in rosewood oil as he spoke.

“Ian of Somerhalder, he was called. Such a beautiful creature, but so feisty and headstrong – he had to be pleasured six times each day and he demanded variety every single time! Worse than a Cheshire cat, or so Socrates said. To be honest I don’t even know what a Cheshire cat is.”

Jared couldn’t have explained it even if he’d wanted to, because Jensen was circling his anus again, rousing and bothering the nerve endings and muscles there into ridiculously abject surrender. The tunnel blossomed open with eagerness when the giant pushed the bulbous head soaked in oil through. It quaked and trembled but stayed just as hungrily open when Jensen pushed the rod in all the way up to the other end.

Jared moaned shamelessly.

“Eventually, they decided not to bother with any outer coverings for Ian at all, considering he could never keep them on for long anyway. Maybe we should try that with you too, hmm, pet?”

Jared almost sobbed at those words in tandem with the frustration of an unmoving alien object lodged inside of him. All he wished for was to be touched. But the position Jensen had chosen for him today left his cock lonely and untouched by anything but cool air. And he couldn’t very well ask his captor to take him in hand, could he? No, he refused to stoop to such low heights as to beg Jensen for anything. Jared bit his lip and contracted his anus, hoping to gain some much needed friction there instead.

“Oh, I have a picture of him that I drew myself. Would you like to see it?” Jensen got up, walked away from the bed and towards the wall of shelves.

Jared couldn’t believe it! How dare he leave him like this?!? “Jensen!!”

“Yes, pet, just a moment, it’s somewhere over here, I know it is…”

“I don’t fucking care! Get over here and move this godforsaken thing inside me, please!!”

Alright, so maybe he changed his mind about stooping low. His captor – his master – laughed and walked back to the bed, then quickly resumed his spot in front of his little pet. “You wish me to service you, pet?”

“Yes! Yes please, damn you!”

With another chuckle, his master relented, pulling the swab out slowly, only to thrust it right back again. Jared moaned again, loudly, uninhibitedly, appreciating the rhythmic fucking of his ass, and the incredible sense of relief not to mention indescribable pleasure it brought to his life.

“You’re turning such a deep purple, my pet,” Jensen chided after what seemed like ages. “Would you like me to –?”

“Oh God, yes please!!”

The giant placed the tip of his right index finger on the weeping head of his severely aroused member and that’s all it took. Jared spasmed and ejaculated, strings of tiny pearls shooting everywhere, landing on his stomach and his chest and on Jensen as well.

Jared threw his head back and grunted loudly, closing his eyes in complete exhaustion. Jensen chuckled deeply as he cleaned him off, but noticing that Jared was still half hard, he continued to piston the swab in and out of his ass.

“When we’re done here, I shall have to give you a bath again.”

“Yes, Master,” Jared whispered, a soft smile curling up the corner of his lips.

He hung limply from his bonds, helpless and completely exposed in what anyone on Earth would term an incredibly chastening position, at the complete mercy of this giant. And yet there was nothing he wanted more at this moment but for Jensen to keep ‘servicing’ his ass and fondle his genitalia like he was doing right now.

Jared was, truly, in heaven, pun completely intended.

After a nice warm bath, Jensen wrapped his little pet in soft wool and carried him to the bed with him, continuing to speak to him in gentle tones. There he held Jared in his arms as he fed him sheep’s milk thinned with water with the nursing bottle.

Jared did not even think to protest. His limbs were lax, his body satisfied in every way possible. He sucked at the teat with relish, lethargy forcing him to eventually close his eyes and burrow himself into Jensen’s arms.

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